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Read Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser Chapter 300 – Official Song, My Father Wants to Look For A Celestial Master to Exorcise You!

Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser is a web novel created by Candle Stream.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser Chapter 300 – Official Song, My Father Wants to Look For A Celestial Master to Exorcise You!

Chapter 300: Official Song, My Father Wants to Look For A Celestial Master to Exorcise You!

When the malicious spirit left, Father Zhao almost went crazy with fright. He completely forgot that he was sitting in his own p.i.s.s. His hands trembled as he touched his phone. He wanted to send a message to the friend who had helped him find the Celestial Master and ask for help!

Too scary! Too scary!

Father Zhao was so nervous that his hand trembled as he pressed a few b.u.t.tons wrong. In the end, he sent it out with difficulty, but the message failed to send

After more than a dozen failed attempts, Father Zhao was so scared that his heart stopped.

He thought that he had run out of credit, so he specially called 10086 to recharge. On the other end of the line, a voice identical to Mother Zhao’s suddenly rang out faintly.

Father Zhao was so scared that he smashed his phone.

No, no, no, he couldn’t just sit in his room and wait for death. He had to hurry out and find someone to help him look for a Celestial Master to get rid of that malicious spirit.

It just so happened that the malicious spirit told his daughter that he was going out.

After a long while, when he confirmed that the front door had closed, Father Zhao got up. His legs were as soft as noodles and he had no strength at all.

Father Zhao staggered out.

Zhao Hongmei found Father Zhao’s disheveled appearance a bit strange. “Dad, what’s wrong with you? And why are your pants wet? Did you fall?”

Perhaps because he saw the pot of stew with Mother Zhao’s head on the table, Father Zhao covered his mouth and couldn’t help but vomit in one corner again.

Zhao Hongmei was a bit worried. “Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

Father Zhao suddenly said to Zhao Hongmei, “Hongmei, that Song Zhongsheng is a malicious spirit. He’s a malicious spirit. Hongmei, let’s hurry and find a Celestial Master. Hurry up and borrow me your phone! That Song Zhongsheng is a malicious spirit. He harmed your mother. He’s a malicious spirit!”

After Father Zhao finished speaking incoherently, Zhao Hongmei felt helpless. “Dad, did someone badmouth Official Song on purpose? Didn’t Sangyu say that he has never harmed anyone? I know you have always been prejudiced against him, but why are you still badmouthing him when he is so filial to you?”

Father Zhao saw that his daughter had been bewitched by that malicious spirit. Otherwise, she wouldn’t keep saying that she wanted to be with this malicious spirit, and wouldn’t choose death over her parents.

If it wasn’t for this daughter of hers, how could Mother Zhao have died? And died so tragically!

He thought about how that malicious spirit had chopped up Mother Zhao’s entire body for them to eat. In the end, he and his daughter ate her brains. Father Zhao was terrified and so regretful that his intestines turned green.

And that Li Sangyu wasn’t a real Celestial Master at all, but a swindler.

Father Zhao wanted to say this, but he also knew that this daughter in front of him didn’t believe a word.

Father Zhao was full of utter despair and fear at that moment. He felt that if he stayed here any longer, he would end up like Mother Zhao. No, he had to take advantage of this moment to go out and find a real Celestial Master to subdue that malicious spirit!

Zhao Hongmei didn’t know what Father Zhao was thinking at that moment, so she said, “Dad, who the h.e.l.l was it who said bad things about Official Song?”

Seeing Father Zhao ignore her and that he was about to hurry out, Zhao Hongmei suddenly stopped him. “Dad, are you looking for a Celestial Master to exorcise Official Song again? I won’t allow it!”

Father Zhao knew that his daughter was hopeless, so he pushed her away and was about to open the door, but Zhao Hongmei kept stopping him. “Dad, I beg you, don’t ask a Celestial Master to take Official Song away! He’s really good to me. If you really want to find a Celestial Master to take him away, then I won’t live either!”

Father Zhao thought of Mother Zhao’s fate and how the malicious spirit had fed them meat for the past few days. He glared at her with red eyes and roared furiously, “Then go die! I don’t have a daughter like you, who has no conscience and only a man on the mind!”

Father Zhao was a man, after all, so Zhao Hongmei couldn’t stop him. When the door opened, she saw Song Zhongsheng standing at the door with a sinister and evil smile.

At that moment, Zhao Hongmei suddenly shouted, “Official Song, don’t let my dad go out. He’s going to find a Celestial Master to exorcise you!”


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