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Chapter 1293: Myth

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Animals were human’s best friends. There were only Hong Dali and the G.o.ddess of Wisdom here, but their relations.h.i.+p was not so friendly, so they were often awkwardly silent and bored.

With animals, everything was different. Although the G.o.ddess of Wisdom was a G.o.ddess, she was female. There was naturally an instinctive closeness to cute animals. Coupled with Hong Dali’s clowning around, it would be much easier to pa.s.s time.

“Really…” Although the G.o.ddess of Wisdom was still weak, she was quite happy when she heard this. “Where? Do you like them a lot?”

“Hehe, they’re here!” Hong Dali called to the animals he found. “Xiao Hei, quick come! Come see if Big Sister is beautiful!”

Soon, a dark shadow rushed directly to the G.o.ddess of Wisdom along with his words. Then, it gently arched. It was a small squirrel-like animal. It was only the size of two palms and was very cute. Its small eyes looked at the G.o.ddess of Wisdom curiously. Obviously, the little thing had a good impression of the G.o.ddess of Wisdom.

“It’s a cute little creature…” The G.o.ddess of Wisdom’s gloomy mood was finally better. She gently reached out and stroked the little creature’s back. “h.e.l.lo, you’re so cute…”

The little creature jumped up and down excitedly when he was praised, then fell down into the arms of the G.o.ddess of Wisdom. It was very well-behaved.

With this little creature as a buffer between the two, their relations.h.i.+p had obviously improved a lot.

In the following days, Hong Dali took good care of the G.o.ddess of Wisdom sincerely. Although the G.o.ddess of Wisdom had an instinctive resistance, after such a long time, she no longer frowned upon Hong Dali. As long as Hong Dali didn’t go overboard with his jokes, she would occasionally reveal some happy smiles.

Time pa.s.sed day by day and the G.o.ddess of Wisdom got better. But Hong Dali was busy with something every day and always seemed to be excited.

The G.o.ddess of Wisdom didn’t care much at first, but she became more curious. Although she was almost well, her body was still weak. That night, the G.o.ddess of Wisdom secretly followed Hong Dali and saw him carrying Xiao Hei while twisting straw into rope.

“What are you doing?” The G.o.ddess of Wisdom sat down about one meter from Hong Dali. She looked as Hong Dali continued twisting the straw without stopping and asked, “What are you doing with the rope?”

“Ah, this rope?” Hong Dali ruffled his hair and smiled. “I found out that although this mountain peak looks very high, it’s not as high as I thought it was. If the rope is long enough, we might be able to get down. Hehe.”

Hearing that, the G.o.ddess of Wisdom was clearly startled. Then, she rushed forward, kicked the rope aside, and grabbed Hong Dali’s hands. His hands had calluses from twisting the ropes over the past few days.

“You, you,” The G.o.ddess of Wisdom’s tears fell. She said angrily and anxiously, “Who said I’m going down? You rascal, you didn’t even ask for my opinion! After we get down, what should… what should we do?!”

The G.o.ddess of Wisdom’s words were simple, but the meaning was clear.

Both of them were on this mountain. Although they were hostile and their relations.h.i.+p was complicated, they could rely on each other. But what would happen after they got down? How should they get along? If there was no one else around, it was okay. But if they met other people, what would their stand be? After she regained her power, what would happen then?

“I understand.” Hong Dali naturally understood what the G.o.ddess of Wisdom meant. He didn’t mind. He wiped his nose with a grin and said, “But it’s really boring on top of this mountain. We have to try, no matter what. We can only survive well if there are other people in this world. If you fall sick again, I won’t know what to do. This place is only so big. Although there are wild fruits, there will be a day when we finish them. No matter what, we should still try.”

Hong Dali said it simply, but his eyes were bright like stars in the night sky.

“You rascal…” The G.o.ddess of Wisdom’s tears flowed down. Hong Dali had taken good care of her for the past few days and he was sincere in his actions. The G.o.ddess of Wisdom was not cold-hearted. How could she turn a blind eye to Hong Dali’s care and concern?

“Alright, Sister G.o.ddess, you’re a G.o.ddess. G.o.ddesses shouldn’t cry.” Hong Dali braved forward and wiped the tears off her face. He said gently, “Under normal circ.u.mstances, you should be flying in the sky while I’m chasing after you on the ground. Then, my sincerity will touch you and you will come down to be my wife! Hehe, you can’t cry like this. It’s cold at night, don’t catch a cold again!”

“You’re a bad person. My immune system has almost recovered. I won’t fall sick so easily.” The G.o.ddess of Wisdom found Hong Dali’s words amusing and chuckled. It finally quietened down as she sat beside Hong Dali without saying anything, watching him twist the straw rope.

The plant used by Hong Dali was very flexible, but it hurt his hands. He twisted them every day and made over ten meters in length a day. The straw ropes were then soaked in water and connected. The effect was surprisingly strong. At least according to Hong Dali’s test, there was no problem supporting rocks weighing up to three hundred kilograms.

In the following days, Hong Dali continued to twist straw to make ropes. The G.o.ddess of Wisdom’s att.i.tude toward him had also finally started to improve.

Hong Dali did not know how the G.o.ddess was like before she descended. Now he knew.

What they had experienced during this period of time was as unbelievable as a myth. They had experienced life and death. Trapped on this mountain peak and isolated from the world, yet there was such a beautiful G.o.ddess accompanying Hong Dali through pain and happiness. This was how it felt. The only regrettable thing was that he couldn’t kiss anyone during the day or make love to anyone during the night. It was indeed a big pity.

Another ten days pa.s.sed. On this day, Hong Dali connected all the ropes together. It was already more than three hundred meters long. He tied the rope firmly to a large tree with a diameter of about half a meter. After trying many times, he finally sighed, satisfied. “Aiya, it’s not easy. It’s finally done. Hahahahaha. I can finally say goodbye to this place. Hehe, new world, here I come!”

The G.o.ddess of Wisdom looked at the rope, then looked at the warm nest that they both lived in during this time. For a moment, a myriad of thoughts filled her mind.

One thing was certain, she had considerable affection for Hong Dali. Sometimes, she even thought that it was a good thing if she could get along well with him.

“Sister G.o.ddess,” Hong Dali turned his head and said excitedly, “Let’s prepare sufficient water and food and descend this mountain!”

“We’re leaving just like that…” The G.o.ddess of Wisdom looked around again, then smiled. She looked at Hong Dali smilingly. “Okay, let’s go down!”


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