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Read Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 983 Send As Many As You Can, I Will Destroy Them All!

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal is a web novel made by Chen Ji Tang Hong Dou.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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“Young Master,” Looking at the dense black spots approaching him on the trench coat, Blood Demon licked his lips in excitement. “It seems many are excited with the release of this wanted order, hahaha!”

As one of the Four Kings in the world of, since he was named Blood Demon, he was naturally a mean character. He was an on Earth. Although it had been quite long since he killed anyone here and was getting bored, it was clear he could kill his heart’s content! Look at the dense cl.u.s.ter of cannon fodder…

“Hehe, it seems the Top Operatives are rather careful. They know how to make use of cannon fodder!” Hong Dali laughed out loud. He did not like to create trouble, but that did not mean that he was afraid of them! Who dared to touch his friend would never forget the consequences of doing so!

“Brothers,” Hong Dali looked at the holographic projection one last time, then shouted. “Let’s find a good place and prepare for battle! We were still worried about delaying time. Since our opponents are so cooperative, there’s no need for us to stand on ceremony!”

“Okay!” The few of them cheered in unison.

To be able to kill to their hearts’ content. Not anyone had the chance to do so. Even if they died in battle, it was all worth it!

Of course, battles aside, Hong Dali would not overestimate their strength. No matter how strong he was, it was impossible for the few of them to fight against so many Black-levels. If there were enough ants, they could even kill an elephant. When they hit a certain number, there were bound to be changes.

“All my lovely animals,” Hong Dali shouted, “It’s time for you to help me, hahahaha!”

With his shout, the ground soon began to shake slightly! More than a dozen giant iron armored sword-horned rhinos rushed over and waited for Hong Dali. As soon as they stopped, Hong Dali jumped on the back of a rhino, pointing at one of them casually. “Brothers, it’s time to fight, kill them!”

Boom boom boom!

The few of them jumped on the backs of the rhinoceros. Without caring about what kind of place it was, they charged there!

The Iron Armored Sword Horn Rhinos were ten meters in length and weighed tens of tons. Their legs were longer than the rhinoceros on Earth. Their bodies were covered in iron armor and they ran at the speed of lightning. Their charge was terrifying.

In the s.p.a.cecraft where Razer and the two people were, Razer looked at the holographic projection screen and said softly, “Hong Dali has begun fleeing. En, judging from the direction they are going, they should encounter the first cannon fodder team of 31 Black-level Honorary Aristocrats.”

“Big Brother Razer, how do you think these thirty over people compare up with Hong Dali?” Fang asked.

“En, it’s hard to say.” Razer thought for a while and suddenly pressed a device in his hand. Suddenly, the map displayed on the holographic projection was enlarged ten times. At the same time, the image also changed from a small map to a more specific map. Hong Dali and his people were about two centimeters tall on the map. Other than their faces, everything else was very clear.

This was one of the core technologies mastered by High n.o.bles, holographic monitoring of the entire planet surface.

Such monitoring images were completely real-time with almost no error. Almost every action of the people monitored could be seen.

“They will come into contact soon.” Looking at the simulation of the holographic map in front of him, Razer held his arms indifferently and said lightly, “We shall soon be able to see Hong Dali’s strength.”

“Thirty-one Black-levels. There are so many of them, I think they should be able to delay Hong Dali for about ten to twenty minutes.” Gahon smiled. “Black-levels are not so easy to manage.”

“En, I think it’s about there as well.” Fang nodded. “We just need to delay them for ten to twenty minutes for the others to catch up.”

As Razer monitored real-time, on Hong Dali’s side, he soon saw the first wave of Black-level Honorary Aristocrats and got ready to kill them. Hong Dali waved his hand ferociously. “Kill!”

This time, because of what happened to Li Nianwei, he was enraged. A usually kind person, when forced to a corner, would go mad as well.

He would kill whoever dared to find trouble, no doubt!

“Boom boom boom boom—” Tens of Iron Armored Sword Horn Rhinos charged towards more than thirty of them. They ran extremely fast. Although these Black-levels were rather strong themselves, they were surprised facing such a scene.

“Duang!””Duang!” Sounds of collision could be heard. The Black-level Honorary Aristocrats on the front line were knocked into the air by the rhinoceros. This collision killed eight of them. The other ten people desperately retreated. At this moment, Hong Dali gave new instructions.

“Kill! Kill all of them, then leave!” Hong Dali roared.

His Second Gear and Star Knight transformation consumed a lot of skill points. His skill points reserves had 156 points left. In addition to his original 100 Health attribute points, there was a total of 256 points.

Which meant, he could either use Second Gear about six times or transform to Star Knight for about two times.

