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Read Rebirth Of A Fashionista: This Life Is Soo Last Season Chapter 290 – Venting

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“Come in.” Zhuo Yiyan stood on one side of the door and opened it.

Feeling doubtful, all of them entered the room.

“Boom!” Confetti exploded in the air and fell on them.

“Wow~” Those walking up front saw the view excitedly and rushed in.

Sheng Jiaoyang and Designer Jenny walked in last.

Sheng Jiaoyang was surprised upon looking at the interior, as it was decorated with a girly feel into what seemed a rosy world. He isn’t creating any trouble this time?

“Let us celebrate the third successful season of National Supermodel.” Zhuo Yiyan opened the champagne.

Sheng Jiaoyang clinked her gla.s.s with everyone. Afterwards, she was surrounded by contestants who wanted photos and autographs. When all that was finished, Sheng Jiaoyang did not stay any longer as she had arranged to meet with Lina. She bade farewell to them and left.

It was Paris Fas.h.i.+on Week, and Lina was fully concentrated on work. It just happened that they could meet up..

Four months had gone by since Lina’s marriage.

As a happy newly-wed, Lina’s face was glowing with happiness. Her appearance wasn’t different, but rather the aura she emitted from within.

In the past, Lina had a cold att.i.tude that kept others away. Whenever she didn’t smile, she was very unapproachable. Now, soft femininity could be seen between her brows and she looked more beautiful than ever.

“Jiaojiao, you’ve lost weight,” Lina sized up Sheng Jiaoyang when she spotted her.

Sheng Jiaoyang laughed, “I’ve been quite busy recently, it’s normal to have lost weight.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me, but if your man sees you now, he’ll be quite distressed,” Lina teased.

“What about you, you’ve just gotten married and here you are now busy with work? Why don’t you spend more time together?” Sheng Jiaoyang joked back.

“We’re different from you guys. George doesn’t have large a.s.sets like your Demon King Shen, so he has to solely rely on his hard work. It’s a pity that I have no knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry and my connections do not intersect with his. Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to see him working so hard either.”

“You’re wealthy, at least you can help him out in this aspect.”

Lina laughed and agreed. She definitely could support George in that aspect, that was why she got back into her job so quickly. Not only did George’s company require a lot of time investment, it also needed a lot of monetary investments for research, and it might not be profitable immediately. Whereas, she could earn money at a much faster rate..

“Let’s quickly finish up the meal and do some shopping. We haven’t shopped together for quite a while.”

Indeed, both of them hadn’t gone shopping together for a long time. After their dinner, they went shopping arm in arm.

Most major brands have just launched their latest collections.

“I saw this first, why should I give it to you!”

“Daisy, are you sure you can still afford this? I heard that your family has gone bankrupt, and your family is in huge debt.”

Initially, Sheng Jiaoyang was walking by the shop with no intention of entering. The shop wasn’t her style, but when she heard those words, she suddenly stopped in her tracks. Sheng Jiaoyang looked towards Lina before walking into that particular shop.

The moment they entered, she saw a few familiar faces.

Daisy, Felicia, and that red-lipped lady whose name she didn’t know.

“Daisy, where’s your suitor? You don’t have any friends now? Such a pity to be shopping alone, tsk!” It was the red-lipped lady who spoke.

The light-coloured dress still in Daisy’s hand was obviously this year’s latest collection.

“That’s none of your business,” Daisy kept a straight face, not showing any signs of weakness.

“Daisy, do you think that the Stanley Family is still the same as it used to be? Haha, don’t be ridiculous. I heard that your family is now in tens of millions of pounds in debt, even the cars and house are mortgaged, only the humans have yet to be mortgaged. Even Prince Wight has run away…”

“Shut up!” A flash of anger crossed Daisy’s face.

With an arrogant face, Felicia sneered, “Daisy, Fendi is right. You’d better stay at home now. Oh, I forgot, all your family’s a.s.sets have been mortgaged. Could it be you have nowhere to go and that’s why you’re wandering around? Poor thing.”

“Who needs your sympathy!” Daisy took in quick breaths, she clearly had endured quite a bit.

But those two wouldn’t back off, seemingly wanting to crush her using this chance.

The red-lipped lady, Fendi, said to the employee, “Why aren’t you taking back the dress? If it’s torn or dirty, she wouldn’t be able to pay for it.”

With a nervous look, the employee turned to Daisy, “Miss, this dress is the latest collection’s limited edition. If you can’t afford it, can you please return it to me?”

“Who says that she can’t afford it?”

Everyone turned towards the speaker.

“Xu Jiaojiao?” Daisy frowned, thinking to herself that another one was here to add on to the trouble.

The others, Felicia and Fendi, obviously still had some recollection towards Sheng Jiaoyang as their faces had turned sour as well.

Sheng Jiaoyang walked closer, her eyes fleeting between Felicia and Fendi and spoke with a half-smile, “Oh, the detainees are out already? Now that you’re out, you should be on your best behaviour, why are you polluting the air with your foul mouths?!”

