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Chapter: 186 Rings’ Information

The first ring to be identified was the Ring of Amplification

Restrictions: Wizard, Wisdom 2000

Wisdom: +500

It is a ring made of the magical mineral Liodirem. Its creator is Unknown.

Soo Hyuk exclaimed. This is because the ring increased wisdom by 500 even though it had no special options.


Soo Hyuk smiled and checked the options for the next ring,

Restrictions: Mana 100,000

+50 Affinity to all attributes

It is the ring of Retem the legendary wizard who managed to sign a contract with all spirit kings.


Retem’s ring was as good as the Ring of Amplification. There was even an option to raise Affinity without a need to do quests.

Wizards are also affected by attribute affinity, of course not hugely affected. However, the higher the affinity the less damage they take from their magic of said attribute.

In other words, attribute affinity is useless for Soo Hyuk, because he has the pa.s.sive skill “Archmage”.

‘Elementalists will like it’

Attribute affinity is very important for elementalists. This is because unlike wizards who only take less damage, the higher affinity the elementals have the higher the damage their spirits will deal with that attribute.
Finally Soo Hyuk checked the last ring.

Restrictions: Level 350 – HP 100,000 – Mana 100,000

It’s the ring of Altem the exorcist. It is made of Lepiosa, a celestial mineral, and exerts great power over dead beings.

‘It’s just like the Ring of Arhan’

Altem ring had no basic stats just like Arhan’s.

After identifying all the rings, Soo Hyuk took a moment to think.

He can only wear 4 rings. However, he now has 5.

Legendary Ring of Arhan, Ring of Altem, Ring of Amplification, Ring of Retem and the Ring of Sunset.

‘Which ring should I leave out.’

Out of the five rings one cannot be worn.

‘Arhan or Altem.’

Currently the ring of sunset is better than the Ring of Arhan and the Ring of Altem.

‘However, it’s much better to wear all legendary rings.’

But Soo Hyuk had a different idea. Even though Ring of Sunset gave all stats +10, he wanted to wear all legendary grade rings.

‘It’s 10 stats anyway.’

In the end Soo Hyuk took off the ring of sunset and wore the rest.

[Quest ‘Ring of Amplification 1’ has been created]
[Quest ‘Ring of Amplification 2’ has been created]
[Quest ‘Ring of Retem 1’has been created]
[Quest ‘Ring of Retem 2’has been created]
[Quest ‘Ring of Altem1’ has been created]
[Quest ‘Ring of Altem2’ has been created]

A quest was created for each ring worn.

Soo Hyuk walked out of the rewards room then opened the quest window to check the newly created quests.

‘Monster Hunting, Spirit Stones , Evil Spirit Stones.’

Each quests’ completion task was different.

The Ring of Amplification needed to hunt 20,000 and 30,000 monsters to a total of 50,000.

The Ring of Retem needed 1,500 spirit stones while Altem’s ring needed 1,500 evil spirit stones.

Soo Hyuk who confirmed the quest clearing conditions frowned.


Soo Hyuk frowned because the spirit stones and evil spirit stones are in high demand and low supply. So, they are expensive.

‘The spirit stones go for 500 gold and the evil spirit stones go for 300 gold.’

So if he chose to buy them, he would need to spend 1.2 million gold coins. Equivalent to 120 million won in cash.

‘Should I buy them?’

He sold Yarion’s Wrath for 40 million gold coins, which is 39.6 million gold coins after removing the commission. So, he had a lot of gold but is it worth it to spend all that money to complete the quests?

‘It’s money earned from Pangea anyway.’

His worries did not last for long.

‘You can earn more by investing.’

As soon as he returns, he will go to the auction house and purchase the spirit stones. After making the decision, he closed the quest window.

Soo Hyuk standing in front of the Magic door, thought about whether to go in or not. He destroyed the dimension stone but given that the door is still there means that it is highly unlikely that you can go from the Demon World to the Middle World. However, it was possible to go from the Middle World to the Demon World. But he has no reason to worry because he has the ‘Archmage’s subs.p.a.ce’ skill. Of course, if it does not work, he will be in real trouble.

‘Let’s go’

After contemplating, he opened the door to the Demon World.

A red portal appeared. He moved forward and entered the portal.

[You have entered the 10th Demon World]

Upon entering, he received a message that he entered the 10th Demon World. After reading the message, he checked his surroundings.

‘It is in the middle of nowhere.’

There was nothing to see around him, only endless plains.

‘I thought it would be full of h.e.l.l dogs.’

h.e.l.l dogs came through the door, so he thought the place would be full of h.e.l.l dogs.

‘Have I been sent to a random place?’

Soo Hyuk thought it made sense.

‘I’ll have to try it when I come back later.’

Soo Hyuk, who decided to test it with Yeon Jeung, opened his mouth to check if ‘Archmage’s Subs.p.a.ce’ worked here.

