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Rebirth Of A Star: Another Day, Another Drama is a web novel completed by Smiling Fish Kaka, 微笑鱼卡卡.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 66 – Sowing Dissension (4)

A few seconds ago, Fu Bainian was still whispering words of love in Lan Jinyao’s ear, saying that she was the only one he liked and that he wanted to have a baby with her.

And now, Xu Jin’ge was whispering in her ear, telling her: If Fu Bainian really loved you, then he wouldn’t have told me your secret. That devastating secret of yours can make you lose your standing in an instant!

Lan Jinyao’s thoughts were so chaotic that it seemed like many bees were buzzing around in her mind, letting her see bursts of flashbacks. Her mind was constantly replaying Fu Bainian’s and Xu Jin’ge’s words.

At this moment, her heart was utterly confused.

Xu Jin’ge covered her mouth and laughed; laughing so hard that even her body started shaking.

“Chen Meimei…oh, no, it should be Lan Jinyao!” uttered Xu Jin’ge. She then looked around and upon seeing that no one would be able to hear her, she continued, “I couldn’t comprehend it at first. I knew how much Fu Bainian hated that fatty, Chen Meimei, and nearly all of Blue Hall Entertainment knew that too. So, how could he suddenly fall in love with Chen Meimei? It would be impossible, unless…the person he liked was actually someone else.”

Lan Jinyao’s expression remained calm and collected, but her hand under the table instantly tightened. She lowered her head to keep Xu Jin’ge from seeing the current emotions running through her eyes.

Lan Jinyao felt a sharp chill run down her spine. That chilliness then ran along her limbs and filled her heart with a burst of coldness.

“No one knows this secret, right?” Xu Jin’ge then leaned towards her ear and softly added, “Bainian personally told me this last night as proof that he didn’t like you!”

After hearing all that, Lan Jinyao loosened her clenched fists. She raised her head and smiled at Xu Jin’ge, who had a smug look on her face. “You said that Fu Bainian doesn’t like me, and to prove this to you he didn’t hesitate to make up such a ridiculous lie. Then, let me ask you, why would the almighty Great President Fu pretend to like me just to deceive me?”

Xu Jin’ge calmly replied, “Since you’ve asked, I’ll tell you why. Firstly, because Aunty likes you, Bainian wanted to be a good son and fulfil his filial piety. Secondly, it’s because of your parents’ achievements abroad. Did you really think that Fu Bainian only owned Blue Hall Entertainment? Of course not! He’s also involved with the pharmaceutical and consumer goods’ market, and the Lan Family will be a good stepping stone for him to enter the market overseas.”

Lan Jinyao’s expression finally changed, but she was an expert at acting.

“Xu Jin’ge, this lie would only deceive children. I didn’t expect for you to believe it too.”

No one knew just how fl.u.s.tered her heart was at this moment. She’d witnessed just how deep Fu Bainian’s feelings were towards her. Some time ago, he’d even asked her for a divorce because of Lan Xin. But, what if what Xu Jin’ge had said was true? Fu Bainian didn’t actually like her, but the Lan Family behind her?

She didn’t believe it, but she couldn’t help harbouring suspicions. If Fu Bainian had really liked her for so long, then why had she never before sensed a pair of eyes always staring at her from somewhere? Why had Fu Bainian never mentioned this in the past?

All these questions seemed to point to one answer, and that was: In the past, Fu Bainian had planned all of this out, but he hadn’t been ready to execute it. However, the time was now ripe.

Lan Jinyao leisurely stood up and condescendingly looked down at Xu Jin’ge before indifferently saying, “Oh, is that so? Did you really think that I’d believe your nonsense? Since there’s still time, you ought to start thinking about your lifelong happiness and stop clinging to Fu Bainian. You should save yourself before you end up growing too old and remaining unmarried for the rest of your life.”

“You…” Xu Jin’ge’s expression instantly changed upon hearing this.

Lan Jinyao swept her a glance before turning around and leaving.

Five minutes later, Xu Jin’ge, who was still sitting there, abruptly laughed.

“Haha, that Lan Jinyao was unexpectedly quite difficult to deal with as even what I’d said was unable to frighten her. However, no matter how strong a person is, they’ll eventually let the cat out of the bag.”

Although Lan Jinyao had looked calm earlier, Xu Jin’ge, as an actress herself, understood the smallest changes in facial expression. Just now, she didn’t miss Lan Jinyao’s minute change in appearance in that split second. Unexpectedly, there really was a different person in Chen Meimei’s body! This was truly unfathomable. No wonder her Brother had said that Chen Meimei wasn’t the same as before. She’d finally managed to attain results after so many days of observation.

With this secret in her hand, she doubted that things would remain so harmonious between Fu Bainian and Lan Jinyao!

She immediately dialled Fu Changning’s phone number.

“Hey, Changning! I’ve been quite busy filming the past few days, so I didn’t have any time to hang out with you. I happen to be free at the end of this month, so I’ll treat you to a meal when the time comes!”

“No problem, it’s just clothes! I happen to have a members.h.i.+p card for that store, so you can buy as much as you want on me. Hmm, okay, let’s settle for that then, bye!”

After hanging up the phone, Xu Jin’ge revealed a complacent smile.

Later that afternoon, Lan Jinyao wasn’t in a very good mood. Every time she acted with Xu Jin’ge, that woman would smile at her without reason like a psychopath. Take now, for example…

“Cut! Jin’ge, you aren’t supposed to laugh here; you ought to be angry! Angry! Do you understand?”

Alan was becoming anxious to the point where he was about to explode, and he was continually using the script in his hand to fan himself.

“Didn’t your teachers ever teach you the difference between laughter and anger when you were in school? Even Chen Meimei, who’s never been to an art school before, knows that. How could you not know?!”

Those words were a bit harsh, but Xu Jin’ge wasn’t angry at all. Instead, she beamed a smile at Alan, and adorably stuck out her tongue before softly saying, “I’m really sorry, it seems that I wasn’t in the right emotional state earlier! I’ll concentrate better right away.”

“She got scolded like that, yet she was still able to laugh. I’m afraid that in this entertainment circle only Xu Jin’ge is capable of that. I heard that someone saw President Fu’s car this morning. Could it be that he’s here for Xu Jin’ge? If that’s true, then all of this makes sense.”

Upon hearing the staff members whispering to each other nearby, Lan Jinyao’s heart felt increasingly heavy. She knew why Xu Jin’ge was laughing, and that was because she’d turned managed to the tables in her odds for one round.

Alan loosened his furrowed brows and impatiently said, “Let’s do it once more! If it doesn’t work out this time, then I suggest you go back to school and study acting and art again.”

This was already the third time, so anyone would start feeling impatient by now. Not just Alan, even the rest of the staff present had begun to feel a little frustrated. It was just that they didn’t dare say anything because of the difference in status.


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