“You!” Fendi stared at her, wide-eyed.

Felicia frowned and said, “Are you trying to offend us both?”

“Offend?” The corners of Sheng Jiaoyang’s mouth raised and slightly lifted her chin. “You guys were obviously the ones who offended me last time, and you guys haven’t apologized to me yet. I still remember.”

“Don’t be arrogant! Do you think we can’t do anything to you just because your man and Jarett are on good terms?” Fendi glared angrily at Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Right, speaking of Jarett, you reminded me of something. He previously gave me three items as an apology. Wait, let me think. Amongst those seemed to be a black gold card that ent.i.tles me to a month’s free stay at Hotel Quetrius.”

Fendi’s face darkened immediately, Hotel Quetrius was one of the many chain hotels owned by her family.

Sheng Jiaoyang laughed, looked towards Daisy and said, “I heard that you haven’t got any place to stay? Why don’t I give you this card out of kindness?”

Daisy’s face darkened. Even if she’s at her worst, she was still the prideful Miss Stanley. She spat dismissively, “I don’t want to stay at their stupid hotel.”

“Don’t say that. Isn’t your family in debt? Stay at her hotel, at least you could claim for arm or leg injuries there, right? At least it could cover a bit of the debt.” Sheng Jiaoyang said those shocking words in a light tone.

Daisy was stunned momentarily.

“How dare you!” Fendi’s face was practically twisted with rage.

“Why not? Ladies like you dare to carry drugs around without the fear of ruining your reputation. I am merely giving away a card gifted to me. What’s so wrong about that? Besides…” Sheng Jiaoyang smirked in Daisy’s direction, “I’m so close with Daisy that I’ve even gotten drunk once with her.”

Daisy squinted her eyes and managed to see through that Sheng Jiaoyang was provoking Fendi on purpose. But… she was quite glad to be able to witness it.

“I heard that Quetrius is currently in the midst of getting accredited. If the hotel sees some blood now, hah, oh no. I suddenly really wish to see this. Anyhow, my family can’t get back to where we originally were and it’s meaningless to live on. Finding a place to head to the heavens isn’t a bad idea either,” Daisy said with a sneer.

Fendi was frightened by Daisy’s words.

“You guys go ahead and scare Fendi all you want. I don’t believe that the living would choose to take their own lives.” Felicia b.u.t.ted in the conversation.

“You guys know that my family is now in a huge mountain of debts, so much that we probably can’t repay in this lifetime. Death would be much less stressful,” Daisy replied calmly.

Felicia choked, and Fendi’s face had turned darker.

“Oh no, Daisy. Why are you so pessimistic? Why don’t you enjoy life a while more before considering to die?” Sheng Jiaoyang walked towards the clothes rack, her fingers running through the clothes hung there, seemingly very relaxed.

Lina had followed Sheng Jiaoyang in and had been observing from the sidelines. She silently watched as her Little Sun crushed them.

Daisy, on the other hand, was speechless. You were the one who proposed suicide, and now you’re asking me why I’m being so pessimistic? What are you trying to do?

Sheng Jiaoyang turned around and smiled widely, facing everyone while her eyes fell on Felicia and said, “I just received another card as well. It’s a VIP card from a Michelin three-star restaurant which I forgot the restaurant’s name, something with rica in it. It’s said to not only give a 50% discount but also allows you to keep tabs.”

“Daisy, before you die, shouldn’t you treat your stomach nicely too?” Sheng Jiaoyang smiled at Daisy.

By now, Felicia’s face was the same colour as Fendi’s.

“You have a point. So are you planning to give the VIP card to me?” Daisy looked at the other two ladies whose faces were fuming in rage.

“Why not? Anyway, they are nothing to me.”

“Wait,” Felicia spoke.

“What? Do you have a better suggestion?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked calmly.

Fendi had the urge to go up and scratch up her arrogant face. If not for the people backing Sheng Jiaoyang, she would not have endured this at all.

Felicia couldn’t even contain her elegant composure, and asked coldly, “What else do you want? Don’t push your luck. We’ve already compensated you for what happened previously. If you want to use it to blackmail us, we will not stay put.”

“Blackmail? I’m obviously doing a kind deed here, how did it become blackmail? Daisy has come to the point that her spending ability for a piece of the dress has been questioned. Her life is quite meaningless indeed.”

“Stop the nonsense, what do you want?” Fendi asked, irritated.

“I’ve only had a drink with Daisy and I gave her an accommodation and restaurant gift cards. You girls have known each other for so long, yet you’re not showing some concern? Daisy loves this dress so much, and you guys are just here trying to s.n.a.t.c.h it from her. Aren’t you forcing her into a corner?!”

The topic had returned.

Felicia and Fendi’s eyes met, both obviously understood Sheng Jiaoyang’s intentions, which was to get them to pay Daisy’s bill.
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