“Archmage’s Subs.p.a.ce”

[Warping to the Archmage’s Subs.p.a.ce]

After the message, Soo Hyuk warped.

‘Thankfully, it worked.’

Even in the Demon World it worked. With a relieved expression he headed to the warp magic circle.

It was then.

Yeon Jeung: Soo Hyuk!

A whisper came from Yeon Jeung.

Soo Hyuk: Yes.

Yeon Jeung: Where are you? Still at the Devil’s Nest?

Soo Hyuk smiled and replied.

Soo Hyuk: The Demon World.


Cranosson, a senior demon, tilted his head.

“Obviously, someone was here.”

Someone was here a moment ago. But he just disappeared.

“Where did he go?”

Cranosson looked around.

“I heard that there is a portal to the Middle World.”

The reason Cranosson came to the forbidden area ‘Field of Fire’ was because he heard that there is a portal leading to the Middle World here.

“If you get caught this time, it will be hard to get out again.”

Cranosson frowned. By now Amiletta, his superior demon, will discover that he snuck out from the castle. A tracking team will be formed and will depart soon.

“It will take five days.”

There is a considerable distance from the castle and the Field of Fire.

“I’ll search here.”

While the tracking party is on its way, he decided to search through the Field of Fire.


Yeon Jeung stopped walking on his way to the guild house. He just stared at Soo Hyuk’s whisper.

Soo Hyuk: The Demon World.

‘Demon World’

Yeon Jeung: The Demon World? The Demon World where all the demons live?

Yeon Jeung who came to his senses sent a whisper to Soo Hyuk.

Soo Hyuk: Yes.

Yeon Jeung: Was there really a door leading to the Demon World?

Soo Hyuk: Yup.

Yeon Jeung: Can I go there?

Soo Hyuk: Sure.

Yeon Jeung, who was asking questions, stopped and thought.

‘I can go there.’

What did he mean by Demon World? His heart started pounding.

‘Can I go there alone.’

He went to the Devil’s Nest thanks to Soo Hyuk. But going to the Demon World alone is suicidal. While he was thinking, Soo Hyuk sent another whisper.

Soo Hyuk: Do you want to go with me?

Yeon Jeung confirmed the whisper and then hurriedly replied.

Yeon Jeung: I would appreciate it.

Yeon Jeung could not ask first because he was so embarra.s.sed but thankfully Soo Hyuk offered to take him.

Soo Hyuk: You don’t have to go back to the guild and come back again do you?

Yeon Jeung: No way! That is not going to happen this time! Trust me!

Even if anything happened in the guild and the Marquis needed something the new Vice-Guild Master would take care of it.

Soo Hyuk: Ok, then see you at Horika in an hour.

Yeon Jeung: Sure.

Yeon Jeung answered Soo Hyuk’s question and then headed to the guild house smiling.

‘Then let’s go to the tower.’

After whispering to Yeon Jeung, Soo Hyuk chose his destination.


Soo Hyuk, who wanted to finish the quests, went to the Tower of Poison first.

‘If it’s in the tower, I’ll get it.’

These were the words of his master Pavian. Meanwhile the Vice-Lord of the Tower of Fire Cordell told him if he needs anything he can come by anytime. Therefore, he thought it was a good idea to check the Towers of Fire and Poison first before going to the auction house.

There was one more reason to go to the Tower of Poison.

‘Will he lend it to me?’

Soo Hyuk was planning to borrow a book from Pavian. It was a book related to hunting dark creatures so it will be more helpful.

On his way to the Tower of Poison Soo Hyuk thought to finish the quest of ‘Ring of Arhan’.

‘With that book I’ll be able to finish it sooner.’

So far Soo Hyuk had read many books, but he never saw a book thinner than that one.
It was so thin that it would take 5 minutes to read.
Soo Hyuk reached the Tower of Poison and went straight to Pavian’s room.

“Master, I’m here.”

Soo Hyuk knocked as soon as he arrived at the door. Shortly thereafter the door opened, and Kale came out.

“Come in!”

Soo Hyuk went inside and sat opposite Pavian. Then he went straight to the point.




However when he tried to ask for the Spirit stones his mouth did not fall off easily. No matter how Pavian told him to ask for anything he needed, it was not for studying magic.

Yes, I should just buy it. He will not feel bad about spending that amount of gold anyway.

After thinking about it, Soo Hyuk finally opened his mouth.

“Can I borrow a book?”

“A book?”

“Yes, Aaron’s diary.”

“Oh that, of course you can.”

Pavian rose from his seat with a smile, and then took Aaron’s diary from the bookshelf and brought it to Soo Hyuk.

[Obtained Aaron’s Diary]

After receiving the book, Soo Hyuk put it in his inventory.

“Is that all that you came here for?”

Pavian asked.

Soo Hyuk answered while smiling awkwardly.

Pavian grinned at Soo Hyuk’s response and opened his mouth.


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