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Rebirth: Immortal Emperor Returns is a web novel completed by Bu Fan.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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“There’s no need for the reward.”

Lin Feng shook his head. Keep these people of the Southern Hunan, maybe they will still be useful to him in the future.

“No, no, no, don’t worry Master Lin, we will definitely pay enough to represent our sincerity.”

Everyone shook their heads, this was a chance to please Lin Feng.

“If you really want to give me some rewards, then do your best to collect as many High quality jade s as possible and create the rest of the magic tools. Treat it as my reward for carving the magic jade.” Lin Feng thought for a while and said.

“No problem.” Without hesitation, everyone nodded their heads and agreed, “Master Lin, don’t worry, we will definitely gather High quality jade with our greatest strength.”

“Right, there’s one more thing.”

Lin Feng suddenly thought of something, and it was necessary to explain it to these people beforehand:

“It can only be used once to block the normal bullets and the collisions of normal vehicles. It will automatically activate in the event of danger, and the jade will be broken into pieces.”

“I see!” Hearing about such a situation, everyone was a little disappointed, but they quickly recovered. “No problem. Even if we can only use it once, it’s good!”

This was an incredible treasure. As long as he could save her life at a critical moment, it would suffice.

Furthermore, Lin Feng could produce it. If it was unlucky and he used it, he would have to quickly find Lin Feng to make another one, even with the payment of sincerity.

… ….

After leaving the Nine Heavens Club, Luo Zicheng drove Lin Feng to the hotel.

This was the property of the Luo family, one of the few five-star hotels in the entire Dong An City.

“Where did you get that thing?”

On the top floor, in the most luxurious presidential suite, Lin Feng asked while staring at Master Peng.

The origin of such a magical artifact, the bone flute, was what he was most concerned about.

“Icy Pond.”

Master Peng didn’t dare to hide anything anymore, and replied honestly in a hurry.

“What kind of place is the Frost Jade Pool?”

Lin Feng asked.

“My sect, my sect, is deep in the mountains. Near the sect, there is an icy pond …”

The Master Peng said one sentence after another, narrating everything he knew.

“Icy Pond? Surrounded by Baleful Yin Force? To be covered in ice and snow all year round? ” Lin Feng’s interest was instantly piqued.

He was absolutely convinced that there was something special about this icy pond that was covered in ice and snow all year round by Yin Sha. Moreover, in this sort of place, there would usually be special things growing out of it.

Using external forces was the fastest choice to quickly increase his cultivation level. On the other hand, he could use the Yin energy from the Frost Jade Pool to speed up his cultivation.

Other than that, it would be even better if he could find some spiritual medicines in the Frost Jade Pool. Perhaps he could even find a chance to break through to the peak of Foundation Establishment in the Frost Jade Pool.

“How about this, you stay in Dongan for now. After I’m done with my work, we’ll head out for the Frost Jade Pool.” Lin Feng continued after thinking for a while.

He still had a few things to take care of first before he could set out again. Furthermore, before he left, he had to leave behind a genuine treasure, only then would he be able to ensure the safety of Zhang Wanrong and the others.

Up until now, because he had already created protective talismans for Zhang Wanrong and his mother and adding that he had been delayed by a few things, he did not have the time to use the jade stones to create a true protective movement jade for them and their mother. He took this chance to create an even stronger magic jade for each of them.

Before he left, he still wanted to go back to see his mother. After his rebirth, he had been busy raising his strength, and now, it was time to go back to see his mother.

“Alright, Master Lin.”

Master Peng replied respectfully.

He didn’t know why Lin Feng wanted to go to the Frost Jade Pool, but facing the orders of a Cultivation Master, he didn’t dare to refuse at all.

… ….

Leaving the hotel, Lin Feng returned to the villa on the mountain that the Luo Family gave him.

There were spirit gathering arrays set up here, so the speed of cultivation was definitely twice the result with half the effort.

Furthermore, Zhang Wanrong had already been successfully convinced by him to move here, so there was naturally no need for him to continue staying in the Eastern Flower Country.

“I’m back. Why is it always so late these days?”

