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In the battle between Lin Feng and the Bleeding Flame Horse, the latter was still constantly going berserk.


The Bleeding Flame Horse roared in anger, filled with unwillingness.

Originally, it thought that one mouthful of flame would be enough to swallow Lin Feng. It never thought that the flames it spewed out, from start to finish, would not cause the slightest bit of harm to Lin Feng, not even the slightest bit.

“Roar! Roar!”

The Bleeding Flame Horse roared unwillingly, and each time, it became even more berserk.

After repeating this ten times, the curtain of fire that he spat out had reached its limit. Under these circ.u.mstances, it was still unable to swallow Lin Feng, causing it to become somewhat confused.

“You’ve reached your limit so quickly. It looks like I can only help you!”

Lin Feng said with a faint smile as he slowly narrowed his eyes.

The flames were getting wilder and wilder, and the tempering effect of the body was also getting stronger and stronger. However, there was still a gap in the training process of the Inferior Grade Five Elements Immortal Body to its maximum.

“Void Burning!”

Lin Feng roared as his palms burned with golden flames.

“What a strong golden flame!”

The Bleeding Flame Horse was not angry, but instead happy. In her eyes, there was an uncontrollable excitement.

“Huala …”

Opening his mouth, a thick stream of flames once again gushed out.

This wave of flame did not directly sweep towards Lin Feng. Instead, it turned into a vortex of flame that engulfed the golden flame that was ignited from the center of Lin Feng’s palm.


Lin Feng was very clear about the Bleeding Flame Horse’s motive, and with a light laugh, he pushed his palm forward.

As the overflowing golden flames shot out, it actually dyed the entire sky red in an instant. The Bleeding Flame Horse could vaguely see the overflowing flames shooting out of its mouth.

“Bang, bang bang …”

The raging flames spewed out from the Bleeding Flame Horse’s mouth finally collided with the thick golden flames that shot up to the sky from Lin Feng’s palm.

Two streaks of fire that reached the heavens intertwined together. The curtain of fire seemed to cover the entire sky. As far as the eye could see, everything was enveloped in a monstrous fiery light.

The plants and flowers that were growing out of the life force were all burnt to ashes. Even the stones on the ground were burnt into countless pieces. The ground was cracked and cracked, as if it was a dry field.

“Tss tss …”

After about ten minutes had pa.s.sed, the fire that soared from Lin Feng’s palm to the sky started to slowly fall into a disadvantageous position.

After a few minutes had pa.s.sed, the flames that had shot up into the sky had been completely engulfed by the flames spewed out by the Bleeding Flame Horse.


Monstrous flames spat out from the Bleeding Flame Horse’s mouth, and after swallowing the golden flames that shot into the sky from Lin Feng’s palm, the power that exploded out from the flames became even stronger.

Compared to before, the power of his aura had increased by nearly half.

“This is bad…”

Bai Xiangfei, Bai Yu and more than a dozen disciples of the Frozen Soul Sect all fell into a panic when they saw the golden flames being devoured.

After engulfing the golden flames that shot to the sky from Lin Feng’s palm, the curtain of fire that covered the sky started to burn even more intensely. Even the temperature released from the curtain of fire was even more violent than before.

The difference between the two was extremely great. If the curtain of fire before the Devouring Gold Flame was considered capable of burning down flowers, plants, and trees, then the curtain of fire after the power of the Devouring Gold Flame was enough to melt steel.

“Master Lin, quickly dodge it!”

“This fire screen is too strong, much stronger than before!”

“Looking at the situation with the fire curtain, after absorbing the golden flames, it has become even stronger. Master Lin you have said before, Bleeding Flame Horse use the ability of swallowing ten thousand flames to make a living, and use it to increase their own strength. Therefore, you must not continue to compete with the other party in fireworks! “

Bai Xiangfei and his group, after coming back to their senses from being absent-minded, hurriedly shouted incessantly.

At the same time, their bodies also violently backed up until they were a kilometer away. Only then did they let out sighs of relief.

The flames after devouring the golden flames were truly too terrifying. If they were to continue standing on the spot, the mere temperature emitted by the flames would be enough to burn them.

“Un, not bad!”

Facing the even more terrifying overflowing flames and everyone’s urgent shouts, Lin Feng did not display even the slightest hint of panic.

