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Realms In The Firmament is a web novel created by Fengling Tianxia, 风凌天下.
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Chapter 575: Apprehend Danger in Every Sound!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Because of the extreme fear and anger, that man who rushed forward had gone crazy. He was not only hot-headed. He rushed over performing human-sword mergence. As his sword light flashed, that bush was cut into countless pieces and flew up to the air.

That man didn’t stop. He was still swaying and cutting with the sword. The powerful strikes didn’t stop. It went back and forth, left and right. The sword was destroying everything…

Unexpectedly, although he had used up his energy to make the powerful strikes and reveal the loopholes of himself, n.o.body attacked him. Anyone, even weaker one, could easily kill him at that moment. However, the horrible enemy, who was terrifying like death itself, didn’t attack him!

No instant kill?

The thirteen men behind were shocked. And then they finally realized it. They hurriedly rushed over to hold that man.

When they pa.s.sed the place where the bush had been located, the area had become a big hole on the floor with nothing in it.

Feng Monarch didn’t hide there!

They were shocked and scared.

[He isn’t here, then where is he?]

[Has he finally taken leave?]

The fourteen of them didn’t put down their swords. They performed their martial arts as they rushed over like the wind. Fourteen men apprehended danger in every sound. No matter where they looked to, they felt like Feng Zhiling was hiding there… They felt like every place was filled with killing qi…

They were so cautious all the way along. They nearly scared the sh*t out of themselves.

Surprisingly, it was peaceful the way along. Not to mention Feng Monarch, there was not even a rat.

They went straight to the gate of Chen-Xing City. Nothing had happened to them.

They were surprised and didn’t know what to do.

Finally, they stood in front of the gate, gasping. They finally felt relieved. However, they couldn’t get used to it.

It was like a dream to them that n.o.body was hiding there waiting to kill them. They were so surprised with joy.

The guards on the gate of Chen-Xing City saw the fourteen men with weapons in hands, standing there looking around like fools. They were confused, so they shouted at them, “Yo! Fourteen guys there! What are you doing?”

Not only the fourteen men would apprehend danger in every sound, the soldiers guarding the gate were the same. They saw some men with weapons in hands flying with a colorful glow. How could they not be scared!

These soldiers were not so experienced. If they were, once they saw the fourteen men with weapons in hands and flying with that blue bright glow that only superior cultivators in Sky Origin Stage could have, they should have already alarmed the entire Chen-Xing City right away!

The fourteen men heard the soldiers. They suddenly exclaimed as if they were terrified, then they turned around and ran away fast.

– Shoot! – They all disappeared.

The blue glow s.h.i.+ned and then disappeared too.

A soldier at the gate murmured, “How did they move so fast… They can’t be mutineers, can they?” Suddenly, he was enlightened, “What the fxck! That blue glow! Are they Sky Origin Stage cultivators…”

Within just a second, that soldier was scared so bad that he was drenched in cold sweat with a pale face.

“Oh my G.o.d… That was close… If they came and killed me, they only needed to move a finger… And it would be easier than smas.h.i.+ng an ant… Luckily they didn’t…” And then he was confused. “A bunch of Sky Origin Stage cultivators were together. They should be invincible. Why would they run away? They seemed extremely terrified. The way they ran with fear… just what happened? What could scare such a group of superior cultivators like that? Is there any even stronger figures fighting against them?”

He thought deeper and deeper until he scared the h.e.l.l out himself.

It became a question in this soldier’s heart for his entire life. He couldn’t figure it out till he died. Every time when he thought about it, he would be in cold sweat and felt lucky.

It also became a story he bragged to people, “On that day, I shouted so loudly… Fourteen Sky Origin Stage cultivators were scared the h.e.l.l out and fled away immediately. Imagine how fierce I was…”

The fourteen men who survived were truly worried too much!

Ye Xiao didn’t ambush them at all.

In fact, after that vigor power fight, the extreme murderous qi of the hidden soul inside Ye Xiao burst out. It surely brought great damage to the enemies, but also hurt himself in a great deal.

If not for the East-rising Purple Qi stabilizing Ye Xiao’s condition and keeping his physical foundation from getting injured, Ye Xiao would be seriously damaged too. In fact, he would be damaged even more seriously than the twenty-eight men of Lunisolar Glory!

Even so, Ye Xiao was not in a good condition right now. His ears were buzzing, and his organs were like burning. It seemed like a mess inside his body. Seven apertures on his head felt itchy, like there would be blood coming out at any second.

The only one chance he could flee away was there. If he missed it, he would die for sure.

That was why Ye Xiao used up all the energy he had to strike out the needles. Luckily, he hit the right guys. The seven most wounded guys were killed by seven needles!

Ye Xiao rushed out immediately as he made it.

When he rushed out, he was badly out of energy. He tried so hard to move as fast as he could. It wasn’t that casual like the men guessed.

He was extremely embarra.s.sed!

If he could casually leave that place, he would never leave. He would absolutely kill them all!

He never spared any vile enemies and gave them chance to revenge. He only ran away when he couldn’t continue killing.

He tried so hard to strike out the needles, but only seven needles!

He couldn’t just play them to death like he said.

If he could kill them at one time, he would definitely do it. Why would he play?

To fight against a bunch of Sky Origin Stage cultivators was a totally different story than to fight against some normal men.

If he was fighting normal people, he could shoot out over a hundred needles at one time! That would definitely kill a lot!

However, facing Sky Origin Stage cultivators, seven needles for seven enemies was his limitat. That strike already took all the spiritual qi in his dantian.

If not for the pouring spiritual qi from the Endless s.p.a.ce, he might not be able to even stand firmly on the floor after the strike of seven needles like that!

That was why he fled away so decisively! No hesitation!


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