The best steel should be used on the blade of the knife. There was no need for him to take action against these small fishes.

“Haha, okay!” Levis, Blood Demon, Li Yang, and Ye Huayun naturally knew of Hong Dali’s real strength. He was capable of killing Malone’s guards in seconds. Who was Malone? A High n.o.ble! How could his guards be weak? One could tell that Hong Dali would either do nothing, but if he took action, it was sure to be devastating!

Levis jumped off from the back of the Iron Armored Sword Horn Rhino. Attacking at 800%, together with Third-level dark energy, he took down five Black-levels at once.

“Heavy Gravity!” Every punch carried the Heavy Gravity ability!

These Black-levels could be considered the most amateur cannon fodder. Levis’ attack crushed one Black-level Honorary Aristocrat into a meat patty. His bones were all crushed and he could not be more dead.

“Hehe, just right for me to test my strength.” Blood Demon chuckled. His body was covered with spikes sharp enough to pierce through steel. One point of his finger and that Black-level Honorary Aristocrat’s head would be pierced.

“This ability suits me well. Haha.” To kill in one attack regardless of the distance was Blood Demon’s usual practice. Although ‘regardless of distance’ was not easy here, ‘to kill in one attack’ was not too hard.

It was tougher for Li Yang. His Soul Stone ability was not suitable for such battles. Hence, he used Six Powers and dark energy for close combat. There was one advantage to the Blood Soul Stone—increase the speed of his blood flow. This effect was similar to Hong Dali’s Second Gear, which would greatly improve his basic attributes!

It was much simpler for Ye Huayun.

She was much weaker compared to Levis and the others. But because of Hong Dali’s Lackey Halo, her strength was more than doubled. It would not be difficult for her to deal with these ordinary Black-Levels.

It was difficult for one person to handle a few Black-Levels alone, but to just take care of some back-up defense, it was more than sufficient.

After just a few rounds, the Black-levels were all shocked!

“Ability Users, these people are all Ability Users!” As soon as the Black-level Honorary Aristocrats realized their strength, they immediately began to retreat. “G.o.d, all four of them are Ability Users, and two of the three have Third-Level dark energy!”

“We cannot defeat them, run!” They saw that all of Hong Dali’s people were Ability Users and the two strongest had Third-level dark energy. What was this? One of the top five most powerful Black and White-level Double Aristocrats in the Milky Way, Li Haokong was only of this caliber. It was already considered good if an ordinary Black-level had Second-Level dark energy!

Overwhelming, completely overwhelming!

“Thinking of running?” Hong Dali chuckled. When it was time for him to be a nice guy he could be a nice guy, but when it was time to kill, he would kill!

He had the upper hand now, but what if the other party got the upper hand? Would they let him go? So, with this thought, Hong Dali had no emotional baggage. He understood that he had to completely eliminate them. “Make sure none are left!”

“Okay!” This was exactly what some of the people in his group wanted. Levis and Blood Demon immediately attacked, moving directly into the enemy’s ranks. The tiger was within the sheep now and they raised a b.l.o.o.d.y storm. Originally, there were more than 30 Black-level Honorary Aristocrats. This was considered a rather strong force, but after the first wave, nine people were killed by the Iron Armored Sword Horn Rhinos. The twenty over people left were not a match for Levis and the others at all!

“Heavy Gravity!” Using Heavy Gravity again, Levis directed a punch at the chest of a Black-level Honorary Aristocrat. s.p.a.ce twisted and the Black-level Honorary Aristocrat’s chest collapsed inwards. With cracks and rattles, an ear-piercing sound of splintering bones was heard and in the blink of an eye, he had been smashed into a meat pie and his blood splattered all over the ground.

“Thorn.” Blood Demon did not hold back either. His skill was an amalgamation of Six Powers, making him extremely fast. Every attack was so fast the enemy was unable to guard against it.

“Zing!” The enemy did not even have a chance to block before his head was pierced through.

Within two minutes, the 31 Black-levels who had come to attack Hong Dali were completely wiped out, not one survived!

“Hahahaha! How dare you come and kill me. You can come, but you will not be able to return alive!” Hong Dali had been sitting on the back of the Rhino. He had not even lifted a finger and the fight was already over.

After Levis and the others were back on the Rhinos, Hong Dali lifted his head and laughed, then slowly raised his right hand and suddenly stuck out his middle finger. “High n.o.bles, you can see me, right? Hahahahaha! F**k you!”

He pointed his middle finger towards the sky, directly declaring war on the High n.o.bles of Dimu Star Sector!

I have nothing to lose. Send as many as you can, I will destroy them all!


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