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Read Rebirth Of The Heavenly Empress Chapter 158 – How Great It Would Be If I Met You Earlier

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Chapter 158: How Great It Would Be If I Met You Earlier

Chi Qing glanced up and saw Yu Shijin standing stonily before him.

He stared at Chi Qing with narrowed eyes, not bothering to hide the murderous aura emanating from him.

Yu Shijin disconnected the call and said coldly, “Apart from apologizing, you better not say anything else.”

Chi Qing was stunned,

Yu Shijin’s eyes turned even frostier. “She is truly blind!”

He had someone close the cabin hatch and cut off the mobile data link.

Finally, he stood on the ground with arms crossed, watching the plane disappearing into the sky.

“Master Yu, Bai Yi has already located Ms Su’s address.” Chief detective stood beside him as he reported respectfully.

Yu Shijin’s face remained impa.s.sive. He uttered coldly. “Let him try and find her then.”

Huh? He didn’t fly into a rage? There wouldn’t be any bloodshed?

Chief detective was truly shocked.

Yu Shijin’s eyes wavered as he continued. “Ms Su won’t be in Green City over the next few days. About three days.”

“Got it.” The corners of the chief detective’s lips twitched.

That’s right, there was no way Master Yu would be so amenable.

If Su Huiqing didn’t want someone to find her, even Yu Shijin would be helpless.

Not to mention Bai Yi.

These past few days, she had been preparing for her promotion to the third level. She had also brought along Qu Yan and the escort guards with her.

The third level was different from the second. The promotion would be more dangerous, and so she chose a location where no one could disturb her.

Su Huiqing was concentrating on preparing for her promotion and didn’t look at her phone. As a result, she didn’t know that Angie sent her a message.

After sending the message to Su Huiqing, Angie kept her phone and walked toward the car park.

Two figures were standing some distance away in the parking lot.

Angie narrowed her eyes. It was Anxien and Ye Zixuan.

“Brother Ye, listen to me.” Anxien lowered her eyes, hiding the cruel glint in the depths of her eyes. “Sister has been lying to you all this while. She is addicted to drugs.”

Ye Zixuan’s face turned stony. His relationship with Angie had finally improved over the past few days.

“Anxien, please don’t slander Angie.” His tone was somewhat reprimanding.

Anxien seemed to have expected that Ye Zixuan wouldn’t believe her.

She immediately dug out a doc.u.ment from her bag, as well as several photographs. “Brother Ye, I know it is hard to believe but these evidence do not lie.”

Angie, who was about to walk off, suddenly stopped.

Ye Zixuan had already accepted the doc.u.ments and was flipping through them. His originally nonchalant face turned pallid.

At this moment, Anxien pretended to have just noticed Angie. “Sister, you are here.”

Ye Zixuan closed the doc.u.ments and looked gravely at Angie. “Angie, tell me this isn’t true.”

Angie’s smile gradually faded.

“It is true.” She lit a cigarette indifferently.

It was the truth. There was nothing to hide.

Ye Zixuan stared at her impa.s.sively, before throwing away the box he had in his pocket. “Angie, you disgust me.”

Angie stared at the red box in a detached manner. A ring rolled out from the box.

She gave a sudden laugh.

But tears glittered at the corners of her eyes.

By the afternoon, all the major media outlets were reporting that celebrity Angie was addicted to drugs. In the blink of an eye, a flood of criticisms from netizens rained down on her.

“We will never forgive her!”

“Do you know how tough it has been for the police to rein in the drug scene?”

“This kind of person should be shot to death! We can’t risk her spreading her evil influence!”

“Trash! Angie will be hated for life!”


Angie stared dispa.s.sionately at the online messages. She scrolled to an image with the caption “Rumored fiance of Ye Zixuan.” She clicked on it to zoom in.

It was Ye Zixuan, no doubt about it.

The person beside him was Anxien.

She should have expected this.

Her cell phone vibrated. It was a message from Su Huiqing: People without faith are scary. Congratulations on coming out.

The corners of Angie’s lips twitched.

She replied: Qingqing, wouldn’t it be great if I had met you earlier?

Wouldn’t it be great if I had met you earlier?

Surprise flashed past Su Huiqing’s eyes on receiving that message. She instinctively felt something was not right.

She immediately called Angie but no one picked up the phone.

“Qingqing, what’s the matter?” Qu Yan hustled over.

Su Huiqing kept her cell phone, the light in her eyes turning slightly chilly. “Something bad might have happened. I need to go back for a while.”

It was too late by the time she returned.

It was only in the hospital when she finally saw Angie.

She had slashed her wrists in a suicide attempt, and rescuers failed to save her.

Yu Shijin was just delegating the necessary tasks over at the Green City military base when he received the news.

“Master Yu, someone from the International a.s.sociation is already waiting for you.” Chu Xuning spoke up in a low voice when he saw Yu Shijin preparing to leave after handing over the tasks.

“Get out of my way. I can’t leave yet.” Yu Shijin clenched his fists as he grunted softly.

For the first time in his life, Chu Xuning refused to follow orders. “Master Yu, let me handle things here. You should head back to the International a.s.sociation first.”

The rest of them finally realized that Yu Shijin’s so-called recuperation was a very real and very grave matter. It was no joke.

Yu Shijin calmly looked up, exuding a steely aura. He repeated. “Get out of my way.”

Chu Xuning stepped to the side.

He watched on as Yu Shijin left without even turning his head.

He knew what Yu Shijin wanted to do, but it was clearly not the right time now.

Chu Xuning clenched his fists. “Master Yu, that side said that if you still refuse to go back, the deficit on your health will be so great that even they will be helpless to save you. We can always come back to Green City again. Please listen to us just this once. Go back to the International a.s.sociation, please?”


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