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Read Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 197 – Not Worth Her Time

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Chapter 197: Not Worth Her Time

Chief of the pharmaceutical factories, Situ Zhengrong had been learning medicine since a young age. He was a lecturer at China’s University of Chinese Medicine and the vice president of the Chinese Medicine a.s.sociation. He might not have been gifted in medicine but after spending years immersed in it, he did learn a thing or two.”?

Situ Zhengrong had a clear idea of the significance behind the product presented by Shen Xi. The profit for the anti-aging beauty pill alone was immeasurable once it was released into the market.

Prior to this meeting, the pill was sent to him.

After further a.n.a.lysis of the pill’s contents and side effects, Situ Zhengrong was amazed and took the pill to the old man for a decision.

It was the first time in so many years the old man praised him and looked at him in approval.

Situ Zhengrong wanted to do better, so he tried to keep the price down for a better margin. By having the upper hand and dominance, he could show the pill provider who was boss.

He lied about giving Shen Xi the invitation yesterday.

The situation, however, turned against him because Situ Zhangyou the brat found out about it and ratted on him to Father.

Situ Zhengrong knew the old man showed favoritism but it never crossed his mind that the project he initiated would have been handed over to Situ Zhangyou.

Moreover, Shen Xi had the nerve to look down on him. She came up with excuses and was not willing to work with him, insisting that the old man a.s.sign someone else for the job.

Besides making first contact with the Situ family, Shen Xi came today to check out if the family was a good fit as her business partner.

Old Master Situ was a genuine person and an honest businessman to work with.

Feeling nothing but good vibes from Situ Zhangyou, Shen Xi felt she could trust him.

As for Situ Zhengrong, the man could only do more harm than good. He was definitely not worth her time.

Shen Xi had faith in Situ Zhangyou to take care of Situ Zhengrong without her help if the latter were up to no good.

The Situ family’s butler knocked on the door and entered the room to deliver a message to Situ Hong discreetly.

Situ Hong looked at Shen Xi with eyes of admiration. “Xixi, I have a little something to attend to. Please allow Zhangyou to take you around the place.”

The girl was outstanding at such a young age, displaying a commanding presence without any hint of inferiority during negotiations. Situ Hong would have a hard time believing she was seventeen had he not met her in person.

“Old Master Situ, I should get going then.” Shen Xi politely got up.

Situ Zhangyou excused himself from the old man before leading Shen Xi out of the room.

“Wait for me at the ancestral hall after the birthday celebration.” Situ Hong said with a warning in his tone before leaving in a huff.

If Situ Hong was not occupied with a prior engagement, he wanted to whip this idiot for his misdeeds. The shrewd girl would never agree to a partners.h.i.+p with them had it not been for Zhangyou.

“Sure.” Situ Zhengrong lowered his head and only revealed his ashen complexion once the old man was out of the room. Furious, he kicked the chair.


Great for them!

Situ Zhangyou had a great business handed to him on a plate. He must be proud of himself.

Well, payback was a b*tch! Situ Zhengrong had to make sure the position as the heir would not fall right onto Situ Zhangyou’s lap. Otherwise, he would be done for!

The Situ’s residence was a huge estate, designed with a vast garden offering picturesque scenery with bridges, flowing waters, and pavilions. It was a place to behold and could have been more mesmerizing if it was not during winter now.

Situ Zhangyou was walking with Shen Xi to the garden when he had to take a call. He stared at her apologetically. “I have a business to take care of. Take a stroll and I’ll be right back.”

Since the guests were socializing at the banquet hall during this time, the place was quiet with barely anyone around.

Shen Xi had just walked into the kitchen when she heard a loud cry, ensued by a crisp sound of a slap.

Birthday buns were scattered on the lobby floor, smashed and covered in dirt.

Pointing at the girl opposite, the head chef was boiling with anger. “Useless tras.h.!.+”

Their hotel was overseeing Old Master Situ’s seventieth birthday celebration. The manager had urged on multiple occasions to ensure a smooth event without any mishaps.


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