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Read Rebirth Of A Fashionista: This Life Is Soo Last Season Chapter 212 – The Second Male Lead’s Scenes

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Cen Jin’s sudden interjection caught Sheng Jiaoyang by surprise. She didn’t know why he wanted to keep Lin Yan here.

Lin Yan smiled at Cen Jin.

Gu Zhou cast a meaningful glance at Cen Jin. Based on his understanding of Cen Jin, he naturally knew what the latter had in mind.

“Jiaojiao, you must be mentally prepared,” Cen Jin abruptly stated.

Sheng Jiaoyang was stupefied. “What kind of mental preparations are you talking about?”

“As I said this morning, we’re going to find a new person to play the role of the second male lead, and we’ll certainly find a handsome young man according to your request. I think that we’ll be able to find one soon. At that time, your intimate scene will be put ahead of schedule,” Cen Jin replied.

“We have to go back to the city to shoot that scene, right?” The intimate scene was supposed to be filmed in the next month or two, so Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t understand why Cen Jin suddenly brought this up.

“There’s an intimate scene?” The smile on Lin Yan’s face instantly diminished.

“How could the female lead not have any intimate scenes? Weren’t there quite a few kissing scenes in Jiaojiao’s latest drama ‘Redeeming My IGD Boyfriend’?” Cen Jin revealed.

Lin Yan looked at Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Those were all shots done by borrowing the camera angles,” Sheng Jiaoyang explained.

Cen Jin raised his eyebrow and said, “It’s different in movie production. In order to stay true to the script and let the audience have a sense of immersion, most of the intimate scenes are real shots, just like kissing scenes. It’s impossible for actors to borrow the camera angles. Besides, shots done by borrowing the camera angles always lack pa.s.sion and tension.”

“We aren’t allowed to borrow the camera angles?” Sheng Jiaoyang was also stupefied, because the last time she’d acted in a drama, all the kissing scenes were taken like that. Thus, she had the impression that the intimate scene could also be done by creative camera angles.

“You should’ve been ready for this the moment you decided to pursue acting. No, to be exact, you should’ve mentally prepared yourself the moment you stepped into the entertainment industry,” Cen Jin responded.

Lin Yan’s furrowed brows gradually tightened.

Sheng Jiaoyang also felt a bit of headache. Her first thought was not how to adapt, but how to explain to Shen Zhining if she acted in an intimate scene with a fellow co-actor.

“Jiaojiao, for everyone in an acting school, the first lesson definitely isn’t how to act, but how they should let go of themselves and face each role calmly. But, you don’t have to overthink a so-called intimate scene. After all, we aren’t shooting a third category movie, so the scale of intimacy isn’t that much,” Gu Zhou explained in an attempt to calm her nerves.

Cen Jin also added, “A’Zhou is right, our intimate scene is just to show the pa.s.sion and affection between the couple. In fact, it’s just the same thing.” He didn’t dare to scare her anymore. If he scared this young girl away, he’d have no choice but to cry when the time comes.

“Then, you have to pick a man who’s pleasing to the eye!” Sheng Jiaoyang said it earnestly this time. Although they make it sound so easy, the intimate scene must be more than just ordinary physical contact. It seems that she must be ready to risk everything for the sake of acting.

“Jiaojiao…” Lin Yan softly called out.

“It’s alright, Lin Yan. If I couldn’t overcome a difficulty like this, I wouldn’t have stepped into this industry.”

Lin Yan closed his eyes, concealing his hidden thoughts.

“Truthfully speaking, although Qin Fengyi isn’t trustworthy, he does have the looks, and it isn’t easy to find someone who’s more handsome than him. Jiaojiao, you may need to make do with it when the time comes,” Cen Jin sighed.

“Ye Fan is also good-looking, his looks aren’t any worse than Qin Fengyi’s. There’s also Qi An, Gao Yizhi, Wu Tianyi, and so on. I know these few and there are still many more handsome actors in this industry, so how could we possibly not find a suitable one?” Sheng Jiaoyang wasn’t swayed that easily.

Gu Zhou teased, “Jiaojiao, I didn’t expect you to know so many people.”

“As you know, the second male lead doesn’t have many scenes, and our movie isn’t a commercial film, so the remuneration isn’t that high. Those big names wouldn’t consider this role, and Qin Fengyi only took on this role because he wanted to make use of this opportunity to star in a big-screen production,” Cen Jin lamented.

“Aren’t there lesser-known stars who’re willing to take on this role? This isn’t a commercial movie, so you don’t need a celebrity with a huge fanbase. Besides, you already have a big name like Brother Zhou acting as the male lead, so you don’t need to worry about the viewers.h.i.+p.” Sheng Jiaoyang was unwilling to give up.

Cen Jin and Gu Zhou looked into each other’s eyes, the joy in their eyes visible.

Cen Jin coughed and said in a deadpan manner, “There are stars who’re lesser-known, but to find a star that is lesser-known and equally handsome…they’re either too inexperienced or lacking in skills. This isn’t a training cla.s.s, so I don’t want to find someone who I have to train step by step before he can get the job done. Besides, some people may not be able to take up the post even after they’ve been trained.”

“Does the candidate need to be someone from the entertainment industry?” Lin Yan, who’d remained silent all this while, suddenly asked.

“If there’s no such requirement, those who have the ability should raise their hands!” Cen Jin answered.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned to Lin Yan with a questioning look. “You…”

“How about me?” Lin Yan looked at Cen Jin and asked.

Those who’d been watching from the sidelines perked up their ears to hear Director Cen’s answer.

“Lin Yan, you don’t have to do this. I’m going to continue acting after this movie, and there may be a lot of intimate scenes in the future. You can’t possibly take on every scene, and you don’t have that much time either. Besides, you’ve never acted before…” Sheng Jiaoyang wanted to persuade Lin Yan to give up on this idea.

