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Chapter 329: Seven Days?

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He turned to Wan-Er and said, “Is Xiu-Er back?”

Wan-Er was still immersed in happiness, so she replied a bit later, “She’s on her way.”

“Hmm.” Master Bai looked straight forward as his fingers kept stretching and relaxing several times. He asked again in a gentle voice, “How is everything going in the Chen-Xing City?”

“Peaceful.” Wan-Er said, “However, it is the calm before storms.”

“Hmm. Kept suppressing it. The heavier the better,” Master Bai said.

“Yes. I will go to the two great sects tonight and humiliate them more,” Wan-Er calmly spoke.

“That’s right. Let the two great sects go mad. They would never be bold enough to come and fight us head on… However, we can’t suppress them too much,” Master Bai spoke slowly, “They might die for it.”

“Yes. Wan-Er know.” Wan-Er nodded.

“When they are suppressed into the extreme… When they are so close to death due to it… Xiu-Er should be back then.”

Master Bai’s eyes looked more and more steady. “When she’s back, you two together should go lit up the whole supression into explosion.”

Wan-Er nodded and said, “Yes. When Xiu-Er is back, we will make a great opening. We won’t let you down.”

Master Bai smiled. “I trust you. For all these years, you two have never let me down.”

He raised his head and looked into the distance, like he could see the fires in the battles. There was disdain in his eyes as he blandly spoke, “There are more than one way to collapse the world.”

“When Feng Zhiling came to me for help, I did want his help too. It is hard to tell who is the one that gets help!” Master Bai blandly smiled as his eyes turned extremely sharp. “He couldn’t fight against the two great sects, so I helped him, and I seized the opportunity to gather all those men in the city! When all those superior cultivators are here, how could such a small city hold the mess among these people?”

He smiled and spoke in a low voice. He seemed sneering. He talked like it was just something normal—he was looking down upon the entire world. He smiled. “Supreme Dan? Oh what a stunt. Heh, heh…”

She didn’t understand why her master wanted Xiu-Er back. Now she knew that he had foreseen what was happening now when Feng Zhiling asked them for help.

In fact, Master Bai humiliated the two great sects to lead it to the present situation.

Now that everything was following his plan, nothing was unexpected for him.

None of those forces dared to take any reckless moves. None of them dared to leave the Chen-Xing City.

Whoever wanted to leave safely would have to gather their entire clan or sect to protect the supreme dan beads. That was exactly what Master Bai wanted!

While there were enough superior cultivators, what was going to happen in the city… would be able to shock the world!

When that happened, even the guarding forces of the three kingdoms together couldn’t fight against the power of all the superior cultivators of the land together, not to mention the capital of the Kingdom of Chen!

He was sure about it!

What Ling-Bao Hall had done p.i.s.sed all the hostile forces in the world. They all sent their best men to the city!

They were going to add more fuel to this fire!

No one could imagine what it would be like when the disturbance took place.

It must be really terrifying!

Looking at Master Bai smile and talk leisurely, she thought… maybe he was the only one who could foresee the disturbance to come!

“Seven days!” Master Bai calmly spoke.

It was in the House of Ye.

Ye Xiao finished the last round of cultivation as he felt that the energy of the East-rising Purple Qi in his body was about to erupt; it was running without stopping. The Yin Yang Eyes was also improving. It wasn’t such a huge improvement, but it was a big one.

Ye Xiao started to stop when he thought that the treasures that those clans and sects owned Ling-Bao Hall should all be delivered. He thought maybe he should go get them.

Thinking about all those treasures that might pile up like mountains, his eyes became the shape of a gold mountain!

It should be a great gain!

That was no doubt!

Beside him, Bing-Er sat cross-legged. She closed her eyes and her face looked casual.

Ye Xiao looked at her with jealousy.

[Doesn’t she have a great physical condition? How long has it been? Now her wound is cured, and… the martial art I taught him just a month ago… She is now so skillful!

She is in the third level of the Human Origin Stage now!

That is an extreme speed for a girl who has never learnt anything about martial art!

For any sects, such a person should be a dream disciple!]

Ye Xiao sighed. [With such great potential, she has grown up so old. Those sects are like blind…

Well, thanks for their blindness, I met her!

This is a pie from the sky. It is not only falling to me, it falls into my mouth perfectly!

And I swallow it well!


That feels so good!]

Looking at how hard Bing-Er was working on cultivation, Ye Xiao thought, [I am going to make Bing-Er a great woman who will be endowed with both civil and martial virtues!]

[Make her the only faery in the universe!]

[Poetry, calligraphy and painting, the theories of great men, the civil and military skills, the marvelous martial arts…]

[Ahem… There must be such a versatile person in this world!]

Ye Xiao was confident.

He then quietly walked out.

He had to go to Ling-Bao Hall for those treasures, and he also needed to solve Bing Xinyue’s health problem.

Besides… now he was greatly improved with the Yin Yang Eyes… The Mu Clan had been hostile to him all the time, so he figured it was time to take care of them once and for all.

The entire Mu Clan was in the capital now…

As for the Crown Prince’s Palace and Guan Zhengwen…

Ye Xiao was thinking maybe he should go get them too.


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