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Read Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor! Chapter 556 – Ancestral Hall’s Secret

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Chapter 556: Ancestral Hall’s Secret

What was weirder was that there was a crowd at her door staring straight at her.

The village chief was standing in front too, and his face was nasty. She could even see the fire in his eyes!

Yang Jindi felt a chill run down her spine. Others may think that this old thing was a kind old man, but she knew how ruthless he truly was.

“Village chief, why are you guys here?” Yang Jindi spoke up, immediately realizing that her voice was very hoa.r.s.e. She moved, about to stand up, when she noticed that the bottom part of her body felt very strange.

She took a glance down there and suddenly screamed. This- What’s going on?! Why did she and w.a.n.g Qiang-

As her memory slowly came back, Yang Jindi’s face turned pale.

‘I’m doomed! I’m doomed! What am I going to do now?!’

The village chief’s old face drooped down, and his murky eyes made him appear very gloomy.

Qin Yi glanced at the village chief, the corners of her lips slightly raised. Her black hair was reflecting the light rays from the sun and she raised her brows.

She hadn’t expected that a little village like this would be so complicated.

“Pack up and go to the ancestral hall,” the village chief said as he walked away.

After the village chief left, the crowd exploded once again.

She’s going to the ancestral hall, ah!

They built this ancestral hall when they first came to the village, and the village chief had said that a village cannot be without rules and punishment. Anyone who made a mistake must go to the ancestral hall.

But this ancestral hall wasn’t a great place, and those people who went there usually could not escape death.

It was actually quite odd… People who went to the ancestral hall were merely punished by being made to kneel there for days, but they always ended up getting sick when they came out, dying from the illness.

Although the village chief had said that they were only accidents, the people still found it unbelievable.

Yang Jindi looked at the sympathetic gazes coming from the crowd, completely unconcerned. Since she had something that could be used against him, she would like to see him dare to mess with her.

She didn’t bring it up in the past, knowing that she’d become a thorn in the village chief’s side if she did. She didn’t want to use this against him unless it was absolutely necessary, but it seemed like she didn’t have any choice left.

Qin Yi rubbed her chin and smiled. She didn’t expect her accident to actually make a big boss mad, not knowing what sort of secrets were hidden in this little village.

The village’s ancestral hall was not open to the public, but that didn’t matter to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi leisurely climbed on the roof. This ancestral hall was a tile-roofed house, so Qin Yi found a good spot and took one of the small tiles out, allowing her to see everything occurring inside the ancestral hall very clearly.

Strange… What secrets would there be in this ancestral hall?

Inside, the village chief fiercely glared at Yang Jindi, asking, “Yang Jindi, do you know what you’ve done wrong?”

His gaze swept around, and his tone was unpleasant, demanding, “Where is that adulterer? Why isn’t w.a.n.g Qiang here?”

Yang Jindi wasn’t afraid of the village chief at all, replying, “He didn’t have to come. I came here to tell you that you can’t keep us in the ancestral hall.”

“I can’t? Who do you think you are?” The village chief’s face darkened, no hint left of the kindness that Qin Yi had seen last night.

“I’m a n.o.body, but Gu Cheng, you wouldn’t want others to know about this ancestral hall’s secret, would you?” Yang Jindi raised her brows and looked at the village chief confidently.

“What do you know?” Gu Cheng stood up instantly, his face menacing, making his wrinkled old face look like that of a devil from h.e.l.l.

Qin Yi was on the roof, lazily basking in the sun when her phoenix eyes lit up— ancestral hall’s secret?


In the ancestral hall, a negotiation was ongoing.

“I know everything Gu Cheng, so you better not force me. I may not be able to keep your secret if ‘m afraid.”


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