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Chapter 15 [【Bad News】 I’m Guilty]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Flare007

Part 1

Soon enough, the man who became a b.l.o.o.d.y piece of art with his head ‘buried’ got back up with unsteady steps. As expected of this game, it allows players to retain their bodies even when such a move would have crushed his neck normally. Could it be that even that wasn’t enough to kill him? Once the man got his bearings again, I immediately readied my fighting spirit and sent a glare at his eyes.


The wuss lost all his bravado with a pale face as he ran while grabbing his two unconcious goons with him.

Finally I can be at ease. But as I calmed down, I remembered that I just made quite an extreme ‘Splatter Show’ here.

As if to confirm my worries, everyone who witness it were trembling in fear.

「3 people in an instant…………….. That ain’t something human can do」

「That’s definitely in the range of human capabilities. This has nothing to do with the virtual world」


「I couldn’t find that kind of arts, is it a cheat?」

Yup, I over did it. And to top it, the show was done right in front of the that little girl. But it ain’t her fault, it’s mine. Everyone will be scared if they see such sight. It happened so many times in reality. There was this one time when I saved a girl who was being surrounded by a biker gang a long time ago………. That’s why I’m used to this.

I decided to part away from this girl after saying one line.

「Sorry for showing such a frightening sight to you. Well then, I’ll be leaving――」

A small pair of hands franticaally seized my hand who was about to leave.

「………………… Uhm, what’s the matter?」

I really couldn’t understand what she’s thinking about.

But I failed to notice it till just a while ago, this girl is truly beautiful. Her ash grey colored hair is tied in ponytail with her bangs divided in the middle. From the gap between he divided forelock which flowing down till her shoulders is a pairs of clear lazuli colored pupils and her pink colored lips will imprison anyone who saw them.

Her garment was done with light blue color as it’s base but, one part around her shoulder and neck is exposed, it’s composed of fashionable style while keeping strict j.a.panese style. Maybe because I’m thinking about how to make a piece of art for this girl to shine even more, it’s just for a moment but my consciousness is completely robbed by it.

This is bad, how foolish of me for getting my consciousness robbed away by something else for me who’s always combat ready. I felt a strong reluctance as I’m pulled my conscious from the mysterious charm of this girl and then, a voice was calling from the different angle to the girl toward me who was silent for a while.

「Are you hurt yourself somewhere?」

I feel that’s such a foolish question. This is a game. Your injury will be fixed if you heal it. In the first place, it’s not that painful. Maybe she was scared because I put killing intent when I obliterated those three just a while ago. This is a game but, maybe because it’s pursuing reality, she can even feel the dread. But, even if they have a knife, when they’re experiencing something like being eaten by a dragon or trampled by zombie is already not on the level in which it won’t cause any trauma. Though I feel such anxiety in me, this thought is terminated the girl lightly shaking her head in denial.

Part 2

「U~hm,…………….. Are you scared?」

That should be after seeing such slaughter show. Sure enough, the girl was nodding lightly.  Well, I knew it but, I’m reflecting on it a bit.

「Uhm, sorry for showing such terrible sight to you. I feel that I’m overdid it too」

Though the girl not denying nor affirming, somehow I could feel that she was trying to say something. U~hn, I might not be able to make an excuse………… WHat should I do.

I’m hest.i.tating for few seconds―― But, I’ve made a decision after what feels like forever to me. Yosh, let’s apologizing properly again, and then leave.

「Sorry for making you seeing an extremely scary things. I’ve already taken care of them so that they won’t disturb you again. Well then, I’ll excuse myself for now」

Though I’m trying to leave, a pairs of hands was caught on me, thus I couldn’t do so. The girl was unwilling to let go of me and keep clinging on my hand while tears are coming out of her eyes. I can feel some sort of strong will inside of her hands. Could it be that she’s calling? Me.

「Ah-Y-You’re mistaken. Uhm――You’re mistaken about it! 」

The girl is trying to say something to me. And I know that. But, what she’s trying to tell me? A~h, did G.o.d just abandoned me.

I was slowly being swallowed into the crucible of chaos. But, if there’s G.o.d who abandon you, it’s bound to happen for another G.o.d to pick you up. Following that, the later G.o.d appeared from inside the crowds of people that was surrounding us.


My grat.i.tude is soaring to the seventh heaven to the beautiful voice of the dignified G.o.d which reached my ears, thus I was looking at that G.o.d. As expected, G.o.d was right there.

「Thanks G.o.d, Waka―― Leaf-san, please lend a bit of your hand?」

It’s the advent of Wakakusa Midori which appeared like G.o.ddess of salvation to me. I was truly relieved as we can somehow calming the situation with her help. The existence of girls in this kind of trouble is truly rea.s.suring me. I’ll ended up miserable as a man but, I don’t have any confidence to be able to do something about crying girl by myself.  I want to be able to doe something about it thought.

But, the words which was coming after the descend of the G.o.ddess of salvation was extremely far away from what I wished for.

