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Read Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter Chapter 213 – Pretending to Be Crazy Due to Helplessness, Shui YouLian’s Hatred

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Read WebNovel Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter Chapter 213 – Pretending to Be Crazy Due to Helplessness, Shui YouLian’s Hatred

Chapter 213 Pretending to Be Crazy Due to Helplessness, Shui YouLian’s Hatred

“Xiaojie, that Shizi is so preposterous! You can’t marry him! So shameless! How can there be such a n.o.ble lady? She’s not even comparable to a geisha!” Nanny Lou was furious to death as she angrily scolded.

“There’s no need to get mad with such sc.u.m.” Zi You stood up. She felt relaxed, as if she had shaken off unwanted baggage.

Although she had gotten engaged to the slag male just to dissolve the engagement and discredit him, she still didn’t want people to say that she was Duke Yongnan Shizi’s fiancée. It was great now. From now on, she would have nothing more to do with him.

She would only make him wish that he was dead to avenge the hatred from her previous life.

At Shui YouLian’s Yinlian Ju, before Zi You entered the courtyard, she heard the wails inside. “Give me my child…… Give me my child back……”

The voice was filled with endless grief. Zi You instantly thought of her child who died in her stomach.

After her rebirth, she rarely remembered her child who had tragically died, as if the child had never existed. But at this moment, Zi You remember that Shui YouLian had once said, “I don’t want to follow Laoye back to take up his post and live those fearful days. I’m pregnant now. I have to think for my child’s sake.”

A small crack couldn’t help but appear in Zi You’s stone heart. She lost a child too, so she could understand this heartbreaking pain. This child was Shui YouLian’s lifeblood.

Zi You knew that Shui YouLian had never loved Mu YingRui. Everything she did was to repay Zi You for her kindness in saving her from the fire pit.

So, after she had her child, she had no intentions of competing for favor so she could protect her child and live her life safely and peacefully.

However, these people had to even deprive her of this humble hope. They were really heartless!

When Zi You walked inside, a glimmer of light clearly flashed in Shui YouLian’s eyes, but it was soon extinguished.

She sat quietly in bed and held a pillow, as if the pillow was her precious son. She lovingly shook it and coaxed softly, “Hui’er, mother’s baby. Baby……”

Zi You’s gaze gradually darkened. She waved her hand. Shiyun immediately drove out the two maidservants next to Shui Yiniang.

The two maidservants didn’t really want to leave, but they were forcefully dragged out by Haiyun and Shuiyun. “Xiaojie is going to examine Shui Yiniang. Don’t disturb her.”

Zi You went over and took the pillow out of Shui YouLian’s hands. She placed it on the bed and took her into her arms. She didn’t disdain her unkemptness or her unpleasant sour stench. She hugged her and whispered, “I know that you’re not crazy. You’re waiting for me to come back and seek revenege. So, you suppressed all your tears in your heart. You can cry now.”

Shui YouLian hugged Zi You and cried silently.

She didn’t make a sound, but her silent wailing was even more heartbreaking. She suppressed her voice and her whole body shook like falling leaves in the sad wind and cold rain……

After a very, very long time, she choked out, “Hui’er was smart…… Clever and cute. Even he…… He said that Hui’er…… was more talented than Qingheng Shaoye. But he…… He let that…… malicious woman kill my son!

“He clearly knew that…… It wasn’t Qingyuan Shaoye’s fault. It’s that malicious woman’s fault. But…… But he…… just let this matter go. Xiaojie, avenege me! Avenge your brother!”

Shui YouLian’s voice was very low so it was a little hoa.r.s.e, but one could feel her boundless hatred. Especially when she mentioned the malicious woman and “him,” she gnashed her teeth. She apparently hated them to the extreme.

Zi You nodded and said clearly, “Don’t worry. I will find a way to make them pay for what they did to you, my brother, and the countless people who were killed by them! But how do you that it’s that malicious woman who harmed my brother?”

Shui YouLian wiped her tears and said angrily, “Hui’er is dead. I’m sad, but I’m not crazy. I secretly snuck out at night to take a look at the lotus pond. There were plants in the lotus pond where Hui’er fell in. If the plants didn’t wrap around Hui’er’s leg, he might have not have drowned so quickly.

“Also, someone had poured oil near the lotus pond. Although the oil was cleaned when I went there, I still felt soybean oil on the edges of the soil. If something didn’t happen to Hui’er that day, then something might have happened to Qingyuan Shaoye.

“They just wanted to kill two birds with one stone. It will be great if Qingyuan Shaoye drowns. If Qingyuan Shaoye doesn’t drown, then…… my Hui’er will drown and Qingyuan Shaoye will take the blame.

