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The shadow tilted its head as it watched the blood drip from Dyon’s eyes. “Tut. Tut. That’s no good. I thought you wanted to avoid this? You’re not very intelligent if you didn’t already understand.”

Dyon didn’t respond, and neither did Patriarch Ragnor nor Elder Daiyu dare to have any outward showing of emotion. Regardless of the way this man acted, there was a deep fear in their hearts, and it all revolved around him. People who were always so calm were truly the most unpredictable…

“You’re quite odd. For people with such little intelligence and such a ridiculously small amount of talent, you should be following whatever martial path comes the easiest to you. Ai, maybe because it’s because I’ve been in seclusion for so long, meditating on the laws of the universe and creating my own. I’d forgotten how much I like to talk. In fact, it would be a perfect world if everyone listened to my teachings. Unfortunately, there are too many beings with negligible amounts of intellect.

“For those who are truly talented in the martial way, emotions are completely unnecessary in comprehending laws. But, I acknowledge that of the trillions of souls I’ve come across, maybe only four truly fit into this category – not including myself, of course.

“Quite frankly, that number was a lot larger than I expected. It made me finally understand the there’s a sky beyond a sky saying.

“However, for creatures of your stature, emotions are of benefit, although they limit the martial paths you can follow.

“This is why you’re so odd. You have so much useless anger built up inside of you, and yet you suppress it. Then you build up this fake aura of arrogance and confidence that you don’t truly have, and try to make that your martial path instead.

“If you acted like the scared child that you are. The child mad at the world for simply following its natural recourse, you probably would have traversed along the martial path much quicker.”

Dyon didn’t hear a word the ent.i.ty said. Or rather, he couldn’t be bothered to process it all… But that didn’t mean he wasn’t correct.

Simple unbridled and unfiltered anger had completely shattered the body cultivation bottle neck he had reached simply because it was perfectly in line with the affinity of the demon sage’s blood.

However, Dyon continually tempered and pushed down his anger, trying to avoid becoming something he didn’t want to be.

The martial world pressed him and prodded him. Continuously taking without giving, and hurting without healing. And yet, he endured. Again and again, because this was the final wish of his mother.

Had he not come here, would the mortal world be gone? Wouldn’t their world be perfectly fine now?

When the world tournament ended, and they came to extract the seals, only Dyon would have died, and then the future generations of mortals would have a chance to build their own legacies and their own strength with him gone.

He wouldn’t have to deal with this pain in chest. He wouldn’t have to worry about the life or death of is wives or friends. He wouldn’t have to carry the burdens of the celestial deer sect and the demon sage on his shoulders. He wouldn’t have to think about the war between the chaos path and array alchemy.

He would just be asleep. Drifting away in a sea of nothingness as his memory faded from the world permanently.

His soul would be erased from existence like his parents, but why should he care? It’s not as though he’d be aware of it. He’d just be gone, and with him would go all his worries.

“See? Had you built your death one with heart on that despair, your erosion path would have been unmatched. Instead, you built it on something lofty and far beyond your station. Do you presume it to be easy to transcend the laws of the universe? Even I have yet to do so.

“Although, I am quite close now, that’s not a goal you could reach.

“You had the acc.u.mulated talent of so many yet failed so miserably. Only proceeding to the 8th soul stage with three years of practice and a peak divine level technique? Tsk tsk, your master must be rolling in her grave.”

The ent.i.ties tranquil voice continued to spread through the lush greenery around them as he softly chastised Dyon.

“Ah, now I understand. Not everyone can figure out the truths of things without a guide, and your teacher put a block on the memories she gave you.

“Hm. It would do you good to know the truth of my words before you die, and who better to inform you of that than your own master? I quite enjoy puzzles… It’s too bad that this one is particularly low level.”

Maybe if Dyon cared at the moment, he would be shocked by the shadow’s statement.

The lock on his master’s memories was something that stumped Dyon completely.

Dyon was a person who not only had access to all of his master’s memories related to array alchemy, he had also personally studied the dao of array alchemy legacy he had received from dead kings valley. And despite all of his soul talent and intelligence, he couldn’t make heads or tails of the seal at all. And yet, this ent.i.ty said it was low level and fun?

Almost the instant the words left he ent.i.ty’s mouth, Dyon felt a rumbling and then a shatter sound off in head.

A flood of memories invaded his senses. However, that wasn’t the most fearful part… When the ent.i.ty realized that Dyon wasn’t bothering to filter through and incorporate the new memories like he wanted, a hand seemed to forcefully seize Dyon’s mind before inserting the memories in with his consent.

The ent.i.ty sighed, “That wasn’t even worth being called a puzzle.”


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