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Read Rebirth Of A Star: Another Day, Another Drama Chapter 147

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Chapter 147 – You Dare Say You Don’t Love Me? (1)

When Lan Jinyao got home, she immediately locked the door. Fu Bainian stood in the living room in his suit, watching her movements. When Lan Jinyao had finished taking her bath, she walked into the living room and looked at Fu Bainian’s actions; he was seemingly still planning to go out. Seeing this, she rushed up in front of Fu Bainian and fiercely glared at him.

“Where are you going? You said that you’d stay home tonight.”

Lan Jinyao felt that, at this moment, she was like a sorrowful deserted woman, racking her brains to keep her husband for the night.

“I’m not going anywhere; you can go and get some rest!” Fu Bainian rarely showed such a gentle expression these days, so Lan Jinyao felt even weirder when he said that.

Lan Jinyao glanced at Fu Bainian, then sat down on the sofa, seemingly as if she was going to keep watch over Fu Bainian. “Go take a bath first, I’ll wait for you here; I’ve got something to tell you later.”

Lan Jinyao had made up her mind. Those words must be said today, and she believed that everything would be all right eventually.

Fu Bainian stared at her for a while before walking into the bathroom. He then saw that his pyjamas were placed in the bathroom and that the hot water was already prepared. Soon after, Lan Jinyao noticed that Fu Bainian was taking his sweet time in the bath and thought: He’s taking way too long in there!

When Fu Bainian finally dawdled out of the bathroom, Lan Jinyao saw him walking towards the guest room. Back then, when Fu Bainian had asked her to move in, the guest room was always locked, leaving only the sofa and the s.p.a.cious master bedroom as options.

At that time, she’d felt that it was unjust, so she chose to make do with the sofa.

However, now she’d adopted Fu Bainian’s manner, locking the guest room and holding the key tightly in her hand. Fu Bainian continued to search the spot where they usually kept the keys, yet he still couldn’t find it. He then stopped in front of Lan Jinyao and eyed her suspiciously, faintly asking, “Where’s the key to the guest room?”

Lan Jinyao feigned ignorance and asked in response, “Are there any guests coming to stay over tonight?”

Fu Bainian then understood that she’d hidden the key, and he raised his eyebrows at her. “You hid the key?”

Lan Jinyao put her hands behind her back and stared at Fu Bainian with her head held up high. She stubbornly answered, “That’s right, I’ve hidden it, what about it? There’s the master bedroom, yet you want to sleep in the guest room. That’s so humble of you, Fu Bainian!”

In fact, now that she thought about it carefully, she found herself quite humble too. If it was her past self, she reckoned that she would’ve made herself scarce long ago. Besides, she was never one to regret her actions. Yet, now she was unable to let go; she’d fallen in love with this man, so she could no longer give up on loving him.

Fu Bainian clenched his teeth and said, “That’s right, I’m very humble; now give me the key!”

The key was hidden in Lan Jinyao’s hand behind her back. Fu Bainian noticed it at a glance and reached out to grab the key from her. Lan Jinyao stubbornly refused to give him the key and would push him with her hand from time to time. She obviously didn’t use a lot of strength, but Fu Bainian suddenly groaned.

Lan Jinyao thought that she’d touched the side of Fu Bainian’s arm. There must be a wound there.

“What’s wrong?” She stared at Fu Bainian with a burning gaze.

At this instant, Fu Bainian’s expression became somewhat unnatural, and he even deliberately dodged her gaze.

Lan Jinyao suddenly stood up and forcefully asked, “What’s going on? Your hand is injured, right?”

Fu Bainian remained silent and didn’t fight with her over the key anymore; he went straight to the master bedroom and lay on one side of the bed. Lan Jinyao quickly followed suit. When she saw him lying on the bed, she quietly started to lift his sleeves. However, her movements were detected by Fu Bainian, who quickly pushed her hand away, not letting her touch his arm.

“You’re injured!” Lan Jinyao was even more certain of this now. “Quickly let me take a look.”

Fu Bainian frowned and avoided her. When he saw that he couldn’t dodge her anymore, he simply reached out and pulled her into his arms to prevent her from doing anything else.

“Fu Bainian, just let me take a quick look, alright?” she softly pleaded.

Lan Jinyao believed that she vaguely understood why Fu Bainian had been acting weird lately. He didn’t come home and always pretended to be cold towards her. He’d hurt his arm, so he’d deliberately kept her in the dark about this. He even went through that act with Yin Yun just to anger her.

Lan Jinyao felt that she must’ve guessed correctly, but she had to find a way to confirm this.

Although she was in Fu Bainian’s embrace, her hands weren’t restless at all. She then found an opening and reached out to touch his arm.

“Let me take a look. I promise that I won’t be sad, alright?”

Fu Bainian hadn’t seen her acting this coquettish before, so he became momentarily soft-hearted, and didn’t use much strength to restrain her anymore. He let Lan Jinyao lift up the sleeves of his bathrobe to reveal the gauze wrapped around his arm, giving off the strong smell of medicine.

Since he’d taken a bath earlier, the edges of the gauze were somewhat soaked. Lan Jinyao stared at the dark red bloodstain on the gauze, and her eyes reddened a little. She asked in a m.u.f.fled voice, “You were planning to go to the hospital earlier to change the bandage, right? You were afraid I would discover it, so you stayed in a hotel these days, isn’t that so? But, how did you get injured?”

She asked these several questions in succession, her voice filled with heartache. But, Fu Bainian just remained silent. He then used his free hand to pat her on the back, gently comforting her as he answered, “It doesn’t hurt, so don’t worry.”

Lan Jinyao suddenly remembered that after Fu Bainian had come back from his business trip, he’d checked-in at a hotel and didn’t return home. He was still fine before he went on his business trip, so she estimated that he’d gotten injured when he was abroad.

At this moment, feelings of self-remorse surged, almost flooding her heart. It turned out that Fu Bainian was avoiding her because he was worried about her feeling sad, but she kept threading her way through a blind alley and almost couldn’t get out.

“Fu Bainian, it was because of you that I was so upset before. You have to admit your mistake!” she eloquently stated, but her eyes were still red and on the verge of tears.

Fu Bainian complied and softly said, “I’m sorry, but at that time, I couldn’t tell anyone.”

“Why couldn’t you? Am I not the person closest to you?”

Some people say that a married couple had the closest bond on earth; they were people who joined hands and grew old together. Even parents and children couldn’t compare with this level of intimacy. Lan Jinyao didn’t understand. When Fu Bainian encountered such situations, why did he always want to bear everything alone?

She could clearly be there for him and share his burdens.


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