However, Lin Yan interrupted her and asked, “How can you be so sure that I can’t act if I hadn’t even tried it yet? Time isn’t an issue as I’ve got a lot of time on my hands lately. ”

Sheng Jiaoyang was about to say something when Cen Jin, who’d been waiting for the fish to take the bait, hurriedly said, “Then, let’s give it a try.”

“I thought that Mr Lin was the most suitable for Ou Yang’s role at first sight. After all, you’re rich and handsome. Your good looks are totally off the chart and match Ou Yang’s profile perfectly. With a handsome boyfriend like you, the female lead will naturally feel conflicted and struggle inwardly while contemplating giving up the good life in the city to live in the mountains. After all, it takes courage and determination to give up such a handsome and rich man.”

“Haha, considering that there are three good-looking leads in our movie, I’m willing to pay to watch it in the cinema even if it’s a literary film.”

Cen Jin nodded in agreement and the staff members who were optimistic about Lin Yan discussed amongst themselves.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Lin Yan and felt somewhat powerless in the face of his gentle smile.

“Yes, that’s the exact expression I want to see. When you act later, just keep that look in your eyes.” Cen Jin suddenly raised his hand and pointed at the two of them as they looked at each other.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned to look at Cen Jin, somewhat astounded.

“What are you staring at me for? Just remember the way you looked at each other just now. You have to make that exact expression, so you must remember that feeling from earlier,” Cen Jin urged.

Sheng Jiaoyang was feeling even more helpless this time. She didn’t even know what expression she’d made when she looked at Lin Yan earlier.

“Considering that Mr Lin doesn’t have that much time on hand, we’ll adjust your scenes and shoot them here in advance,” Cen Jin stated.

“Thank you.” Lin Yan nodded in acknowledgement.

As soon as the rain ceased, the crew immediately started getting ready to shoot the scene where Ou Yang came knocking at Chen Xi’s door.

Ou Yang walked into the village with a smile on his face and saw Chen Xi holding Zhang Pojun’s hand, showing off their affection in front of the villagers. He was surprised and angry as he hurriedly called out to Chen Xi. He then straightforwardly asked, “Why are you with Officer Zhang?”

Chen Xi had previously told the villagers that Zhang Pojun was the clerk of a work unit. Ou Yang’s one sentence had stirred up a hornet’s nest, and realisation dawned on the villagers immediately. They rushed forward and tied the three of them up before locking them in a room. They were going to wait for everyone to discuss the matter before deciding on how to deal with them.

In the first scene, they had to shoot Ou Yang entering the village and all of the changes in his expression. Cen Jin earnestly explained the scene to Lin Yan beforehand.

“When you entered the village gates, you were thinking that you’d see your beloved soon, and from then, on you’d never be apart again, so your expression was full of antic.i.p.ation and joy. However, when you arrived, you saw Chen Xi and Zhang Pojun arm in arm, leaning close to each other in an intimate manner. Seeing this, you were surprised and angry, and you felt as if your beloved had betrayed you. At this moment, your expression should reflect surprise, anger, and sadness…”

Cen Jin spoke in great detail and explained the origin of the emotions one by one. Presumably, as long as Lin Yan wasn’t suffering facial paralysis and an idiot, he’d be able to act out the scene properly by following Cen Jin’s instructions.

Sure enough, Lin Yan finished the shoot smoothly.

Afterwards, it was time to shoot the scene where Chen Xi and Zhang Pojun were showing off their affection in front of the villagers.

Sheng Jiaoyang and Gu Zhou had been working together for a while before shooting this movie, so their cooperation and tacit understanding of one another allowed them to pa.s.s this scene in one go.

This was also the first time that Lin Yan had seen her act. As he stood by and watched her being intimate with another man, his feelings coincided with those of Ou Yang’s, but he wasn’t angry because he knew that it was just an act.

Then came the scene where the villagers surrounded the three of them and tied them up with a rope before locking them in a room.

Everyone cooperated smoothly and the scene was approved after just a few tries.

In a mere three hours, the scene in which Zhang Pojun’s ident.i.ty was revealed and everyone was tied up together was approved.

However, with today’s weather, the sky darkened quite early, so they had to wrap up filming for the day. Tomorrow morning, they’d continue filming the scene where Zhang Pojun struggled free from the ropes and used himself as bait to divert the villagers’ attention.

Soon, they finished filming Ou Yang’s scenes in the mountains. Then came the scene in which Chen Xi and Ou Yang drove to the town at the foot of the mountain. Chen Xi found the rest of the squad members of the Criminal Police Organisation who were in hiding and went back with them to rescue Zhang Pojun…

In less than a week, after filming scene after scene, only one of Ou Yang’s scenes was left to shoot. It was the scene where he took Chen Xi back to the city, and then at a high-end restaurant amidst a romantic candlelight dinner, Ou Yang proposed to Chen Xi. However, Chen Xi put on the ring with perplexed feelings.

In order to seize the moment and wrap up filming Ou Yang’s scenes, the entire crew hurried back to F City after filming the scene in the town. They borrowed a private room in Cirrus Cloud Restaurant to shoot the proposal scene.

With everyone’s cooperation, the scene was arranged very quickly.

Sheng Jiaoyang put on evening makeup, and her hair was styled into a curly shoulder-length hairstyle. She then donned an off-the-shoulder long dress, revealing her beautiful collarbone.

Lin Yan wore his own suit and sat there like a n.o.ble and handsome prince.

He stared deeply at the girl sitting opposite him, who appeared a little distracted. Even though it was just an act, he became somewhat excited at the thought of asking her to marry him.
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