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Reaper Of The Martial World is a Webnovel produced by Awespec.
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Dyon took a deep breath, “You little minx…”

Ri’s walls convulsed around Dyon, almost to remind him who had won before she kissed his jaw lightly. “Don’t be mad, my king.”

Dyon couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as Ri poked fun at him. She seemed really proud of herself. Dyon hadn’t even been that quick on the day the lost his virginity. But, embarra.s.sment wasn’t a word Dyon knew the definition of. Now shamelessness… He knew a thing or two about that.

Suddenly, the room started to twinkle with a faint celestial light. The flames of Dyon’s aurora blazed with a purple-gold right along with it.

“You can have round one.” Dyon pushed himself up, grinning widely as he watched Ri’s soft skin and supple b.r.e.a.s.t.s redden. Ri’s breath quickened, but her lip twitched as though she was trying to pretend like Dyon’s slowly acc.u.mulating will was having no effect on her.

“Cheater.” Ri pouted, feeling her blood flowing wildly.

However, Dyon only continued to grin as he grabbed Ri’s waist, pushing his shaft in deeper and deeper.

“Wait.” Ri’s lips trembled, her hips wiggling as she tried to escape.

“My turn.” Dyon flipped Ri over, lightly pressing her face into the soft bed cushion and pushing himself in even deeper.

Ri’s feet curled upward as her a.s.s shook involuntarily at the completely new stimulation. She came immediately, unable to stop herself from going limp and trembling in pleasure.

Dyon leaned over top of her, moving her hair out of the way to kiss her ear. “I hope you didn’t think that was all.” Dyon’s hand trailed along Ri’s soft back before he grabbed a handful of her plump a.s.s. “It’s a king’s job to service his queen.”

Ri’s face buried itself into the bed’s pillows, her knees propping her a.s.s up as Dyon had his way with her. She didn’t know how much time pa.s.sed, or even how often she climaxed. But, what she did know was that she wanted more and more.

Ri’s feral cries filled the room, her hands gripping and tearing apart the sheets as her b.e.s.t.i.a.l side relished in the feeling of being taken.

She didn’t even notice when Dyon pulled her up by her neck, holding onto it gently as he pounded into her.

By the time Dyon stopped, it was already evening. An entire day and all Ri had to show for it were wobbly legs and a smile that was so self-satisfied that it could light any night sky.


When Ri finally came to her senses, Dyon was snoring lightly. She watched him silently for a long while before the dull ache between her legs made her giggle to herself. “You must have been trying to break me, king.”

Ri kissed Dyon’s partly opened lips softly before settling onto his chest.

Dyon shifted slightly, wrapping his arms around Ri’s waist as he smiled to himself. “The King had to put on a good show for his queen.”

Ri rolled her eyes. Dyon never seemed to sleep to deeply and that was something that worried Ri, honestly. Even during his coma, he was constantly muttering calculations and deductions. In fact, being in a coma might have been the only time Dyon got any real semblance of rest.

“Hmph. I let you win. Why else would I allow your cheating?”

Dyon’s eyes remained closed as he chuckled, “Ha, I didn’t cheat. I simply used the tools available to me.”

“You mean like memories from a person who lived thousands of years? You must have gotten that position from her memories too.” Ri’s eyes glimmered when she remembered the feeling of being pinned down beneath Dyon. There was a submissive feeling to it her beast side couldn’t help but gravitate toward.

“Eh – ” Dyon didn’t know how to respond. Could he say that that was a position quite commonly used in the human world? How would he explain how he knew about it? ‘Well… This is awkward.’

By the time Dyon finished explaining, Ri was in a fit of laughter, very much content to make fun of her fiancé.

“Alright, Alright. Every young boy is curious! It’s not my fault!”

Ri giggled, “Dyon Sacharro. Boy genius. Focused. Driven. And a pervert from birth.”

Dyon sighed. “Fine, fine. You win. I’m a pervert.” Suddenly, Dyon grinned. “But, now this means there are only two left in this world who can deal with that and for now, the job is solely yours.”

Ri smiled lightly, resting her hand on Dyon’s chest, “I don’t think I mind that too much. Even though today seemed excessive, if I didn’t lose consciousness, I feel like I would have still wanted more.”

A serious expression colored Dyon’s features. “I saw you awaken your faith seed completely. Or, I guess, what seemed like a complete version… I’m not entirely sure on how faith seeds work exactly, I’m sorry I can’t be of much help.”

Ri shook her head, “I don’t need to know everything now, we can slowly figure it out together. But, didn’t the Celestial Deer Sect use to be extremely powerful? Wouldn’t they have faith seeds then? So, why doesn’t your master have memories on it?”

Dyon pondered a bit, “I know for a fact that the Celestial Deer Sect has at least one faith seed tied to their lineage. The First White Mother transcended, so it’s likely she left behind her faith seed. However, I don’t have access to the rest of the Celestial Deer Sect’s history because my master locked it away. It’s likely her memories on faith seeds were locked away too, then.”

“Why are you so sure about the First White Mother?”

Dyon nodded as he answered. He told Ri about his experience in the Epistemic Tower and what it meant for them in future. He also told her about how the old man was technically his grand teacher many times removed, and how one of his disciples had been the first white mother. With that information alone, it was perfectly reasonable to a.s.sume that she had a faith seed. In fact, it was the only conclusion.

After thinking for a while, a sudden thought flashed in Ri’s mind. “Wait. Since the Epistemic Tower is one of a hundred of them, it does the same job as every other Epistemic Tower, no?

Since it connects every gate in this quadrant, doesn’t that mean we can use your ring to directly bring the elves back to our universe by using the gates as a spatial jump point?”


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