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Judging by the success rates of the Viserion clan methods, one can see just how rare the stage their King had reached. And even more bitterly for Dyon, it was the pressure he provided that allowed the break through. If King Viserion’s emotions hadn’t become so agitated, how could this have happened so easily.

Dyon dodged a punch, stepping forward and shortening the range to lower King Viserion’s leverage. It was more dangerous being this close, especially since his opponent’s speed seemed to have tripled the moment those wings appeared, but that was only what it seemed like on the surface. If Dyon continued backing away, he would only play into King Viserion’s hands!

Their clashes intensified once again, causing those spectating not only to be in awe of King Viserion, but also of Dyon! To last so long while being at such a disadvantage, it could only be said that Dyon’s Perception was off the charts.

One had to understand that King Viserion was no longer at just a simple pseudo-celestial level of power. It could be said that he could break into the celestial level with his body at any moment! If he had just a few hours to consolidate his newfound foundation, there was no doubt that he would!

The eyes of the Viserion citizens glistened with zeal as they thought of the legendary stage King Viserion had reached.

The third stage of integration provided a body comparable to a G.o.d level const.i.tution. Once again boosting the body’s talent by leaps and bounds.

The fourth stage of integration provided the first level of battle dragon battle form as well as the second level of dragon eyes. At this stage, one could cover themselves in scaled armor, boosting their strength and defense. As long as it was practiced and refined, it was possible to even stay in this battle form for weeks, even months. This was why King Viserion appeared in his battle form, he was likely training his endurance, and was therefore in his scaled form.

As for the second level of Dragon Eyes, it was even more useful. Much like the first level, Dragon Eyes scaled to cultivation. While a normal essence gatherer might be able to see the wings of a fly from a few hundred meters away, one with the first level of Dragon Eyes would have ten times that vision. And one with the second level, hundreds of times.

The fifth stage of integration was the stage where one would finally have access to your own dragon reverse scale. This would begin at the bronze level, but allow you increase it by absorbing that of others. Through killing, King Viserion was able to reach the half-step King reverse scale at such a young age. His talent was clear.

The sixth stage of integration provided the second battle form. At this point, scales armor would become more robust and difficult to harm, rejuvenation abilities would increase, and the l.u.s.ter of the scales would reach gem-like levels. This second battle form would also provide the first level of Dragon vocal cords, allowing one to speak the language of dragons with was a branch of music will that was truly devastating. This could strike fear into opponents and even kill with a single word and was only below the language of the G.o.ds in terms of languages.

The seventh stage of integration gave access to the final level of Dragon Eyes. This provided thousands of time more piercing eyesight. In addition, reaching this stage removed the barrier to crossing over to create a King level of higher reverse scale. Not only that, but this was the stage where one’s bloodline would cross over into the lower True Deity levels. It was usually known as a foundation type stage that increased one’s compatibility with their beast bloodline.

Up until now, these stages were still within the realm of possibility. Although they were much too lofty for many, one could point to geniuses or elders who had reached this stage.

While less than 10% reached the second stage, by the time the fourth stage came up, that number would be less than 1%. For the 5th stage, the bottle neck was so large that maybe only 1 in a few tens of million would be able to reach it. However, it was said that reaching the 5th stage almost guaranteed reaching the 6th.

However, to reach the 7th stage, this was only seen in legatee level geniuses of the Viserion. One could only imagine the level of talent needed to be worthy of being handed the faith of an Emperor G.o.d Clan. After all, such faith was limited! Even an Emperor G.o.d Clan would risk injuring its foundation if it gave more than 3 geniuses such a right per generation. And yet, that was almost the bare minimum requirement to reach this stage!

One could say that the 7th stage was already legendary and beyond compare. And yet, King Viserion had reached it before the age of 60 years old! One could imagine the kind of monster he was!

And yet… Not only was there and 8th stage… There was a 9th…

The eighth stage of integration allowed one to reach the final battle form. One’s claws would become that of a true dragon, carrying ridiculous amounts of piercing power and being shaped of diamond. One’s defenses would become so robust that it would be almost impenetrable by those even at higher cultivation levels than you. And… One would grow a pair of bat-like wings capable of increasing speed by three times your normal limits!

Even more glaringly, one would now reach the second of three levels of Dragon vocal cords. Resulting in more capability of speaking the Dragon language, all while taking less damage to yourself!

