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Read Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor! Chapter 191

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Chapter 191: I Want That Too

Qin Hanmo knitted his brows, “Jiaojiao, what happened? You can tell me anything, but you need to eat. How else is your body going to take care of itself?”

Qin Hanmo was a little worried. Qin Jiaojiao had always been weak, weighing merely one kilogram when she was born. The doctor had even said that she might not live if she wasn’t properly cared for. A frail and weak little sister like Jiaojiao reminded Qin Hanmo that she must always be well protected.

“Why should I eat this? I don’t want to! Second brother, how can they have such delicious porridge while we only have dry sandwiches? We’re a team yet they’ve isolated us in this way, they… they’re bullies!” Tears started streaming down Qin Jiaojiao’s face, her stubborn little face breaking Qin Hanmo and Zheng Zhong’s hearts.

Both of their attention was completely diverted by Qin Jiaojiao, remembering that Gao Yuan and the others had isolated the three of them. In fact, Qin Jiaojiao wasn’t wrong. They felt that they were isolated by Gao Yuan and the rest indeed!

But what could they do about it? There were only three of them, they couldn’t possibly deal with a dozen people.

Qin Hanmo wiped Qin Jiaojiao’s tears as his heart ached, “Jiaojiao, don’t cry anymore, there are many supplies for this mission. I’ll make some delicious food for you when we return, alright?”

Qin Jiaojiao was unsatisfied – that bit of food was insufficient, the meat so little, and they had to give half of it to their mother. How much would be left for her?

Qin Jiaojiao didn’t say anything but looked aggrieved. Then she nodded, but still refused to eat the sandwich.

This made Qin Hanmo very anxious. What was he going to do! His younger sister didn’t want to eat anything, but he didn’t have any other food with him. Qin Hanmo had a major dilemma.

Zheng Zhong’s heart was aching too, trying to come up with a solution. “Why don’t I go over there and ask Big Bai if he could give us a bowl of porridge? I’m familiar with them and they couldn’t possibly reject me. I can’t let Jiaojiao suffer, no matter what.”

Zheng Zhong stroked Qin Jiaojiao’s slightly round face and felt that this little person was still quite skinny.

Qin Jiaojiao rubbed Zheng Zhong’s hand, her watery eyes very moving and seductive; Zheng Zhong was slightly mesmerized.

“Big brother Zheng Zhong, you’re the best,” Qin Jiaojiao said to Zheng Zhong gently.

Zheng Zhong was a young and strong chap; it was also his first taste of love. When he saw Qin Jiaojiao admire him this way, his eyes darkened. If this wasn’t a public place, he would have pounced on her already.

Zheng Zhong coughed dryly, then walked over to Lin Bai.

Lin Bai was trying to convince Qin Yi to eat more, and even though he was initially doubtful about Qin Yi’s ident.i.ty, he truly treated Qin Yi as his younger brother. Seeing that he refused to eat, he was somewhat worried, “Yiyi, eat more! Is it not to your liking? Do you want me to ask Deng Baoping to make some more food for you?”

Chu Mohe leaned over her as well and licked his lips, “En en, Yiyi, eat more. This porridge is not bad, you need to eat more in order to get well.”

Du Ruan looked at his own bowl, then handed it to Qin Yi reluctantly, “Benefactor, I’ll give mine to you. Eat more.”

Qin Yi’s heart warmed up. Their care and concern towards her made her ice-cold heart warm up slightly, “Alright, I’ll eat more.”

Lin Qing quickly finished his porridge, then brought Qin Yi’s bowl of porridge over. He cast a flirtatious glance towards Qin Yi, saying, “Here, your servant shall feed you.”


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