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Read WebNovel Reader Chapter 120

Translator: HangryDeano


-Yeon-jung: It might be better to sell it without opening it, as options may appear strange.
-Soo-hyuk: Right, although I’m curious.
-Yeon-jung: But isn’t it a waste to just put it out?
-Soo-hyuk: Do you think we should wait for the reaction?
-Yeon-jung: That’s right. You can get a good price if you just put it on auction, but if you make a commotion, you can get a better price.
He could get a good price just by selling it.
But what if he created an commotion?
He could get a higher price than just selling it.
-Yeon-jung: Should I upload it? Looking at the number of my subscribers, I think it will cause an uproar soon.
Unlike Soo-hyuk, who occasionally searched for information on the official website, Yeon-jung has been doing a lot of activities on the official website.
Many of the activities of Yeon-jung, the ranker and master of the guild “Reader” attracted attention from many people.
And the number of Yeon-jung subscribers currently exceeds 1.5 million.
Every time Yeon-jung posts at least 1.5 million people see it.
Would that Yeon-jung write about Yarion’s Wrath?
It will cause an uproar in an instant.
Moreover, it was the first legendary grade weapon.
Soo-hyuk didn’t want to be in his shoes.
-Soo-hyuk: If you do that, I’ll be grateful.
-Yeon-jung: No, I’m rather grateful. It’s a chance to increase the number of subscribers!
-Yeon-jung: Should I also mention the hidden options?
-Soo-hyuk: Yes.
-Yeon-jung: I’ll upload it right now! Bye!
With that said, Yeon-jung logged out.
“Oh right.”
And at that moment, Soo-hyuk muttered, voiced a resounding thought that came to mind.
“I wanted to ask when to go to the dungeon…”
When Daedo Kelta’s secret cave exploration was over, he decided to go to the dungeon.
“I’ll ask him later.”
He didn’t have to know right now.
Soo-hyuk decided to ask later and opened the quest window and thought while looking at the numerous skill quests were created by opening the door of healing.

Clear the conditions to complete!
[Cast Heal: 700 / 700]
[Healing Stone: 0 / 40]
[Troll’s Blood: 0 / 10]
Quest Reward: Skill-Fast Heal

Clear the conditions to complete!
[Cast Heal: 900 / 900]
[Shield Scroll: 0/5]
Quest Reward: Skill – Holy Shield

〈Skill Quest – Areal of Resurrection〉
Clear the conditions to complete!
[Cast Resurrection: 0 / 500]
[Resurrection Stone: 0 / 20]
[Resurrection Scroll: 0/100]
Quest Reward: Skill – Areal Resurrection

〈Skill Quest – Sanctuary〉
Clear the conditions to complete!
[Cast Life Wave: 0 / 3000]
[Spring of Life Cast: 0 / 2000]
[Life Stone Lifeless: 0 / 1]
Quest Reward: Skill – Sanctuary

‘I will have to learn other healing skills.’
Numerous skill quests werer created after opening the door of healing.
However, the only thing Soo-hyuk learned was ‘Heal’.
He can’t go dungeon exploration with only Heal. Other skills must also be acquired.
‘But it’s been quite satisfying.’
Fortunately, the conditions were quite met.
At first, the only skill that could be completed and thus learned was ‘Heal’.
‘It was good to keep using Heals in the cave.’
Luckily he also used Heal in the Kelta’s secret cave.
As a result, all of the conditions for using Heal were satisfied.
‘Only by buying the items, I could complete at least 5 quests?’
All he needed were items, and he could acquire 5 skills.
‘I should stop by there.’
Items necessary for skill acquisition were sold at the Tower of Healing.
In other words, in order to learn the skills, he had to go to the Tower of Healing.
‘I should visit those places too, while I’m at it.’
And while Soo-hyuk went to the Healing Tower, he thought of visiting two more places.
It was the fire tower and the tower library.
The reason for going to the Fire Tower.

〈Brinis, the Tower of Fire〉
Brinis, the Tower of Fire’s Chief, wants a conversation with you.
Go to the tower of fire and meet Brinis!
Quest Reward: ???

It was because of the quest Fabian gave.
A quest completed by talking with Brinis, the Tower of Fire’s Chief.

Why on earth does Brinis want a conversation with me?
‘If I go, I’ll know.’

