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Rebirth: Immortal Emperor Returns is a web novel completed by Bu Fan.
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Time pa.s.sed quickly and in the blink of an eye, it was already morning of the second day.

After Bai Yu brought Lin Feng out of the tent, they casually made up a reason to hide Lin Feng’s ident.i.ty.

No one had any doubts about Bai Yu’s words, even if he was an inner disciple of the Ice Soul Sect. The ten great sects would banish a few disciples outside to collect information or other matters. Therefore, it was quite normal for people from the same sect to be unfamiliar with them.

“There seems to be a strange aura in the crowd.”

In his previous life, Lin Feng had fought with the alien Sky Demon Clan for more than a thousand years.

Also, due to some special reasons, he had a very deep understanding of the foreign Sky Demons.

Standing within the crowd, he inadvertently felt a type of special aura that was faintly discernible. While he was in a trance, he actually carried a similar feeling to the Sky Demon Clan of the foreign lands.


With the strength of Lin Feng’s current realm, even though it was only peak of Jindan, his divine will was strong enough to rival a pract.i.tioner at the perfection-stage of the Nascent Soul Stage.

With the release of his spiritual will, the situation of the ten great sects, which had hundreds of strong pract.i.tioners, was clearly seen by Lin Feng one by one, yet they were not aware of it.

“Hua, hua, hua …”

A faintly discernible unique aura would emerge from time to time. It was extremely weak, as though it was a light breeze that could be ignored.

Unfortunately, when Lin Feng wanted to carefully capture it, this unique Qi would immediately disappear without a trace.

No matter how hard Lin Feng tried, he couldn’t pinpoint the source of this special aura.

“This encirclement will definitely not be as simple as what the Imperial City Announcement says.”

“Maybe there will be an unexpected turn of events!”

Lin Feng thoughtfully narrowed his eyes. Though he was not clear as to the source of that special aura, he did not know who it came from.

However, it was almost certain that that special aura was inextricably linked to the foreign Sky Demon Clan’s powerful concealment technique.

was the leader of the encirclement alliance among the inner sect disciples of the ten great sects.

Feng Yuan, the leader of the dozens of inner sect disciples that ancient school had sent out this time, had already reached the pinnacle of Golden Dan Perfection, and was infinitely close to the strength of the early stage of the Nascent Soul Stage.

Naturally, Feng Tao was the leader of the allied teams of the top ten sects.

“The Kunxu arrest warrant s sent by our ten great sects, I believe everyone has already received them.”

“Next, concentrate all your energy on the journey to Dragon Reaches. You must not pa.s.s by that common ant.”

Feng Yuan’s gaze swept across the crowd as he slowly spoke.

“I know. I received a message from the sect’s jade slip last night.”

“This secular Master Lin sure has some guts. He knew that our top ten sects were looking for trouble with him, but he still dared to run into the void himself.”

“The Gate of Heaven has already been closed. It will not open again for more than a hundred years. Next, it will be time for us, the top ten sects in the Quintessential Void Sect to catch a turtle in a jar!”

“Capture that secular Master Lin and let him know the outcome of provoking our ten great sects. “There are not many forces in the Qing-Yun Realm that dare to oppose our top ten martial inst.i.tutions. He, a mere common mortal ant, dares to act so impudently?! He truly has the guts of a thief!”

Hundreds of experts from the ten great sects laughed coldly.

Even though Lin Feng had killed Inner Elder Luo Hao, Kun Xu was a transcendent and secular existence. So much so that every single one of the void people were used to being high and mighty in front of the common strong people.

Even if the strength that Lin Feng revealed was more powerful than everyone present, they were still used to seeing him as an ant in their subconscious.

However, no matter how many hundreds of Union Power s from the ten great sects racked their brains, they would never imagine that Lin Feng, who was sent out by the ten great sects as one of their Kunxu arrest warrant s, had already blended into their small team.

“Everyone, according to the rest of the journey and the speed we’re traveling at, we’ll reach the vicinity of the Dragon Reaches in a day’s time at the most.”

“Otherworldly Sky Demons are extremely cunning. We must be even more careful during this trip. No matter what, we must not fall into their ambush.”

Feng Yuan opened his mouth once again, interrupting the crowd’s discussion with a cold snort.

This time, his words became extremely serious, and even his eyebrows were knitted uncontrollably.

“Huff …”

Along with Feng Yuan’s voice, the other experts among the hundreds of experts also sank into a depression they had never felt before.

The alien Heavenly Demons were all cunning, even though according to the Imperial City announcement, the alliance of several hundred experts from the ten great sects like them was enough to completely exterminate the alien Heavenly Demons that had appeared in Dragon Mountain Valley.

However, who knew if all of this was actually the smoke bomb deliberately released by the alien Sky Demon Clan.

“Let’s go!”

Feng Yuan took a deep breath and gave the order.

A team of hundreds of players majestically headed towards Dragon Mountain Valley.

A day’s time pa.s.sed quickly. When dusk arrived, Feng Yuan had already led a encirclement and annihilation alliance of hundreds of people and rushed to the vicinity of the Wolong Valley.


Sensing that they had already arrived in the area covered by his spiritual will, Feng Yuan signaled for them to stop.

The remaining ten kilometers was only a short time for them.


As they stopped in their tracks, hundreds of people’s telepathic thoughts covered the sky as they rushed towards Dragon Mountain Valley.

Unfortunately, a layer of dense black mist had appeared above the sky of Dragon Mountain Valley today.

This kind of mist had a very strong effect on spiritual will. Even the strongest amongst the hundreds of people, Feng Yuan, was unable to send his spiritual will through the black fog to penetrate inside.

“What’s the situation like?”

Unable to peep with their spiritual will, everyone turned their gazes to Feng Yuan in antic.i.p.ation.

He could only hope that the strongest amongst them would be able to see it with his Divine Sense.

At this time, Lin Feng laughed in disdain. Even with his powerful Nascent Soul stage telepathic thoughts, he was unable to penetrate the black mist and peer into Dragon Valley. How could it be possible …

“No way!”

Facing the expectant gazes of the crowd, Feng Yuan shook his head gloomily.

“What?” Even your spiritual will is unable to spy on me … What should I do? “

Everyone subconsciously tensed up.

“Our ten great sects absolutely cannot shrink away from the royal family’s mission.”

“I only hope that the situation in Dragon Mountain Valley is exactly the same as the royal announcement.”

Feng Yuan’s voice was very soft, as if he was mumbling to himself.

After he finished, he sighed helplessly.

The ten great sects were indeed powerful, but in front of the royal family, they were nothing. The whole of Kun Xu, was governed by the royal family. If they were to run away from this battle, not only them, even the sects behind them would be implicated as well.

Therefore, even if they knew about the unforeseen event in Dragon Mountain Valley, they could only bite the bullet and rush in.

… ….

For the rest of them, they would only need a short period of time to travel the last ten kilometers.

Yet now, they had actually walked for a full two hours.

As they looked at the entrance of the Wolong Valley that was already in front of them, although everyone had some fear in their hearts, they could only continue to step forward.

At this time, Lin Feng’s voice suddenly sounded:

“Wait a minute!”


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