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“Oh yeah, take a look at the income from Wu Hao. For half of mine, go buy some high-quality jade. Remember, only the best ones are needed.” Lin Feng continued.

With the resources on Earth right now, it was really hard to increase one’s cultivation speed by much, so he had to find ways to set up some formations to increase the concentration of spiritual energy.

If he wanted to set up an array formation, then with his current condition, he would need to rely on jade to support it. The higher the grade of the jade, the better the array formation would be, so he only needed the highest grade of jade.

Although to use jade to set up the formation would have to wait until Foundation Establishment, high quality jade was extremely expensive and there weren’t many of them. If one wanted to collect enough jade, it would take some time, so it would be better to start preparing for it from now on.

Moreover, the jade that was used to support the formation would become worse as time If one wanted the formation to stay at its best condition for a long time, they would have to use new High quality jade s to replace it.

Other than that, he also needed to prepare a few High quality jade. Once his strength had recovered to a certain degree, he would be able to use them to create treasures.

“High-grade jade? Master Lin, why do you need so many High quality jade? ” Zheng Jun didn’t understand and asked carefully.

“Your task is to collect the High quality jade. Do you understand? ” Lin Feng said coldly.

“Understood, I understand.” Zheng Jun trembled violently as he nodded his head repeatedly.

This fellow swore in his heart that when he was with Master Lin in the future, he would keep his mouth shut and not ask anything he shouldn’t have.

“Since you understand, then do your job well.” Lin Feng’s tone had slightly softened.

“Master Lin, there are very few High quality jade, but don’t worry, I will do my best to collect them.” Zheng Jun swore in his heart that he would do this with his greatest strength.

He had a feeling that today was his new beginning. In the future, if he followed Lin Feng, he would absolutely not dare to even think about his future achievements.

“Alright, I’ll wait for your good news. As for the remaining matters, I’ll leave them to you.”

When Lin Feng left, the Juno quickly made arrangements. Until now, the spine of his back still felt cold air.

“Ridiculous, terrifying…”

What was even more terrifying was that he did not force his way over. Otherwise, the fate that Haoge would have been in was the same as what he had experienced previously.

“Ancient, Master Mo, let’s return as well.”

After everything had been arranged, Zheng Jun’s respectful gaze landed on Ancient and Master Mo.

What happened just now allowed him to clearly recognize the power of a martial artist.

“Money, power, and background are all unimportant.”

“I only have a pair of iron fists. That’s enough.”

In his mind, Zheng Jun thought back to the time when he wanted to take Lin Feng as his subordinate, and what Lin Feng had said before.

At this moment, he finally understood the meaning behind Lin Feng’s words that day.

What he said was right. What a powerful background. In front of absolute strength, they were nothing more than paper tigers.

“I’ve said that after this matter is resolved, I will return to my sect with my senior. Although there was an accident, it was still successful in the end. Let’s part ways here.”

The old man shook his head firmly.


Zheng Jun wanted to try and persuade her, but the moment he said those words, he was firmly interrupted:

“Don’t say anything more. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can come and find me.” But I think, with the Master Lin in the future, you won’t have the time to use this old one. “

“Alright!” Zheng Jun knew that he had made his decision, he sighed helplessly and did not persist.

… ….

After Lin Feng left the private box, he immediately wanted to leave, but just as he was pa.s.sing by the private room, he suddenly saw a familiar back, causing his footsteps to suddenly stop.


At this time, Zhang Wanrong had clearly drunk too much wine, her cheeks were flushed red, and she was intoxicated. Her body leaned against a pillar on the outside of the corridor, crumbling.

Lin Feng hastened his steps, walked forward, and took the opportunity to support Zhang Wanrong: “What are you doing here?”

“Lin Feng?” Zhang Wanrong was surprised, she never thought that she would actually meet her husband who had no real name.

“Why do you drink so much?” Lin Feng channeled immortal elements into Zhang Wanrong’s body, causing him to become much more clear-headed.

“It’s fine, it’s just a matter of social interaction with the company.” Zhang Wanrong forced out a smile.

Ever since the company’s crisis had been resolved, she had been partic.i.p.ating in all sorts of social events. This girl only had one thought in mind, she wanted to get the company that had experienced the crisis on the right track and stabilize it.

Tonight, this Boss Zhao was in the jade ore business. If they could reach an agreement, the jade that the company needed would be provided with a steady supply. It was precisely because of this that she had accepted the other party’s toasts repeatedly.

She could feel the condition of her body. If she were to drink another cup of wine, she would definitely become unconscious.

“You haven’t had a good rest recently, so you’re not in a good condition. Let’s call it a day for today’s social interaction. Come back with me, rest early and take care of your health. “

Lin Feng looked at his wife, whose name was unknown, with a face full of love:

“I know that you must have come to attend this gathering for the Xinghe Group. Don’t worry, when I, Lin Feng return in this life, I will definitely not let the past repeat itself. I will guard the Xinghe Group with you because I know that this is the only spiritual support you will have in your life. “

In his previous life, he already knew that Wanrong rarely attended social gatherings, let alone drank wine. This time, not only did he partic.i.p.ate in social gatherings, he even drank so much alcohol because of the company’s matters.

Although the Xinghe Group’s internal crisis had been resolved, there were still a lot of things that needed to be done urgently. Otherwise, it would have a fatal impact on the future of the entire Xinghe Group.

After Wanrong’s parents left, what they left for Wanrong was only the enormous Xinghe Group. He was very clear that Wanrong had to endure through all these years of suffering and tiredness by herself, but Wanrong did not care about all of this. This was Wanrong’s mental support.

“I …”

Facing Lin Feng who had suddenly become so considerate recently, Zhang Wanrong was still not used to it. She opened his mouth to say something, but when he said that word, he did not know what to say.

At this moment, the door to the private room with the numbers’ Earth ‘was violently pushed open. A middle-aged man shakily held onto the door as he looked over and shouted,

“Miss Zhang, Director Zhao is asking you to go in. Hurry, do you still want to talk about the business? “

Zhang Wanrong quickly turned around, “I’m going back now.”

“Hurry up.” The middle-aged man shouted once more as he turned around and walked back into the private box.

“Go back, I still have business to discuss.” Zhang Wanrong said as he pushed Lin Feng back into the house.

“I’ll accompany you.” Lin Feng understood her stubborn nature and followed her in without explanation.

At this time, Zheng Jun had just returned from sending the two off, and just as he returned to the private box area, he saw Lin Feng standing in front of a private room’s door that had a number of words on it, and then, he pushed open the door and walked in.

“Juno, where is Master Lin going?” A follower of Zheng Jun’s asked curiously.

“He probably has friends here.” Zheng Jun thought about it.

“Since that is the case, Juno, do you want to go and greet them?” The trusted underling continued.

Zheng Jun thought for a while:

“How about this, you go and prepare a few bottles of superior wine, I’ll deliver them myself later.”

… ….

Inside the room, when Boss Zhao saw Zhang Wanrong walking in, a vulgar smile once again appeared on his face.

After Lin Feng entered the room, his face immediately stiffened.

“Who are you? Get out. ” Boss Zhao glared at him and berated him harshly.

His plan was very simple. After getting Zhang Wanrong drunk, she took the opportunity to have some wonderful things happen. The other people in the private box were also cooperating extremely well as they toasted. However, she never expected that after Zhang Wanrong left for just a moment, she actually brought back such a young man.


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