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Realms In The Firmament is a web novel created by Fengling Tianxia, 风凌天下.
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Chapter 488: Declined!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

What she said was right. If Ye Xiao promised to help, he would save the world. However, if he didn’t, it meant whoever the House of the Chaotic Storm killed next was indirectly Feng Zhiling’s fault, because he didn’t help!

[You say yes, you are the savior; you don’t, you are the sinner.

You say yes, we go!

You don’t, we keep killing!]

What Xiu-Er said made Ling Wuxie feel surprised. [Oh no…] He thought.

[Oh my G.o.d, I thought Bai Chen’s two maids are pretty smart. How come they only made things worse? We have been watching Feng Zhiling for such a long time, how could you not know his personality? He is tough outside and soft inside. He will only surrender to sincerity, never be forced by power. What you said will only arouse his rebellious heart. He is such a wise man. If we cannot kill him in an instant, we will have to face a long term revenge from him.]

[Most importantly, you are the one who needs help. How could you even think about threatening this man. A man who is both a master dan-maker and a master poison-maker! Isn’t it stupid?]

As Xiu of the Heavens said it, the place fell into silence.

Feng Monarch lowered his head, saying nothing, like he was really having a deep thought.

Even a needle hitting the floor could be heard at the moment.

The awkward silence lasted for a long time.

After a while, Ye Xiao looked up and stared at Xiu of the Heavens. He spoke in a low voice, “Lady Xiu-Er you are overestimating me. Do you really think I care that much? Do you really think I am such a hero?”

He showed a sneer. “The entire House of the Chaotic Storms is overestimating me. Thank you, for raising me up so high. Even though I know you are not praising me, I feel good.”

He said he felt good, but he didn’t really feel good at all!

Wan of the Clouds realized something was wrong. She hurriedly interrupted, trying to save the situation, “In fact…”

“You are wrong!”

Ye Xiao didn’t let her finish. He just decisively said, “You are completely wrong!”

“I am just a boss of a salesroom! I am only an ordinary man!”

“What I care are the people around me. My friends, family, brothers, beloved ones… These are whom I care most. For this world, this country, I do care about it, but not much like you imagine.”

“I am not a king here. I have no responsibility to the people here! If I want that responsibility, I will take it. If I don’t want to, n.o.body can put that onto my shoulder!”

“What I have to this world is only some weak feelings! As long as it doesn’t go against my will, I will try to protect it!”

“However, if this responsibility is pushed to me, then…” Ye Xiao proudly spoke, “I can abandon it any second!”

[I will take good care of my friends my families. However, I can only keep them safe as long as I am alive.

If I die, it becomes meaningless.]

“Death takes away all. We have to make decisions in our lives. When I cannot hold them all, I will choose some to embrace. When I cannot hold all that I want to choose, I will abandon some. When I don’t have anything I can abandon anymore, I can give up on myself. When I am dead, even House of the Chaotic Storms, even Master Bai, no matter how powerful you are, what can you do to threaten a dead man?”

“What you are doing now is exactly pus.h.i.+ng to the last step.”

Ye Xiao stared at Xiu of the Heavens. A cruel smile showed up on his mouth. He was proud and decisive. “Just go kill everyone. Why do I have to care?”

“To threaten me with all the lives in the world! What a joke!” Ye Xiao loudly laughed. “No matter what you use to threaten me, do you think I am a man that can be threatened? Of course I know that House of the Chaotic Storm can wipe Ling-Bao Hall out easily. Wan and Xiu, you two ladies, can take my life within seconds. You can kill me, you can kill everything around me, but you just cannot threaten me. I am a man who will never surrender to threats!”

Xiu of the Heavens looked upset, and also blank. She didn’t dare to say anything.

Wan of the Clouds, who wanted to save the conversation, was unable to say anything now!

Feng Monarch was playing a receptive role in daily life, however, when he was serious, he was tough!

What he said gave everybody a conclusion. [This is a man who can never be threatened!]

He might do as you say if you beg him or give him profits as exchange, but if you want to force him to do something, that is impossible!

No matter what you do, no matter how you do it, you will never make him surrender!

“Feng Monarch, what is the most important thing in one’s life?” Ling Wuxie suddenly asked.

He had to say something to get involved now. Wan and Xiu were both down. If they kept going on it, things would go to a dead end. Ling Wuxie might be like a fool on small things, however, on big issues, he was rather capable in solving problems!

Of course he was. If not, how would Bai Chen treat him like a brother!

“The most important thing is surely oneself!” Ye Xiao coldly said, “I am the one. Only when ‘I’ exists, things matter! If ‘I’ is gone, nothing in the world, nothing in the firmament matters. Nothing means anything without ‘I’!”

“About ‘I’, integrity is the most important! My insistence!”

“Do you understand what I said?” Ye Xiao stood up. “I know you are powerful in cultivation. You can turn the world over by waving your hand. However, if you don’t want to kill me now, just leave. Please go!”

“As for Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan, I won’t give you more than what I promised!”

He looked rather decisive. He wouldn’t leave any s.p.a.ce for them to argue.


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