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The vortex of clouds only spun faster and faster as time went on. But, maybe what was more ridiculous was that Dyon had taken out even more saint stones! No one understood what he was doing, it was as though he was purposefully trying to make the situation worse.

Eventually, even the geniuses of the other planets arrived. When they saw who was causing the commotion, they couldn’t help but be surprised.

Eboni chuckled to herself, “He can’t possibly be this much of an idiot, can he? Cultivation deviation for something so stupid as absorbing saint energy too early? And look at him, absorbing even more as though that would help.”

Even with Ode and Eboni chuckled to themselves, the true geniuses were focused on something else entirely.

For one, they could immediately tell that this influx of saint energy wasn’t for energy cultivation. The feel was completely different. Secondly, although their souls hadn’t been powerful enough to accurately gauge Dyon’s soul strength when he fully released it at the Chaos Arena, when Dyon had done that, they felt a pressure like nothing they had ever felt from someone so close to them an age… A pressure that seemed only a sliver away from a break-through just like this one…

Ulu stood in the skies along with her members of Planet Nix, quite nervous. If Dyon died, would she really have to be barren for the rest of her life? Her whole plot rested on his survival and her making use of him as her slave. No matter how much she liked watching Dyon suffer, she was smart enough to know that he was more useful to her alive than not.

But then, she calmed herself. She could always use the guise of Dyon making her barren to save him, and then use the fact that he’s the only one that can cure her as the excuse for why she did so. In that case, others might even help her enslave him, making everything all the easier on her.

While everyone was speculating about just what was going on, there was a group of high-level soul specialists that were pulling their hair out watching the current events. Although others might not be aware of what was going on, they were. In fact, there was one among them that had undergone this exact thing, albeit at a much older age.

The Head of the Guild Headquarters. First Stage Celestial Expert. And the only Grandmaster Alchemist in this entire universe. Connery Sapientia.

He wasn’t born of a Royal G.o.d Clan or even a G.o.d Clan. In fact, the clan he was born into was an unknown and he hadn’t had a name until he named himself at twelve years old. However, what he did have was a soul talent that was among the best in this universe and the luck to have stumbled into a legacy world with a peak heaven soul cultivation technique…

Later in his life, he joined the Sapientia. By allowing them to make use of his talent, he gained near unlimited resources to improve and strengthen himself. As such, he had worked his way to being the head of not only the guild headquarters, but also the Earth branch of the Sapientia G.o.d Clan.

“This doesn’t make any sense…” Connery Sapientia was a man with mostly bold black hair, but, streaking of grey had begun adding color to his features. He was tall, almost 2.5 meters tall in fact, and wore long dark red robes. In his whole life, he had never seen such a scene, and it only made it worse that he knew exactly what was happening.

“It has to be him… It can’t be anyone else…”

The members of the guilds around Connery looked at him in confusion, but all they got was the fiery light in his golden eyes lit.

“H- Head Sapientia. We’ve gotten news that first-in-line genius Madeleine Sapientia will be arriving by the teleportation station at the Sapientia Main Branch soon. We can’t wait here or else we’ll be late.”

Connery completely ignored this. He was the Head of the clan, he had no real obligation to attend the welcoming of a genius. He had already shifted his schedule once around this. It wasn’t his fault that Madeleine was late and didn’t arrive on the predetermined date.

Seeing the Head’s eyes remained trained on Dyon’s figure, the surrounding Sapientia elders could only sigh. Whenever their leader got engrossed in something, it was unlikely that he was forget it until he fully satisfied.

Connery waved his hand, “Let Ester handle the greeting. Madeleine doesn’t care for such things.” Not thinking twice about pushing the responsibility onto Madeleine’s master.

The faces of the elders couldn’t help but twist at this statement. This was the same Connery Sapientia that had run Madeleine away from the main branch because of her loss in talent, and now he was treating her as though he knew her like the back of his hand. There was something inherently off about his demeanor.

From a young age, Connery had had it ingrained within him that only talent mattered. He had only been able to work his way up because his talent had been so overwhelming, so, when Madeleine had ceased being useful, he had tossed her away just as easily. But, he also didn’t think twice about accepting her back with open arms. That was just the kind of person he was. Since he had been treated like a tool, that was just how he saw the world.

In all of this wildness spinning around Dyon, he couldn’t spare a single ounce of attention toward it.

His skin continued to split and bleed under the strain. But, something was changing.

A demonic aura was dripping from Dyon. The color was such a rich red and gold that it was too real and mercurial to label a simple aura anymore.

The clouds in the sky began to shift, being directly affected by this aura.

Red painted the clouds, even the lightning striking down seemed to be drenched in blood.

That was right… Dyon solution was something he had never been able to do before. Without the ability to energy cultivate, Dyon had no control over such energies and they were thus of little use to him. But, now? With his energy cultivation fully restored? Dyon had thought of a crazy idea.

You could use saint energy to energy cultivate. You could use saint energy to soul cultivate. So… Why not use saint energy to body cultivate?


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