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Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal is a web novel made by Chen Ji Tang Hong Dou.
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“Yes! Yes!” The mysterious man stared at the battle scenes inside the holographic projection. He excitedly undid his tie and laughed. “Dali. Good job. I knew you could do it. Hahahaha!”

Tears formed at the corner of the Bureau Chief’s eyes. He mumbled, “It’s real. This is real! Dali can go against the High n.o.bles now! Wonderful. This is wonderful!”

“Dali, my son. You are my pride!” Hong Weiguo held Lan Ruoxi by her shoulder. “Ruoxi, dear. You gave the Hong Family a good son!”

“Of course.” Lan Ruoxi looked very proud. “Our Dali is the best!”

On the other side, inside the Jaban State administration building.

Ran Asakawa led a few hundred guards and rushed into the Emperor’s room. She smiled coldly and said, “Emperor, you have secretly conspired with the alien invaders to destroy mankind. There is sufficient evidence. I am hereby ordered to arrest you on anti-humanity charges.”

The Emperor of Jaban State trembled in fear.

He understood that there was no escape from this. After all, an anti-humanity crime was no laughing matter.

In the universe, the High n.o.bles’ fleet, inside the commanding s.p.a.cecraft.

“This Hong Dali, he’s indeed difficult to deal with.” Silver Hair Komodo gritted his teeth and sat on the sofa. He was so angry that veins were popping out on his forehead. “I thought that we had this in the bag. Who would’ve expected this guy to bring out so many True King Zergs?! True King Zergs! Every single one of them has an ability from a Soul Stone! Even if we can defeat them, it’ll come at a heavy cost!”

“Seems like that Hong Dali was just trying to stall for time against us previously.” Red Wolf finally recovered. “And it looks like those guys who came to report to us about Hong Dali’s whereabouts must be his minions.”

“Right. Right. I forgot about them!” Silver Hair slammed down fiercely on the table. “Bring those guys here!”

Soon, the guards brought over the traitors s.h.i.+nichi Abe and the rest. When s.h.i.+nichi Abe saw Silver Hair, he instantly knelt down in fear—he had already heard about the battle…

“You’re good. You’re brave.” Silver Hair looked at s.h.i.+nichi Abe with a cold glare. “You dare to come here to be a mole. Since you’ve done that, don’t blame me for being cruel. Guard, drag these people down and make them into human popsicles! Remember, don’t let them die. Humph!”

The guards dragged s.h.i.+nichi Abe and the rest away. s.h.i.+nichi Abe screamed as he was being dragged across the floor. “Sir, please listen to my explanations. Listen to me, Sir! I’m innocent. I’m innocent!”

Soon, his voice faded. After a while, his gut-wrenching screams could be heard.

“d.a.m.n it. This Hong Dali.” Silver Hair was obviously still angry. “If we don’t kill him, I won’t be able to rest easy!”

“Silver Hair, I feel that we can’t clash head-on with Hong Dali anymore.” Red Wolf touched his chin. “The most crucial thing is that if we sacrifice too many s.p.a.ce carriers, it’ll be incredibly difficult to capture the Golden Emperor Beetle. Maybe we should change our strategy.”

“What strategy?” Silver Hair asked in a deep voice.

“Remember the five million hostages we captured on that Old Earth?” Red Wolf smiled coldly. “Let’s use the hostages and force him to face us on the ground.”

“What you mean is…” Silver Hair Komodo’s eyes lit up. “Once the ultimate battle weapon is here, he will stall Hong Dali while we take care of everyone around him. Then we’ll win in the numbers game!”

“Right, that’s right.” Red Wolf nodded and said, “Amongst Hong Dali’s crew, the only one we’ll be outmatched by is Hong Dali’s Star Knight transformation. However, our ultimate battle weapon is on the same level as his Star Knight. He just has to stall him, and we can easily defeat the rest. By then, hehe, he’ll be left all alone. We’ll be able to do whatever we want!”

What he said made sense indeed.

“However.” Silver Hair thought for a while. “Those five million hostages are all sick or elderly. Will Hong Dali willingly walk into the trap?”

“Of course that won’t be enough.” Red Wolf had a sinister smile. “However, my spy in the Galaxy Alliance Center discovered that Jiang Qianxue, who’s very close to Hong Dali, has secretly returned. Once we capture her, Hong Dali will surely do whatever we ask of him!”

“Jiang Qianxue?” Once Silver Hair heard Jiang Qianxue’s name, he instantly remembered her and laughed. “Right, right. I forgot about her, haha. We didn’t even pay attention to her before. We just thought she was a normal Galaxy Aristocrat and didn’t dig deeper. However, from the looks of things now, she and Hong Dali seem to share a special relations.h.i.+p, something like lovers. As long as we can capture her, we won’t need to worry about Hong Dali refusing our requests. Let’s do it. Guard!” Silver Hair ordered in a deep voice. “Call our men at the Galaxy Alliance. Bring Jiang Qianxue to me now!”

“Yes, Sir!” The guard received the order and prepared to leave.

