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Read Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor! Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Seduce

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Considering that Yun Huan did not say a word, she decided to take a few steps forward and bite her lips, her eyes focused on her target.

 “Captain Yun, I have always admired you. I wouldn’t dare to ask to be your woman, I only want to accompany you. Is that alright?”

They were very close now, Qin Yi able to smell the scent of the perfume all over Xia Cai’s body. It was very overpowering, and not in a good way.

 Qin Yi, enveloped in Yun Huan’s embrace, felt that it was all ridiculous. Xia Cai had said that she merely wanted to stay by Yun Huan’s side, not demanding anything else, but the wild ambition in her eyes was clear to all.

 She admired Xia Cai, to a certain extent. She was dressed in such thin clothes in such cold weather, all to achieve her goal. She had stolen a glance at Xia Cai before and noticed that she was only wearing an attractive bra.

 Although she had an outer jacket on, it could not cover everything. This was even more brazen than wearing a bikini.

 How could the current Xia Cai merely wish to stay by Yun Huan’s side? Qin Yi was glad her head wasn’t fried from the fever yet.

 Yun Huan glanced at Xia Cai coldly, those narrow eyes not relenting a bit.. His eyes did not reveal a hint of surprise or amus.e.m.e.nt, only disgust.

 Xia Cai pursed her s.e.xy lips and watched as he wrapped his hand around Qin Yi, tightening his hold on her further. He replied indifferently to Xia Cai, who was looking at him in antic.i.p.ation, “Scram.”

 Yun Huan’s tone was extremely gentle, but it caused everyone to become fearful. Lin Qing and the rest knew that their Boss was truly infuriated now.

 Xia Cai felt a stifling suppression envelop her, causing her to gasp for breath. She never thought that she would ever fail to move Yun Huan.

 Xia Cai frowned, not planning to give up just yet. It was her last chance, since they were leaving tomorrow. With the situation between both teams, it would be impossible for them to reconcile.

 This was her last opportunity and she would not give up. Not yet. She was already here and did not believe that Yun Huan would be unfazed.

 Xia Cai clenched her teeth and slowly took off her outer jacket. Lin Qing and everyone else were around, even the young man she hated, but she had no other choice. Obtaining Yun Huan would be worth a little sacrifice.

 Xia Cai covered her snowy twin peaks in embarra.s.sment, the act of trying to cover herself making her even more alluring.

 She slowly opened her mouth, and with an extremely sweet voice designed to make one weak, said, “Captain Yun, Xia Cai is willing to be yours.”

 Upon hearing the rustling noises, Qin Yi frowned. Xia Cai was actually willing to go all out for Yun Huan, even with his five light bulbs here. She dared to strip herself!

 Lin Qing and the others were frowning as well, quickly turning around. This girl was truly giving it her all, to dress so skimpily during such cold weather.

 Xia Cai was delusional to think that Yun Huan would be moved. She had absolute confidence in her figure. After all, her past suitors were unable to endure this technique of hers.

 But our dear Yun Huan was the one to disappoint Xia Cai. He had seen women ten times more attractive than Xia Cai, the sight of their naked bodies in bed considered the ultimate seduction, but he remained uninterested, even feeling disgust.

 Yun Huan dropped his head, placing his arms under Qin Yi and carrying her away. He did not even want to talk to Xia Cai.

 The sudden suspension in air made Qin Yi grab onto Yun Huan’s neck. At this time, she realized that their actions were too intimate, not something she was used to at all.

 Yun Huan, however, did not feel any sort of discomfort and grabbed onto Qin Yi’s legs as though he was holding a child.

 When he sensed Qin Yi was struggling, he loosened his grip on her, and patting her on the back, whispered, “Don’t fall, hold onto me tightly.”


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