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Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife is a web novel created by Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 517: Great Aunt (1)

Jiang Xun was startled when Jiang Yiru called him over!

But he went over obediently and replied, “I used to live far away from here, in Lin’an Country. My parents were farmers and so were my grandparents. But my grandfather knew a little about medicine and could treat minor illnesses.”

“Lin’an Country? Are you sure?” Jiang Yiru frowned. Could she have been mistaken?

Jiang Xun thought for a while and said, “Well… my family always lived in Lin’an Country, but I remember that my grandparents were not from there. They were from Jiangnan. But I can’t remember where exactly. I was still young then! I’ve forgotten a lot of things.”


Jiang Yiru’s eyes brightened. “What was your grandfather’s name?”

“Jiang Yizhou! The ‘Yi’ is the same character as yours. The ‘Zhou’ is the same character as the ‘Zhou’ in “Jiu Zhou” [Kyushu] but with a water radical.”

“Jiang Yizhou? Your grandfather was really called Jiang Yizhou?” Jiang Yiru was astonished and she clutched Jiang Xun’s arm.

Jiang Xun jumped in fright. “Yes… yes! My grandfather was certainly called Jiang Yizhou!”

“What did he look like? Do you have a photograph of him?”

In these times, only wealthier folks would take photographs. Most villagers would not have such things.

But Jiang Yiru was not worried. If this was the Jiang Yizhou she was thinking of, then at least in his earlier years, he could certainly afford to take a photograph.

This was a custom among rich families and it was difficult to change habits.

Jiang Xun nodded. “Yes, I have a photograph of my grandfather, but it was in his younger days. My family was quite well off at first, so we had photographs. Later on, there were no more.”

Just as Jiang Yiru had guessed. She was delighted.

“Where’s the photograph? Quick, bring it here and show me. Perhaps I know your grandfather.”

Jiang Yiru was rather surprised. The photograph was at the Mo house, so he ran over and fetched it for Jiang Yiru. There were two photographs. One was of his grandfather when he was young, and it was taken together with his grandmother when they got married. The other was a family portrait.

Which included Jiang Xun’s father and aunt.

Actually, he had another photograph that was taken when his parents got married, and then there was a photograph of himself, his younger brother, and his parents. That was when he was little.

Later on, their family gradually grew poorer and they had no money to spare for photographs.

Jiang Yiru and Old Master Qin looked at the photograph and immediately recognized Jiang Yizhou.

Jiang Yiru’s cousin.

“It really is Second Cousin! I never thought that he would end up here and leave behind two grandsons.”

Old Master Qin smiled. “More importantly, his daughter married the Mo family’s son, and our little disciple is engaged to the Mo family’s second son. They must be fated!”

Jiang Yiru laughed. “It’s not fate!”

Jiang Xun was bewildered!

Second Cousin?

His grandfather had relatives?

This old lady?

Jiang Yiru looked at Jiang Xun and smiled. “I’m your great aunt. Your grandfather was my younger cousin.”

Jiang Xun: “…”

Jiang Yiru said, “I’m from a famous family in Jiangnan. We’re an aristocratic family that practices medicine and our family is rather traditional. My father and your grandfather’s father were brothers and both were legitimate sons.

“But my father was the elder son and he was more able than your great-grandfather. My father took over the Jiang family, but your great-grandfather resented it.

“Later on, I was the only daughter in my branch of the family. So your great-grandfather had the idea of seizing the position as head of the family so that his son could succeed him. To the point that when my mother was pregnant, he made her miscarry so that she could not have a legitimate son. Her health was damaged, and she did not have any more children.”


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