“Wait.” Red Wolf touched his chin and suddenly said, “I should go settle this personally. An ordinary guard may not be able to capture Jiang Qianxue. G.o.d knows what abilities this girl has. If she gets away, things might change for the worse.”

“Hm, that’s true.” Silver Hair nodded. “Then you should leave right away. The ultimate battle weapon will take a while to reach anyways. We’re in no rush. If we really can’t capture Hong Dali then, we’ll just destroy him. We can see about the Golden Emperor Beetle in the future.”

Galaxy Alliance Center, Shenluo City.

Jiang Qianxue discreetly came to the doors of her own house. She sneakily looked at the surroundings to ensure that there were no problems. Then, she jumped over the walls, using the night as her cover.

She was indeed very careful along the way. After all, given her relations.h.i.+p with Hong Dali, her ident.i.ty was highly sensitive now. If she was discovered by anyone, being captured would still be fine, but the most crucial thing was that the blood sample would not be delivered.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly. She could finally relax now.

In Jiang Duxing’s study room.

“Qianxue, why are you back?” Jiang Duxing instantly stood up once he saw Jiang Qianxue rus.h.i.+ng in. He hurriedly walked forward and looked around before asking, “What’s going on with Dali’s side?”

“Everything there is fine.” Jiang Qianxue brought the latest news, even though that was still outdated. However, news about sixty King Zergs was still terrifying. “They produced over sixty King Zergs and are preparing to face off against the Top Operatives. It’s a very tense situation.”

Sixty King Zergs facing off against three hundred Fifth-Order Stellar-level s.p.a.ce carriers?

“Even if they have sixty King Zergs, still…” Jiang Duxing frowned. “There is a huge difference in strength between the two sides. The King Zergs do not have too much of an advantage over the Fifth-Order Stellar-level s.p.a.ce carriers.”

“That’s not important anymore.” Jiang Qianxue shook her head and said, “I brought some blood sample belonging to the Hong Family that Hong Dali is a part of. From all the signs present there, the Hong Family may very well be the descendants of Mo Tianji. Although their bloodline should be a little more diluted.”

If news about sixty King Zergs was shocking enough, then news about the Hong Family potentially being the descendants of Mo Tianji was a nuclear bomb-level one.

What were the Galaxy Aristocrats most worried about now?

Not the things related to Hong Dali murdering the High n.o.bles and Top Operatives. After all, any problem that could be settled with money was not a real problem.

The Galaxy Aristocrats were most concerned about the reproduction rate of the race. At the current birth rate, even the Galaxy Aristocrats on Beta Planet would go extinct. If that happened…

Hence, once Jiang Duxing heard that the Hong Family could be descendants of Mo Tianji, he was instantly stunned. He hurriedly stood up and his voice trembled. “Then… the blood sample, where… where is it? Don’t rush. I’ll contact your grandfather now. Don’t rush, don’t rush…”

The answer to the difficulty in reproduction for the residents of Beta Planet could very well lie on Earth. This was the best news that Jiang Duxing had recently heard. If a marriage with the humans from Earth really could…

“Keep the blood sample first. I have to leave now.” It was difficult for Jiang Qianxue to leave. She said quietly, “After all, my ident.i.ty is very sensitive right now. I don’t want to implicate you in all this.”

She finally reached home after such a long and arduous journey. Who would want to leave this soon?

Yet, after all, her ident.i.ty was very sensitive right now. If she was caught by the High n.o.bles as Hong Dali’s friend or lover, it would probably easily cause a chain reaction. That would not be good.

“This..” Naturally, Jiang Duxing understood what Jiang Qianxue meant. He hesitated before finally nodding. “Alright. Remember to be careful. If the High n.o.bles really find you, don’t resist. I’ll find some way to save you.”

“Yes, I know.” Jiang Qianxue nodded and left.

Once Jiang Qianxue left the Jiang family mansion, she sighed and longingly looked at the doors one last time, before quickly disappearing into the night.

The next few days went by calmly. The High n.o.bles stayed in their s.p.a.ce carriers and monitored the New Earth from a distance. On Hong Dali’s side, everyone was focused on training. Hong Dali’s intuition told him that there was no way the High n.o.bles could give up so easily. The war that was coming would be much crueler and dangerous.

Just as the two sides appeared to maintain a temporary truce, something happened on Jiang Qianxue’s side!

“Someone’s following me.” Jiang Qianxue, dressed in civilian clothing, suddenly realized that there were several people tailing her. She instantly became nervous and quickened her step. She hurriedly turned into a small alley.

Once she was in the alley, she began looking for a hiding spot.

This was a slum-like area in Shenluo City. Jiang Qianxue chose this place to avoid attention. After all, she was a Galaxy Aristocrat. She did not expect anyone to imagine that a Galaxy Aristocrat would be hidden in the slums. Hence, she was safe for a short while. Once the blood a.n.a.lysis report was out, she could return to Earth to report the news.

However, unexpectedly, those High n.o.bles still found her.


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