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Read Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor! Chapter 99

Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor! is a web novel completed by The Glass Pearl.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 99: Concern

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Before she could say anything, Yun Huan pulled her into his embrace. He extended his hand and placed it onto Qin Yi’s forehead, checking her temperature.

 Yun Huan’s fingertip was cold, bringing a moment of comfort to her scalding forehead as she moved forward and rubbed against it slightly.

 This subconscious movement mimicked a cat acting coquettishly. It was extremely adorable and made him want to care for her delicately.

 Yun Huan sensed the heat from his finger and all of his rage disappeared. Holding onto Qin Yi, he frowned and asked, “Why do you suddenly have a fever?”

 “Ah, Yiyi has a fever. Weren’t you fine when we left? Why do you suddenly have a fever? Let me take a look.”

Lin Qing, who was about to sit back and enjoy a good show, heard Yun Huan’s words and immediately hurried towards them.

 The sky was dark as Lin Qing raised the torch in his hand and tilted it towards Qin Yi.

 Yun Huan shifted his position and blocked the majority of the light. This allowed Lin Qing and the others to see Qin Yi but prevent the intense glare from falling into Qin Yi’s eyes.

 Lin Qing moved over and confirmed that Qin Yi’s face was red. Qin Yi’s beautiful phoenix eyes were blurry and flushed crimson.

 The current Qin Yi was extremely captivating, while Lin Qing felt extremely glad that the young man was extremely powerful, otherwise he would have been in danger.

 Lin Bai and the others rushed forward and were stunned when they saw Qin Yi in Yun Huan’s embrace. However, they were extremely strong people and quickly regained their senses and expressed their worry for Qin Yi.

 Chu Mohe extended his small hand and touched Qin Yi’s forehead with tears in his eyes, “Yiyi, it won’t be painful anymore. My touch will make the pain go away.”

 This was the method his older sister had taught him, and he hoped to help Yiyi feel better.

 Lin Bai did not have the usual smile on his face as he spoke up after some contemplation, “It seems that Yiyi is falling sick quite frequently now. His body doesn’t seem to be in the best shape, we need to pay attention to it.”

 Du Ruan looked at Qin Yi solemnly, “Benefactor, rest easy. You will recover soon.”

 Qin Yi heard their words of concern and felt warmth spread through her heart. These were her comrades and she did not make the wrong choice.

 She moved, wanting to live Yun Huan’s embrace, but did not expect him to hold her even tighter than before. She no longer struggled, allowing him to hold her.

 Qin Yi’s lips twitched as she gave them a comforting smile, saying, “I’m fine, I just got a little cold. I’ll be fine in a few days.”

 Yun Huan brushed aside strands of hair that covered the youth’s eyes. Seeing the thin jacket on the youth’s body, his handsome face became unhappy.

 Taking off his jacket, he placed it on the youth. The oversized jacket made Qin Yi look even smaller and weaker.

 Yun Huan frowned and looked at Qin Yi in reproach, lecturing her, “Why don’t you dress warmly or with more layers? You’ll definitely get sick with that on.”

 Qin Yi laughed, “Seeing as you guys weren’t back, I rushed out in a panic.”

 At that point, Qin Yi suddenly recalled Yun Huan’s words. She didn’t know what had happened but it was her first time seeing Yun Huan act so cold.

 Qin Yi was pondering over this when she saw a figure walk over to them very slowly.

 Qin Yi saw the person’s appearance with the aid of the light.

It was Xia Cai! Why would she be here?

 When she saw what Xia Cai was dressed in, Qin Yi suddenly laughed, then frowned, looking at Yun Huan with interest.

 Yun Huan saw Xia Cai and his handsome face darkened further. He cupped Qin Yi’s face, turning it into his embrace, and prevented her from seeing Xia Cai.

 Xia Cai trembled and looked at Yun Huan pitifully, begging him, “Captain Yun, I truly admire you. Even when we first met, I had already fallen for you. I wouldn’t dare ask to be your woman, I only want to accompany you.”


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