It was almost 10 in the night and Lin Feng had just finished his training. Zhang Wanrong opened the door with a tired body and threw off her pair of tall and thin heels, then walked step by step towards Lin Feng with her bare little feet.

“En, there have been a lot of things happening in the company recently. The business has been developing very quickly, so I can only work overtime. Otherwise, it won’t be possible at all.”

Zhang Wanrong sat down while leaning on Lin Feng, she placed her tired legs on the tea table and bent her legs, gently pinching the position of her ankles.

On the white and delicate skin here, one could faintly see a patch of green.

“Wake up?”

“I accidentally twisted it when I was coming down the stairs.”

“Let me help you ma.s.sage it.”

Lin Feng said, without saying a word, he pulled the lady’s jade legs up, and gently placed her on his lap.

Zhang Wanrong simply did not have time to reject, and could only shyly turn her gaze to the side.

“Soft, slippery, and elastic!”

Her skin was as tender as jade and had an unprecedented smoothness and softness to it. In her trance, it was as if she was being blown by an infant’s skin, causing her to become elastic.

Amidst the s.e.xiness, there was also a seductive restlessness.

“So beautiful!”

Lin Feng secretly sighed in his heart while the immortal elements gushed out and wrapped around Qing Yu’s body.

“Hmm …”

Zhang Wanrong felt a warm current wrap around the naked part of her feet, bringing about a kind of comfort and relaxation she had never felt before. It was as if all the pores on her body, over a hundred thousand of them, were opened, and she couldn’t help but let out a soft moan.

When she finished speaking, she realized that she had lost control of herself. She sneaked a peek at Lin Feng before lowering her head with a flushed face.


A light moan exploded in Lin Feng’s mind, just like the most violent poison, causing his entire being to become extremely impulsive.

After a long while, he let out a deep breath and regained some peace.

The strength of the immortal elements, was able to restore Luo Zicheng’s sense of smell. In a few seconds, Zhang Wanrong had completely recovered within a few breaths of time.

After chatting for a while, the shy Zhang Wanrong made an excuse and left.

Lin Feng looked at the lady’s back and could not help but laugh, until her back completely disappeared from his sight, then retracted his reluctant gaze.

… ….

Time pa.s.sed by very quickly. In the blink of an eye, two days had pa.s.sed.

In just two days, it was enough for all the strong experts of the Southern Hunan to gather a certain number of High quality jade.

In the evening, these people started to arrive one by one, bringing in seven or eight High quality jade, for a total of one hundred and fifty yuan.

Late that night, Lin Feng worked overtime to carve the magic jade, all the work ending at noon on the second day.

“Alright, it’s finally over!”

“Huff …”

The carving of the magic jade, was extremely taxing on his energy and immortal elements. After a dozen of hours, Lin Feng had almost used up all the immortal elements in his body and he was so tired that he almost fell flat on the ground.

Other than making a Body Nourishment Jade for each of them, he also made another ten or so. He planned to give these to his mother, Wanrong, Ruoyun and the others.

Apart from these, there were still a few savings that he planned to give to his childhood friends when he went back to his hometown to visit his mother.

“Mouse, Monkey, Peng Zhan, White Snow …” We haven’t seen each other for a thousand years.

In Lin Feng’s mind, the scenes of a thousand years ago clearly surfaced one after another.

In his previous life, besides his old home’s playmates, he basically did not have any other friends. Only after entering the Dongan University did he get to know Zhou Qiang.

“After we’re done here, when we go back to visit our mother, we must get together.”

“White Snow, although I don’t know what kind of desperate situation you encountered in your previous life, you can rest a.s.sured that when I return in this life, I will definitely find out.”

Lin Feng muttered to himself, as the scene of his friends bidding White Snow farewell surfaced in his mind when he went back to visit his mother in his previous life.

At that time, he didn’t notice much, but after his rebirth, when he thought about the unique aura he felt from Snowy’s body, he already had a rough idea of what was going on.

“Hopefully, it won’t be like what I thought it would be, otherwise … No matter who it is, I will make you pay for it! “

Lin Feng’s body suddenly burst forth with an intense cold, and killing intent filled the air.


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