「What are you doing? Aoi」

The G.o.d didn’t pick me up. I made the friend who I just befriended yesterday looking at my splat show from the front row, I showed a foolishness which even more outrageous than the ordinary person. I want to cry too you know.

Part 3

「Uhm, thank you for saving me a while ago, Sou-kun. And, sorry for causing a slight misunderstanding」

We were be able to meet safely(?) with Fuyukawa Aoi-san was confirming the situation in one room of the inn without any public gaze. The think that I understood is, this trancendental beauty is Fuyukawa Aoi who become my friend just yesterday―― Her player name is Blue―― So she introduced herself. She’s also truly grateful for my help since she’s really in pinch when getting involved with those strange player. Which means that the reason she’s cried wasn’t because she’s scared of me, it’s because she’s a bit confused. Well, the words of the last guy might be the reason she’s worrying about me.

「It’s okay, there’s nothing unusual after my splat show」

「N-No, that’s a bit――」

When I feel that somehow an apologizing battle is about to start, a dignified G.o.d like voice is descended and then interrupted Fuyukawsan voice.

「It made me want to see that show of Sou-kun. I heard from Shinji that you’re strong to the abnormal level but, as expected I want to verify it with my own eyes」

「You can see it when we’re hunting after this you know. But it’ll be faster if you’re doing a PvP against Sou. It’s feels different than when you’re against monster since you’ll understand the true meaning of death」

Shinji’s saying so as he smiling wryly  to Wakakussan who’s saying those remarks in bright tone. We’re going to be alright right? I don’t know about such things since I’m not doing this alone.

「I-I see. Let’s just see his action from the side as his ally」

「That’s right. By the way, I’m really surprised with you, Sou. To think that you know that Blue is Fuyukawa」

Yup, I’m also surprised by it. Though I can feel that this girl is truly beautiful one when I saw her yesterday, never I expected she truly is. Though you can grow your beard and changing your hair color in this virtual world, you can’t re-shaping your face.  By removing the parts such as hair, your face of this place is basically the reflection of the real you. In short, Fuyukawsan real face which is hidden by her forelock was similiar to that of transendence beauty who’s currently blushing furiously in front of me. There’s also Two wonderful apple under her neck.

「Yup. I thought that she was a beauty but, to my surprise, she was even cuter than what I thought」

Ah, c.r.a.p. I just blurting my real thought while thinking about it.

「Ara, isn’t this a good news for you, Aoi! He say you’re beautiful! And cute! And have huge breast! 」

「H-He’s not saying the last one Midori!」

Yup. I’m not saying the last one. I’m glad that I’m not saying those words.

With this our misunderstanding is somehow resolved, after that, we left the inn and then heading toward the prairie field outside of the city.

Part 4

「Hey Shinji. Most of my equipment are intial equipment, is this really okay?」

「Well, if it’s you, you might be able to somehow manage it. I’ll lend you my spare sword if it’s necessary」

Well I might be able to manage it somehow if I have that.

「EH?  Didn’t you say that Sou-kun is a gunner」

「Ah, I didn’t tell you about that part yet huh. The truth is――」

I was keeping a reasonable distance from Shinji who’s talking proudly about it, while gripping a knife on my back.

In the end I couldn’t liquified the raw material which I got from yesterday hunting, it’s not like I can’t prepare my equipment. It was increased by one with the knife which I got from the sudden PvP of a while ago.

By the way, there’s two type of PvP. First is PvP based on the mutual agreement of both side and then, an a.s.sault type PvP which triggered by one side.

The mutual type PvP have a feature in which you’ll be offered choice whether you’ll agree or not, you can even set whether there’ll be a remunition or not.  Since it can be done without any kind of death penalty between fellow friend, the people who want to competing with their friend or those who’s focusing on PvP is using this feature. Me and Shinji’s also doing this kind of PvP.

On the contrary, the a.s.sault type PvP has a feature in which you can send one-sided challenge without the consent of your opponent.  The splat show which I do in the middle of the city is the right thing. The winner is on top of being able to s.n.a.t.c.h a random equipment or some sort of item from the loser, it’s also often following by some sort of unknown penalty upon death.

But, seeing that there’s some guys who forcing the others to do this is posting their grudge on the BBS, majority of player tended to evade this.  There’s not that many guys who will going as far as that with that kind of demerit. It seems there’s the case where it’s natural.

Also, PvP was a measure taken by the management of the operation in regard to low age group and the player who hate it, player have an absolute right to deny the PvP. This is popular amongst the low age group or female player, many young player and female player is using this setting.

But, when you set this with male player with the exception of that of low age group, as a result, since you become an object of ridicule by the other players, most male player isn’t using this setting. Bluffing men are such sad creature.

「――Oi, ―― Oi, are you listening Sou?」

「N?  Ah, my bad」

「Best regard, our ace. Then, shall we go」

And so Shinji guided us unti we finally arrived at our destination.



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