“Xiaojie, they’re too vicious. Hui’er was his son too…… He also kissed him before. How can he bear it……”

Shui YouLian’s tears started flowing down again. She wiped them off and bent down to lift up the shabby and dirty carpet. She removed a tile and took out a booklet. She handed it to Zi You and said, “This is a ledger of him taking bribes and bribing his superiors when he and I were in Quanzhou. At that time, he didn’t have his guard up against me, so he left all the private transactions for me to manage.

“I fell out of favor afterwards and he took all the accounts away. But he doesn’t know that I kept one. I know that he’s a fickle and and unjust person. He personally named this courtyard and wrote the signboard. As a result…… I don’t blame him for being fickle towards me, but let that woman hurt my son. I will never forgive him!”

“Why do you believe in me?” Zi You looked at the ledger and couldn’t help but be touched.

Shui YouLian looked sympathetically at her and shook her head. “If you weren’t forced, why would you send me to him? When he was slapped by your mother’s ghost, I knew that you couldn’t endure it anymore.”

Shui YouLian was smart, but she still didn’t manage to escape from w.a.n.g Yiping’s scheme. There was only one explanation: Her servants were bribed by w.a.n.g Yiping.

Sure enough, before she could ask, Shui YouLian said, “The servants in the first household knew about her scandal, so they were gradually sold. When Lao TaiYe and Second Laoye left to pacify the rebellion, she sold or beat all of them to death.

“My original maidservants were forcibly married off. My two current maidservants are from her side. I was vigilant, but I didn’t expect that she would have bribed Hui’er’s nanny too. Hui’er went out with that nanny that day. I didn’t expect that she actually……”

“Where’s that nanny now?” Zi You asked.

“Dead!” Shui YouLian replied resentfully. “Did she think that that malicious woman would let her off? That malicious woman could even kill her own nanny, not to mention other people. Do you know what happened to Yenhong and Liulu? They were treated as gifts and sent by her to Imperial Tutor She as tongfangs.”

So that’s what happened. Zi You nodded understandingly. She said, “You have to pretend to be crazy for a bit longer. You……”

Zi You leaned over and whispered to her. Then she said to Shiyun and Moyun, “Call those two maidservants inside.”

The two maidservants were bought brainwashed by w.a.n.g Yiping, so of course they wouldn’t take good care of Shui YouLian.

Zi You wanted to demonstrate her authority to these two maidservants and essentially show off to the servants whom w.a.n.g Yiping had just bought. This would also be a slap in w.a.n.g Yiping’s face. w.a.n.g Yiping would suffer, but she wouldn’t be able to voice it.

The two maidservants were brought inside. They looked at Shui Yiniang leaning against the bed and ravenously eating the food that Shiyun was feeding her.

Zi You was sitting lazily on a chair. The chair wasn’t very clean, so it was covered with a beautiful embroidered cushion.

The two maidservants looked at her eyes that were as deep and cold as an ancient spring, which were currently staring coldly at them. The two maidservants shivered and suddenly knelt down.

Although most of the servants in the first household were disposed of by w.a.n.g Yiping and although w.a.n.g Yiping had bribed them with kindness as soon as they entered the house, the two maidservants had still heard some things from the servants in the second household.

For example, they had heard about this Xiaojie. The servants in the second household looked awestruck when they talked about her. The two maidservants wondered how powerful a thirteen- or fourteen-year-old girl could possibly be?

But they saw Zi You now and they couldn’t help but be scared. Those eyes seemed to be able to hook their souls out. The momentum from her body made them more fearful of her than Mu YingRui.

In fact, Zi You’s voice was beautiful and she also spoke very gently. But the two maidservants were still nervous and scared.

“How long have you two been serving Shui Yiniang?” Zi You slowly sipped tea and asked very leisurely.

The two maidservants stammered, “More then twenty days.”

Zi You poured the hot water from the teacup onto their heads. She snapped, “Are you two dead? It’s been more than twenty days, but look at how dirty this room is. Although Shui Yiniang is ill, she is still my father’s concubine. You two slaves cannot neglect her. Look at how dirty she is. You can smell the sour stench from far away. Do you not have noses? If so, Shuiyun, go cut off their noses.”

The four first-rank maidservants had been learning medicine with Zi You. Shuiyun was the most courageous and often followed Zi You in dissecting mice, rabbits, and other creatures.

Shuiyun heard what Zi You said and picked up her sword to go cut their noses off.

The two maidservants were so scared that they almost lost their souls! They would rather be beaten with boards than have their noses cut off. Could girls marry if they didn’t have any noses? Their lives would be ruined.

“Spare us……” The two maidservants cried out in fear. “It’s not our fault. First Furen told us not to care about Shui Yiniang’s life or death. She’s supposed to fend for herself.”

“Yes. First Furen told us to give her some rancid rice every day. If she didn’t eat it, then we should starve her to death.”


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