He’d find out what’s going on soon.
Soo-hyuk closed the quest window.
Then he opened the character window.
Level: 204 EXP: 7%
Health: 111600
Mana: 75760
Satiety: 63%
Power: 40 (+10)
Agility: 35 (+16)
Health: 1108 [554 (+10)]
Wisdom: 3788 (+10)
Soo-hyuk thought while looking at the character window.
“Will the wisdom increase by 500 again this time?”
The reason for going to the Library Tower was because the door to healing was opened.
Earlier, he opened the door of fire and poison and read [The Book of Fire] and [The Book of Poison]?
Again, if he read [The Book of Healing], his wisdom would increase by 500.
‘If it increases by 500, it’s 4288.’
Soo-hyuk closed the character window, who calculated how much wisdom he would have after an additional 500.
And naturally, he reached out with the books he had stacked next to him.
The bell rang.
Jang Yul, who was looking at the monitor, frowned slightly at the sound of the bell.
However, he wasn’t calling himself, so he looked at the monitor silently.
But the ringing did not show any signs of stopping.
Jang Yul turned his head and glanced at Yang Joo-hyuk’s seat as he heard the ringing.
And Jang-yul tilted his head when he saw Yang Joo-hyuk’s seat.
‘Where did he go?’
Yang Joo-hyuk wasn’t there.
Jang Yul first picked up his handset and then answered the phone.
“This is Jang Yul, from the general team.”
-h.e.l.lo. This is Taeksung Kim from the Operation Department!
The caller was Taek-sung Kim, the manager of the management department in charge of the official website of Pangea, various events, and public relations.
-Isn’t your team leader there?
When asked by Taek-Sung Kim, Jang-yul stood up.
Then, starting with Yang Joo-hyuk’s position, he looked inside the office again.
It was because by any chance he could be sleeping on his face.
“Yes, he is away for a while.”
Jang Yul, who confirmed that Yang Joo-hyuk was not there, replied while sitting down again.
-Oh, I see.
“If you can tell us what happened, I will relay it to him.”
-Did you get a legendary grade weapon?
Jang Yul must be surprised at the words of Kim Taek-sung
There shouldn’t be anyone else who knew.
‘Only I and the team leader should know’
Only Jang Yul and Yang Joo-hyuk knew knew about the legendary weapon surfacing.
But how did Taek-Sung Kim know that a legendary weapon came out?
‘Did the team leader talk about it?’
Was Yang Joo-hyuk talking?
“Yes, but how… …
-An article was just posted on the homepage. About legendary grade weapons.
“A post?”
-Yes, it’s been 4 minutes, but the number of views are already 90,000.
Jang Yul, who thought it might have been said by Yang Joo-hyuk, was embarra.s.sed by Kim Taek-sung’s answer.
‘Did Soo-hyuk upload it?’
Could it be that Soo-hyuk, the owner of the legendary weapon, wrote the article?
‘But it can’t be Soo-hyuk if it has gotten so many views in 4 minutes.’
But the timing was weird.
Currently, Soo-hyuk was still online.
He shouldn’t be able to post an article.
‘Is there another legendary weapon?’
So, have other legendary weapons emerged?
‘Yes, there is a possibility.’
There wasn’t just one or two users and there wouldn’t be a notification if a legendary weapon appeared.
In other words, Jang Yul did not know everything.
It was quite possible that a new legendary weapon had appeared.
“What kind of weapon is it? …
-It is a sword called Yarion’s Wrath.
In response to Taek-Sung Kim’s answer, Jang-yul frowned silently.
‘If Yarion’s Wrath is Soo-hyuk.’
Yarion’s Wrath was a legendary equipment item acquired by Soo-hyuk.
‘Isn’t it possible that Yarion’s Wrath dropped again?’
Equipment of the highest grade “G.o.d”
There is only one item.
A notification pops up when someone acquires an item of ‘G.o.d’.
However, there are several equipment items of the ‘legendary’ level below that level.
Could it be that Yarion’s Wrath was dropped again?
‘It can’t be.’
That possibility was close to zero. It wasn’t zero, but it was nearly to zero.
-A ranker named Yeon-jung posted an article, but he said it was a sword obtained by an acquaintance.
After Kim Taek-sung’s words, Jang-yul thought.
‘If it is Yeon-jung, is it the master of the “Reader” guild?
He didn’t know who Yeon-jung was, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know of him.
‘Did you know each other?’
It seemed that Yeon-jung and Soo-hyuk knew each other.
Only then could he comprehend the current situation.
-The response is so overwhelming right now. Can you give us an heads up if an item of the legendary level comes out in the future?
I think it will be of great help in public relations.
“Oh, yes. I will pa.s.s it on to the team leader. But can you give me the link to that post?”
Jang Yul, who learned of the reason for Kim Taek-sung’s call, asked. uh
It was to check directly how the article was posted.
-Go to his blog and click on the leader to see it.
“Thank you.”
-Take care.
“Yeah, thanks.”
The call was over.
Jang Yul put down the phone and immediately accessed the official website.
And immediately after clicking on the user’s personal s.p.a.ce, the blog, he searched with the keywords he heard.
-The leader of the guild ‘Reader’! Yeon-jung’s blog
Then Yeon-jung’s blog appeared and
Jang Yul went straight into Yeon-jung’s blog.
-t.i.tle: [Special information! Legendary items appeared!]
As soon as he entered the blog, Jang Yul didn’t say anything when he saw the text that came into sight.
He clicked on the post without saying anything. ‘Loading…’
The article didn’t appear right away, perhaps because there were many visitors.
It was then.
The door opened.
Jang Yul reflexively turned his head and saw Yang Joo-hyuk.
“Huh? What is it? Did something happen?”
Yang Joo-hyuk asked Jang Yul, narrowing his eyebrows.
Jang Yul nodded.
“What? Really?”
Yang Joo-hyuk, who thought that Jang-yul might be joking, quickly came to Jang-yul’s seat.
“What is it?”
Yang Joo-hyuk, who arrived at the seat, asked Jang-yul.
“This article has been posted.”
“What is it about?”
“Yarion’s Wrath.”
Yang Joo-hyuk looked surprised at Jang Yul’s words.
“But it wasn’t that Soo-hyuk posted it.”
“What? Then who?”
“Do you know Yeon-jung?”
“Yeon-jung? Reader Guild’s Master?”
Yang Joo-hyuk also knew of Yeon-jung.
“Yes, that Yeon-jung has posted.”
Jang Yul responded with a nod to Yang Joo-hyuk’s words.
“He seems to have a close relationship with Soo-hyuk.”
“Well, I thought it was weird…”
Yang Joo-hyuk said at Jang Yul’s words.
It was then.
Loading was complete and the article appeared.


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