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Sacred Flame of the Fantasy Ocean and the Golden Lotus Body Sculpture


Lin Feng threw out a punch, as a boundless force surged out.

In just an instant, the purple lightning Cloud Soaring Beast’s enormous body exploded under the destructive force of the two fists.

A sky full of blood fog s filled the air, leaving only a completely fiery red animal core, and a floating beast spirit.

“Whoosh …”

Almost at the same moment the body of the beast exploded, the Purple Lightning Cloud Soaring Beast flew through the air, and the tottering beast spirit began to flee into the distance without a care for anything else.

Although its physical body had been destroyed and it had already lost its most powerful strength, if it could still live on, it would be better than completely disappearing into thin air.

After all, once a beast spirit fell into Lin Feng’s hands, it would definitely not be able to escape the fate of being destroyed.

“You still want to run away?”

Lin Feng laughed in disdain.

In a moment, his body fused with the One Heaven and Earth, locking the entire s.p.a.ce.


The beast spirit that was fleeing frantically from the purple electric cloud beast had only flown out for a distance of over a hundred meters, as if it had collided with something hard, and made a loud bang.

Following that, the entire beast spirit bounced back.

“Bang bang!”

“Bang, bang, bang …”

Unwilling to give up, the Purple Thunder Cloud Beast continued to try using the soul to charge forward.

However, the following situation was exactly the same as the first time. The s.p.a.ce that seemed to be void seemed to have some sort of restriction placed on it.

After failing again and again, he could only reluctantly choose to give up.


Just as the Purple Lightning Cloud Soaring Beast’s beast spirit gave up struggling, Lin Feng also withdrew the animal core that was floating in the air at that moment into his palm with a flick of his finger.

As a low-grade fire-attribute Divine Beast, the Purple Lightning Cloud Soaring Beast’s animal core possessed the purest fire spirit energy which could be used to devour and absorb the spirit energy, allowing the Body Level that had just stepped into the middle grade peak to be completely stabilized.


Lin Feng opened his mouth and swallowed the animal core whole.

Within the animal core, the purest fire spirit energy contained within, completely exploded within his body in an instant. It filled his flesh, bones, and meridians as well as his internal organs.

As the fire spirit energy filled the air, the unstable aura of Lin Feng’s body soon began to stabilize.

“The middle grade peak, has finally been completely stabilized!”

After the animal core had completely absorbed all the pure fire spirit energy, Lin Feng nodded his head in satisfaction once more.

Everything was as he had predicted. Relying on this one pellet, the purest Flame Spirit Core that the Purple Lightning Cloud Soaring Beast possessed, was able to completely stabilize its fleshly body, which had already broken through to the middle tier peak.

“Although your beast spirit can’t compare to those truly powerful beast spirit, you have still stepped into the level of divine beasts.”

“If you give your beast spirit to the four spirit beast s to devour, it will allow their bloodline’s grade to increase once again. It will also allow them to get a little closer to truly advancing to the Four-sided G.o.d Beast’s rank.”

His gaze landed on the beast spirit, which had given up on struggling, by the purple electric cloud beast. Lin Feng had already made up his mind.

“Please spare my life, Immortals.”

The fleeing Purple Lightning Cloud Beast could feel, from Lin Feng’s words, a terrifying threat of death.

To make the beast spirit become the food of other fierce beasts, was something that it could not accept no matter what.

Under the cover of the huge panic, it was hopeless for it to escape. It could only kneel down obediently, kowtowing to the ground and repeatedly begging for forgiveness.

“Immortals, I know of a place where there is a pool of Holy Flame used to temper the body. Furthermore, within that pool of sacred flame, there is a body sculpting lotus. Today is the day it will mature. “

The Purple Thunder Cloud Beast hurriedly continued.

He wanted to use this secret in exchange for his own life.

When it came out of the ground today, it originally wanted to pick the ripe lotus flower. This kind of lotus was one of the powerful immortal treasure. Once it matured, it would be able to recreate the body of a ferocious beast once again.

Not only that, if one did not need to guess how to reconstruct the body of a Fierce Beast, they could use the boundless energy contained within it to completely change the body of a Fierce Beast. Based on its current state, if it were to undergo a complete transformation, the sacred flame on its shoulder would be sufficient to directly cause the body of a vicious beast to reach the level of subconscious state.

Just now, when he wanted to use the beast spirit to escape, other than wanting to live, his other goal was to quickly obtain the fully matured Golden Lotus Body Sculpting Art so that he could reconstruct the body of the new Vicious Beast.

“Refining the holy flames of the body and sculpting the body’s golden lotus?”

Hearing that, Lin Feng stopped, and narrowed his eyes with interest.

He was well aware of how many types of Sacred Flames a body sculpted into a golden lotus could contain.

In that moment, he was unable to figure out which type of sacred flame the Violet Thunder Cloud Soaring Beast was referring to.

“That’s right.”

The Violet Electricity Cloud Soaring Beast nodded its head affirmatively.

“Can you explain the situation of that pool of Sacred Flames more clearly?”

Lin Feng asked.

“That pool of sacred flame, it should be …”

The Purple Thunder Cloud Beast didn’t dare to hesitate at all when it heard this. It hurriedly explained the entire situation of the Sacred Flame in the pond in detail.

“Could it be… Illusory Sea Sacred Flame? “

Lin Feng was silent for a moment, as he muttered to himself.

However, from what the Purple Lightning Cloud Beast had said, all of the descriptions were exactly the same as the Illusory Sea Sacred Flame.

“I’m not sure. In any case, the situation with that pool of Sacred Flames is everything I’ve said.”

The Purple Thunder Cloud Beast shook its head and continued.

“We’ll know if it’s true or not after we go over and take a look.”

After Lin Feng finished speaking, he immediately asked:

“Where is it?”

The purple lightning beast didn’t directly say where it was and its eyes lit up brightly.

“Immortals, you can promise to let me go first, and I will tell you the exact location.”

Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed, the four colored Emperor Beiming Yan s in his palms began to blaze: “Speak or die, will you choose?”

“This… What kind of flame is this? “

Looking at the burning Emperor Beiming Yan, the Purple Thunder Cloud Beast instantly felt a terrifying fanatical aura.

While in a trance, it could still feel that its own beast spirit were dissipating bit by bit along with the burning of this flame.

“Emperor Beiming Yan.” Lin Feng replied casually.

“Speak, I say.” The Violet Electricity Cloud Beast trembled violently, but without any hesitation, it hurriedly pointed out the exact location of the Sacred Flame.

Lin Feng withdrew the Emperor Beiming Yan that was ignited in his palm, and in a moment of thought, he recalled the Purple Lightning Cloud Spitting Beast’s beast spirit back into the Sumeru ring.


Amongst the Sumeru ring, the Purple Lightning Cloud Soaring Beast heaved a sigh of relief.

Even though it knew that what awaited it next was to become the food for the other beasts. However, even with this being the case, it was still better than being completely incinerated into nothingness by the flames.

… ….

“We’ll know whether it is the Sacred Flame of the Fantasy Neptune or not just by looking around.”

Lin Feng looked into the distance and took a step forward.


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