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Rebirth: Immortal Emperor Returns is a web novel completed by Bu Fan.
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Lin Feng controlled the two types of flame and ignited them at the same time.

The blue colored heavenly thunder fire in the palm of his left hand and the red colored red colored lotus flower flames in the palm of his right hand had already blended together into one wisp of azure red colored flame the instant it was ignited.


The strength of the merged ‘Heavenly Flame’ increased exponentially.

Under the refinement by the ‘Heavenly Flame’, threads of the immortal treasure’s essence swarmed out like flowing water.

Refining the pellets and extracting the immortal treasure’s essence was only the first step. Next, he would need to use the immortal treasure’s essence to materialize the pellets.

At Lin Feng’s current realm, although the power of the strange fire he was able to release was far weaker than that of his previous life, it would not be that much weaker when compared to his previous life’s strength when it came to controlling the strange fire.

Under the familiar control, the immortal treasure’s essence extraction was completed very quickly. Holding his breath, Lin Feng started to wholeheartedly refine the pill.

One hour, four hours, six hours.

After a full six hours, threads of the immortal treasure’s essence had finally condensed into form.

The Dragon and Tiger Breaking Barrier Pill had been formed!

“The pellet is complete, the magic treasure has already been refined long ago, and after using other immortal medicine immortal treasure s to refine some pellets, you can go back.”

After making up his mind, Lin Feng started to use the Immortal medicine he found in the storage treasures of the three FiendG.o.d Domain Warriors to refine other pills.

Of those that had recovered their physical injuries and immortal elemental energy, the most precious one was the one that could coordinate with the forbidden arcane and release a great amount of power that surpa.s.sed the current realm.

… ….

Three days later, Lin Feng completed the refinement of all the medicinal pellets.

After leaving East Sea Sh.o.r.e, Lin Feng stepped into the air and returned to the villa on the mountaintop.

After gathering the four of them in the living room, he took out a magical treasure and began to refine it.

With his guidance and help, the four of them were able to swiftly refine the Dharma treasures. In just a short span of two hours, each of them had refined two low-rank treasure grade treasures.

“Mom and Dad, Wanrong, Ruoyun…”

“Next, I will use this pill to push your cultivation bases into the Gold Core.”

As Lin Feng finished speaking, he took out the four Dragon Tiger Barrier Breaking Pellets and carefully advised once more,

“Using the power of the medicinal pellets to forcefully raise one’s cultivation level is extremely dangerous. “Remember, do not be distracted, or else your efforts will be wasted. If you suffer any backlash, you will be in great danger.”

The four from Linnaeus nodded their heads seriously: “Don’t worry, we understand.”

“Alright, let’s begin.”

After Lin Feng finished speaking, he began to put the four Dragon Tiger Barrier Breaking Pellets into his parents’ group at the same time.

Afterwards, he helped his parents to guide and refine the medicinal pills, as well as a.s.sisting the Dharma Protectors on the side. Like this, the process of refining the medicinal pills came to an end.


After the pill refinement was completed, the four people of Linnaeus stepped into the early stage of the Aurous Core stage at the same time.

Zhang Wanrong and Xu Ruoyun, because of their innate const.i.tution, had directly reached the peak of the early stage of the Aurous Core Stage. From today onwards, they would be able to quickly break through to the early stage of the Aurous Core Stage with just a bit of cultivation.

Powerful energy fluctuations radiated out from the four of them. In just an instant, the four of them felt as if they had merged into a part of the world. This was the power of the land deities in the Aurous Core stage. They could already use their own powers to control the world and borrow the power of the heaven and earth to unleash even more powerful forces.

“Is this the power of an Earthly Immortal expert? I can feel that every cell in my body is br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy! “

The four people of Linnaeus were extremely excited.

Feeling the enormous power that filled their bodies, excitement and excitement filled their hearts. The four of them could not control themselves and wanted to explode.


“Bang, bang bang …”

Outside of the villa, the four of them punched their fists together, and sounds of explosions rang out continuously. The deafening roar was like a fighter jet that had broken through the speed of sound and was flying at a very low alt.i.tude.

Along with the loud sound, the fist force wreaked havoc in the empty s.p.a.ce. The moment it shot up into the sky, a huge hole exploded in the ground wherever it went. It was as if there was a vortex in the air that could be clearly seen.

In a trance, even the entire purple bamboo mountain slightly trembled along with it. If it were not for the protection of the magical formation in the villa on the mountain peak, the devastating impact would be enough to turn the entire villa into ruins.

“With the early stage of the Jindan Stage, in addition to the two low-rank treasure s as well as the various talismans that have different types of effects, even if it’s against the experts from the The FiendG.o.d Domain of the Void, under the Yuanying Stage, there’s no need to worry much.”

Lin Feng nodded his head in satisfaction, he heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Helping others guide and raise their cultivation was a very taxing task. Even if it was just one person, it would still be difficult to deal with.

It was fortunate that he had relied on his previous life’s experience to deal with all four of them at the same time. If it were any other person, they might have been exhausted before they were able to endure.

“Gudong, gudong …”

Retracting his thoughts, Lin Feng extended his arms out, and when he opened his mouth, all the hundred thousand pores on his body opened up.

As he breathed and relaxed his pores, streams of rich spiritual energy from the five elements and the spiritual energy of the world continuously entered his body.

However, after a short span of ten breaths, the beads of sweat on his forehead had completely disappeared. Replacing them was his entire face that was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy.

This was why the Five Elements Immortal Body was so powerful. It was able to freely convert between the five elements’ spiritual energy and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, allowing one to use the shortest amount of time to restore a lacking body.

“Master Lin, Gu Bei is here to see you.”

At this moment, a voice slowly sounded.

What followed was a grey-robed old man.

“Elder Gu?”

Lin Feng frowned, puzzled.

Ever since the battle at Dragon’s Night, he did not have any interactions with this Grand Elder Gu Bei who protected the dragon race.

He didn’t know that his sudden visit today was a situation.

“Could it be…”

As he was thinking, Lin Feng seemed to have thought of something important, his eyebrows knitted together: “Did something happen to Yiteng Youmei?”

“Master Lin, you don’t have to worry. Miss Yumei is living a good life in our Dragon Guardian Tribe.” Gu Bei stepped down and shook his head.

“It’s good that you’re fine.” Lin Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

“Master Lin, I came here this time for a very important matter.”

“What is it?”

“The Heaven Gate is open.” Gu Bei’s face became gloomy.

“When?” Lin Feng’s face darkened.

“According to the fluctuations of the Heaven Gate’s power, it should be in the next few days.

Beneath Gu Bei’s solemn expression, was an uncontrollable anxiety:

“Master Lin, I know you have some conflicts with one of the top ten sects, Mysterious Sky Sword Sect. That’s why I came here early to inform you. “

“With the nature of your kunqi-deficiency, when the Heaven Gate opens this time, Mysterious Sky Sword Sect’s Elder Luo Hao will definitely personally exact his vengeance. As for you, you must make preparations for this early on.”

Lin Feng nodded heavily: “I understand!”


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