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Read Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter Chapter 221.3 – Slag Male and Slag Female Punished, Shizi Proposes in Public Part 3/3

Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter is a web novel produced by Bīng Yùn, 冰愠.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

If you wanna read Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter Chapter 221.3 – Slag Male and Slag Female Punished, Shizi Proposes in Public Part 3/3, you are coming to the best place.

Read WebNovel Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter Chapter 221.3 – Slag Male and Slag Female Punished, Shizi Proposes in Public Part 3/3

Chapter 221.3 Slag Male and Slag Female Punished, Shizi Proposes in Public Part 3/3

The veterinian went to deliver the kittens. The atmosphere suddenly cooled. Shangguan LingRan (Yi He) whispered to the Empress Dowager, “Imperial grandmother, bestow the marriage.”

The Empress Dowager instantly smiled and said, “You’er, you’ve reached marriageable age already and you dissolved your engagement with that Zhao HongXiang. What if Aijia bestows a marriage on you then?”

The entire place turned silent! At this point in time, Zi You’s marriage was enough to get everyone’s attention. After all, she had an extraordinary ident.i.ty and abilities. However, her requirement made all the men feel awkward. It wasn’t that they weren’t willing to give up all the women for her, but it was because they couldn’t do so, like the Emperor, Taizi, and Third w.a.n.gzi for example.

The three of them lamented to themselves. ‘What a pity. Zhen (Benw.a.n.gzi) can give up all the women for you, but Zhen (Benw.a.n.gzi) can’t give up the world. Without those women, there wouldn’t be the support from those women’s families. It’s true that you’re a G.o.ddess, but can you let Zhen (Benw.a.n.gzi) be immortal or let Zhen (Benw.a.n.gzi) tightly grasp the world forever?’

The three of them hesitated. But it was too late!

“Shangguan LingRan” jumped out and shouted, “Imperial grandmother, your grandson is willing to marry Mu Xiaojie and not have any other women in this lifetime.”

The Empress Dowager pretended to be shocked and reprimanded, “Nonsense! You are An w.a.n.g Shizi. You shoulder the rise and fall of An w.a.n.g fu. How can you have only one wife?”

“Shangguan LingRan” knelt down and kowtowed. He begged piteously, “Imperial grandmother, your grandson begs you! Your grandson is willing to give up everything for Mu Xiaojie and be with one person for one lifetime!”

“This……” The Empress Dowager pretended to look like she was in a difficult spot as she looked at the Emperor.

The Emperor immediately looked at Zi You. She was frowning and looked disdainful. He was happy and said, “You’er, it’s your marriage. You can decide yourself. Zhen will bestow a marriage on you to whomever you like.”

“Are you telling the truth, Emperor?” Zi You wasn’t cold like before and revealed a little girl’s naivete.

It made the Emperor overjoyed. He thought, ‘Does this yatou want to marry Zhen? If she says she wants to marry Zhen, should Zhen dismiss the harem then?’

Xuanwu Emperor was daydreaming when he heard Zi You say, “Chennu said that whether he is a dandy, idiot, or a commoner, Chennu is willing to marry him as long as he treats Chennu wholeheartedly. Chennu has one question. As long as someone fulfills Chennu’s requirement and answers Chennu’s question, Chennu will immediately agree to marry him.”

At this time, a few males also stood out. The capital’s “Four Tyrants” stood there very impressively.

Third w.a.n.gzi wanted to step out, but he thought of the country and power. He gritted his teeth and held back.

Taizi was the same. He endured the gut-wrenching conflict in himself and didn’t step out.

Second w.a.n.gzi’s fists clenched so tightly that his veins showed and his nails pierced into his flesh.

He wanted to step out too. He wasn’t afraid that he would expose that he was healed and punished by his Fuw.a.n.g for deceiving the monarch. But he didn’t receive a sign from Zi You, so he didn’t dare to act rashly and ruin their plan for revenge.

Second w.a.n.gzi stared at Zi You. He hoped that she would look at him even for a little bit. But he was disappointed. Zi You didn’t look at him from beginning to end.

Zi You stood quietly in the middle of the palace hall. The bright candlelight shone on her body and gave her a hazy glow. Her snow-like white face showed off her beautiful facial features. Her quiet figure was aloof and independent. The wind and her hair lightly danced behind her, as if the fairy was about to leave by riding the wind and flying away from the mortal world.


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