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the moment those wings erupted from King Viserion’s back in a shower of golden blood, he had stepped into a legendary realm only the Emperor of the Viserion clan had…

If this battle of former friends wasn’t limited to the prowess of their bodies… Dyon would have lost long ago…

Even as Dyon’s defenses were shattered, and the rate of his rejuvenation slowed, everyone couldn’t help but notice one thing. Why hadn’t Dyon made use of his Angel wings yet?!

To all of those present, none dared to underestimate the bloodline of Angels. It could be said to be the most tyrannical bloodline in existence. While the Viserions had to fuse with beast blood to reach their level, the Angel clan could be said to have truly evolved by their own merit. They didn’t rely on the blood of others to do so!

However, what these people didn’t know is that Dyon had not a single clue of how to make use of his wings. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if he had this so-called Angel bloodline. If he had Angel blood, why was his talent so poor? Why was it that his energy cultivation was so slow?

If he had Angel blood, how could he possibly need to rely on the acc.u.mulated talent of his human world in order to move forward in the martial world? Shouldn’t his talent be his own?
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Even if he ignored all of those questions, he had never trained in making use of his wings!

One was supposedly supposed to have an unG.o.dly healing factor when their wings were in use, but Dyon had never noticed such an ability before.

One was supposedly supposed to be capable of moving at unG.o.dly speeds and having innate spatial manipulation abilities when their wings were in use, but Dyon had never noticed a drastic change in his speed. In fact, he had made use of his wings in the s.p.a.ce energy dense area of the Belmont Holy Land, had he not? Yet he still had to rely on the Dragon King to maneuver around the maze of tunnels.

Everything that these wings were supposedly supposed to give him, Dyon had benefitted from none of it! Was he supposed to think that just because his wings happened to be Angel-like, that they were definitely related? Even the well-informed Amphorae couldn’t properly understand these wings of his.

At this moment, Dyon regretted not spending more time on movement techniques. He had long since learned the Celestial Wind movement technique, well back into his Focus Academy days. The problem was that it wasn’t very compatible with his other techniques. And, even if it was, its effectiveness would be less than 10% of its peak without access to his wills.

However, Dyon threw this to the back of his mind. He knew that what he needed was speed right now. Even if he didn’t have his wind will, he knew that his wings were capable of generating strong wings that a normal essence gatherer wouldn’t be able to handle, especially now that his integration had increased.

His two fists careened forward, slamming into two scaled claws that were twice the size of his head.

Seeing Dyon take on the attack straight forwardly, no one was surprised when he was sent flying hundreds of meters. His body flamed, reaching inconceivable speeds as he headed toward a mountain in the distance. But, that was when a roar that resounded through the heavens erupted from his lips.

In that instant, a blinding light outshone the skies, completely obscuring Dyon from vision.

King Viserion froze. For an instant, he thought Dyon was cheating and undermining their usual rules. But, he immediately dismissed that idea. He didn’t feel any energy fluctuations, nor did he sense any soul power or wills. It was… Something else.

It was as though Dyon had tapped into wills, without using them. As though he had become the embodiment of those wills… But where did he go?

It was only at that moment that they all realized that the blinding light wasn’t an anomaly… It was Dyon himself!

Silence reigned as they all stared up into the skies in awe.

A G.o.d stood in the skies, his features expressionless and handsome without compare. Six Golden wings reflected the light of the sun as though they were crafted by individual panels of metal. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that their defenses were no less than that of King Viserion’s third stage battle form!

Flames of white and black danced around the majestic wings, but the most eye-catching were the flashing arcs of golden lightning that threatened to destroy everything they touched.

Six circles of black-gold rotated silently behind Dyon, giving off an imposing yet unique aura every time a new one rotated to the very top.

The wings were so large that they threatened to blot out the skies, spanning more than three times Dyon’s body length!

The hearts of those observing palpitated violently, it was as though the need to worship was being etched in their bones. The feeling of inferiority was only emphasized when they noticed the golden hue of Dyon’s skin and hair. His entire persona screamed ‘Unmatched, even by the heavens!’

In that instant, Dyon noticed something he had never felt before. In the past, when he used his wings, there was a disconnect. It was the talent of his soul, not his body, so it felt odd to use while his soul was sealed away.

But now?… He felt as though he had crossed over a barrier. Everyone knew that the most powerful soul manifestations were capable of making changes to their user’s true body… It seemed Dyon had a break through…


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