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Relatively speaking, their statuses were about equal. Although the five subordinate peaks were exactly that: subordinate peaks, their Legatees were still of high status among the six peaks as a whole. Usually, Legatee disciples of subordinate peaks were once core disciples of the main peak.

In the end, it was quite easy to tell them apart. White robes were reserved for Legatees and black robes for core disciples. The color of inner disciple robes varied depending on the peak in question, while outer disciple robes were grey. Finally, working disciples didn’t have robes at all, only given a badge to hang from their waist.

To run into such high leveled disciples so quickly made Dyon raise an eyebrow, but he understood after a moment of thinking. Considering the selections for Soul Rending Peak were coming up soon, the main peak probably sent a representative.

This aside, Dyon could guess the reason behind the drastically opposed reaction by these two. The young man was probably angered that such an innocent young lady he probably fancied was being tainted by him, while the young lady had never seen such a scene before.

However, what neither of them expected was that after Dyon’s quick glance over, he would once again shut his eyes and recline in the water.

The young lady raised her hand to her chest, unable to stop the beating of her heart as she rapidly looked away. She couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed in Dyon’s blank look, so much so that she couldn’t even muster the courage to call him a lecher or a pervert anymore.

Which one of the young men in her sect, even with them being the best geniuses in their quadrant, didn’t drool over the sight of her? Yet for this young man, a quick glance was enough? She couldn’t help but feel these conflicted and contradictory emotions.

It was too bad she didn’t know that Dyon’s wives really were much more beautiful than she was, despite her being a beauty in her own right.

As for the young man, Dyon’s ignoring of him only made him angrier. Even the Legatees of the main peak wouldn’t treat him in this way! Even they would respectfully call him Marquis Nikolaos.

Within the 98th quadrant, a Marquis was already a peak level existence and Nikolaos knew that there weren’t more than a dozen of them. As for Dukes? Those t.i.tles were reserved for the two Legatees of the Soul Rending Peak, which included their Key Wielder, in addition to the geniuses of some secular clans. Their quadrant didn’t have a single king!

However, that didn’t stop Nikolaos from acting rampant. After all, how could he know that he was facing a legendary G.o.d level character?

That said, it wasn’t as though Nikolaos was stupid. He a.s.sumed that he had already seen through Dyon.

For one, Dyon’s current cultivation seemed to be at the 1st stage essence level. This wasn’t because Dyon had had his cultivation unsealed, but rather part of the concealment abilities of the mask. If he wanted, he could even appear to be a celestial, or even a dao expert. Now, whether or not that would fool anyone if he didn’t have the power to back it up, relied entirely on Dyon’s acting abilities. Ironically, though, the lower essence level was Dyon’s true cultivation.

Secondly, Dyon had left his ma.s.sive broad sword on the sh.o.r.e. Although it looked impressive with its large size and the chains that wrapped around it, it was currently giving off the aura of a 1st grade Pract.i.tioner level treasure.

With both of these factors taken into consideration, Nikolaos a.s.sumed that Dyon was just from some rich family who sent their young master in hopes of joining Unseen Peak.

If Dyon knew what he was thinking, he would burst into a fit of laughter. Owning a 1st grade Pract.i.tioner treasure suddenly made him rich now? Wow. If he had known that, he would have made it a common level weapon.

‘This b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Not only did he ruin Lady Violet’s innocence, he has the audacity to show off his wealth before me!’

When he was at the 1st essence stage, he would have been lucky to have a 10th grade common level weapon. It was only after he became a Legatee that he was gifted a 6th grade pract.i.tioner level weapon by the sect. So, for obvious reasons, he was p.i.s.sed off.

Of course, none of this was helped by the fact Dyon was clearly more handsome than he was.

Finally, unable to handle his erupting anger any longer, he began to speak.

“Who are you? State you name and your purpose. If it wasn’t out of courtesy for your clan, I would have already ended your life for the scene you’ve shown Lady Violet today!”

‘My clan?’ Dyon was confused by this statement. No matter how clever he was, he would never be able to guess Nikolaos’ line of logic.

That said, Dyon wasn’t a very patient person. To blame a man simply because he was seen naked by a supposedly innocent woman? What kind of nonsense was that? He had heard that this quadrant was conservative, and apparently also highly religious, but seeing it here before him now made his lip twitch. However, he also knew that this was a good chance.

“My name is Dyon. As for my clan’s name, that’s not very important, I’d prefer to not rely on my family. My purpose? I’m here to earn a spot to join Soul Rending Peak, of course.”


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