He already knew that the golden flames released by the Void Flame would not be able to contend against the flames spat out by the Bleeding Flame Horse. The reason for doing this, was just to let the Bleeding Flame Horse devour the golden flames, so that it could release even more terrifying flames.

Only in this way would he be able to make use of this opportunity to rely on his unceasingly increasing flames to refine the lower tier of the Eternal Body Realm’s Body Level to its peak with a single sentence.


With the enhancement of the golden flames, the flames reached their maximum speed. In the time it took to take a breath, it had completely engulfed Lin Feng.

“Bang, bang bang …”

Lin Feng’s body was once again engulfed by the flames’ power that had risen in strength, and actually began to emit loud sounds.

A moment later, when the monstrous flames subsided, cracks had already appeared all over his body. His entire body was like the zombies of the apocalypse. The cracks on his body were constantly leaking out dark red blood. It was simply impossible to look straight at.

“Master Lin’s flame controlling abilities are indeed strong, but compared to the Bleeding Flame Horse, it is still lacking a lot.”

One of the Frozen Soul Sect disciples sighed regretfully.

“Looking at Master Lin’s current situation, my physical body probably cannot withstand the power of the flames anymore!”

Another disciple took a deep breath with lingering fear.

“Using fire to attack, a Bleeding Flame Horse that can swallow tens of thousands of flames to raise its strength, is definitely the most unwise move of Master Lin. The original firework had not harmed him, but now … “Sigh!”

Another disciple helplessly sighed.

“Amongst us, the strongest is this Master Lin. If even he is unable to deal with the Bleeding Flame Horse, all of us would probably die here today.”

“F * ck, I feel really depressed today. First I encountered the mutated Steelfang Tiger, then I finally retrieved the inner core and completed the trial. After I left, I encountered an even stronger Bleeding Flame Horse!”

The other Frozen Soul Sect disciples shared the same thoughts.

Originally, they had walked out from Lin Feng’s flames time and time again. They had even happily thought that Lin Feng was only teasing the Bleeding Flame Horse because he was really able to take care of it.

Who would have thought that the final result would be like this?


The Bleeding Flame Horse finally revealed a trace of excitement, and amidst its furious roar, a monstrous fire was spat out once more.

Lin Feng did not care about the cracks that appeared on his body and continued to release the Void Burning Technique, which was a top-tier immortal technique. Using a berserk golden flame, he poured it into the fire curtain that was spewed out by the Bleeding Flame Horse, increasing the power of the fire curtain.

This streak of fire interweaved with the flame that had shot out before, converging into an even more terrifying curtain of fire.

“Boom …”

Above the curtain of fire, terrifying auras exploded out. Wherever they went, even the air was incinerated. In such a large area, it seemed as if the heavens and the earth were all in a vacuum.

After Lin Feng’s body was once again devoured, his body exploded with even more terrifying cracks. By the time the golden flames had retreated, his entire being had become unable to look straight at it. His swarthy body was riddled with wounds and wounds, completely devoid of any trace of his original appearance.


At that moment, the flames spewed out from the Bleeding Flame Horse’s mouth once again swept across the sky.

Just like a fire dragon opening its mouth, in a breath, it had almost swallowed Lin Feng within.

“Come at me!”

Faced with such a situation, Lin Feng was not alarmed, but instead happy. He continued to infuse more golden flames, in order to increase the power of the flames spewed by the Bleeding Flame Horse.

When the flames disappeared, his entire body would be in an even more miserable state.

Third time, fourth time, tenth time.

The eleventh time, the twelfth time, the twentieth time.

Just like this, every time the flames that blotted the skies pa.s.sed by, Lin Feng’s body would become even more miserable. He had always turned a blind eye to this, and continued to inject more and more golden flames, increasing the power of the Bleeding Flame Horse’s flames.

This cycle continued all the way until the tempering of the fleshly body reached an extreme before finally coming to a stop.

“My fleshly body has already been refined to the peak of perfection. There’s no point in further tempering it.”

Sensing the changes in his body, Lin Feng nodded his head in satisfaction.

After he finished speaking, without waiting for the monstrous fire to disperse, he slowly stepped forward.

“Devouring ten thousand flames is just an exaggeration!”

Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed, and said word by word, ice-cold:

“Heavenly Flame!”

After which, a cl.u.s.ter of raging blue flames appeared on his palm.

The might of the green flames was unprecedented, as if this was the king of all flames, even if the Bleeding Flame Horse flames were supported by the golden flames, they would still submit in front of it.


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