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Read Rebirth Of The Heavenly Empress Chapter 171 – It Would Be A Kill Zone If She Takes Action

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Chapter 171: It Would Be A Kill Zone If She Takes Action

The others were also piping up, the main reason for which was to support Bertha.

As a result, they didn’t notice that the eyes of their instructor were gradually turning cold.

“Instructor, we need a capable and responsible cla.s.s monitor.” The words showed an obvious doubting of Su Huiqing’s abilities.

Yu Shijin surveyed the group.

“Capable and responsible?” He spoke slowly, his tone cold and distant.

Every syllabus was uttered clear and distinct.

An indescribable chilliness.

He glanced at the person who spoke. Yu Shijin was wielding a gun while standing in a relaxed posture. Not at all a proper military stance.

Nevertheless, he still exuded an indomitable air of n.o.bility.

Those eyes were cold to the point that they could make one shiver.

Everyone could feel the forbidding aura emanating from his body, making them all feel subdued.

Bertha was taken aback before she frowned slightly. She planned to have someone teach this instructor a lesson when they returned. He was too “Instructor, you…”

“I have my own way of judging.” Yu Shijin interrupted Bertha as he stared at her coldly. “Do you see that target?”

He pointed at the shooting targets lined up in front of them. “I only have one criteria. That person must be the most powerful.”

Everyone relaxed at his words.

They believed that Yu Shijin must be referring to Bertha. After all, everyone knew that she came from a military family.

Only Qu Yan, who was standing beside Su Huiqing, couldn’t help smirking. She finally realized just how dastardly this Yu Shijin was.

Bertha’s smile froze.

She suddenly recalled how fast Su Huiqing was that night.

Yu Shijin didn’t give her much time to consider but just glanced sideways at her. His manner was poised and graceful as always. “What? Didn’t you want justice?”

Bertha saw the light in the depths of his eyes.

She finally realized just how coldly vicious Yu Shijin’s eyes could be.

Bertha frowned slightly. Actually, she had received professional training in shooting. She also noticed that Su Huiqing’s hands didn’t have any calluses, and didn’t look like she had held a gun before.

On the other hand, she felt that Su Huiqing was not even worthy of competing against her. “Instructor, shouldn’t the choice of the cla.s.s monitor be put to a democratic vote?”

“Are you going to compete or not?” Yu Shijin asked, ignoring her earlier words.

He continued to play with the gun in his hand.

Head lowered, no one could guess what exactly he was thinking about.

“Fine, we’ll compete.” Bertha glanced at Su Huiqing. “It’ll be a good way to let these people know just what kind of place this is and to consider their own lowly position before they decide to say anything. After this, get out of our cla.s.s and bring your little companion with you.”

“Alright.” Yu Shijin turned toward the officer in charge of the firearms. “Prepare the two of them.”

He gave a slight pause.

Lifting his eyes, he gazed through the crowd, quietly looking at Su Huiqing.

It was a probing look.

To be honest, Yu Shijin had no idea what Su Huiqing was thinking about now.

According to her old character, she should have already beaten Bertha to a pulp.

When she was at Monster University the last time, she had thrashed the entire Cla.s.s S.

But since she had been reborn, he slowly discovered that she was more mature and more in control of her quick temper. She was still as dazzling and fiery as before, but less brash.

Su Huiqing was also looking at him.

She smiled rakishly as she touched the brim of her hat.

As low profile as she wanted to be, she still held the dignity of the Mercenary Queen.

She would not allow her comrades to be slandered.

Yu Shijin understood her intentions and looked away, but the wicked glint in his eyes remained.

If this was in the past… she would never have to endure such slander and mistreatment.

She ought to be standing right at the top.

As overbearing as she was, she had the right to be.

As expected, one met different sorts of people when one was in a different position.

Yu Shijin pursed his lips. He didn’t know whether this was good or bad for her.

When those frosty eyes reached Bertha, they looked a bit bloodthirsty.

Bertha had already gone up to get her gun. Su Huiqing chuckled. She watched Bertha’s back profile, before tugging at the brim of her cap and darting out of the crowd. Her movements were smooth and agile.

What was she doing?

Everyone stared at her in shock.

Su Huiqing just nimbly leaped across the barrier, before reaching out to tap on the shoulder of the officer in charge of distributing the ammunition.

Her eyes were bright and clear. “Brother, give me a gun.”

“Oh.” The officer was momentarily stunned before regaining his composure. “This is the newest RE852 gun. It is very light and suitable for girls like you…”

Bertha observed the way Su Huiqing casually held the gun. She didn’t look like a professional at all. She couldn’t help smirking. “This is the latest model of guns which my family sponsored the school with. It hasn’t even been launched on the market yet.”

The others gazed at her in awe.

Su Huiqing just gave a low laugh.

She fiddled with the gun indifferently. She naturally knew this gun very well.

Apollo had even asked her to modify it.

“Let me give you a demonstration on how to use the gun.” The officer was still instructing carefully. “This is how you dismantle it…”

As he continued to drone on, Su Huiqing flipped the weapon in her hand.

Holding it firmly, she raised the gun.

Her movements were as fluid as water, fast beyond belief.

“d.a.m.n, so cool!” Someone exclaimed. It was one of the boys in the cla.s.s who had not spoken a single word since the start.

His eyes were shining.


Soon after.


A series of loud bangs!

“d.a.m.n! 10.9!” This time, it was the officer who spoke. He was standing right beside Su Huiqing.

He sounded clearly astonished.

Few people know that when in a real team, each shot was scored decimally so that the highest possible score for each shot is 10.9 for a perfectly central shot.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

10 gun shots, but only one bullet hole.

Everyone knew what this meant.

Silence descended, leaving only the sound of breathing!

This gun had a maximum of 10 bullets.

But Su Huiqing was not quite finished.

With lightning-fast moves, she dismantled the gun and reloaded a fresh round of bullets. Everyone stared in disbelief at how dextrous those fair, slender hands were.

“The International a.s.sociation exists solely to make a person stronger, not for you to gloat about it. Her hands were moving speedily, but her words were cold and calm. “Everyone outside looks to the International a.s.sociation with respect and worship. If you treat them all with this same att.i.tude, what’s the point of your existence? Don’t forget the reason you came to Monster University. No one’s existence should be belittled.”

“No one is born more talented than the rest. Every single achievement must be hard-fought through one’s own merits.”

“I have been truly disappointed by this visit to Monster University.”

A loud click followed her final sentence.

The gun was loaded.

She stopped and raised the weapon.

Her eyes narrowed slightly.

It was full of a chilly light.

Everyone was dazed by her speech before being utterly transfixed by her actions.

She once again raised the gun but wasn’t aiming at her own target.

She was aiming at Bertha’s target.

Shooting a target from a slanted angle was way more complicated than shooting it straight on.

There were several factors that must be readjusted accordingly. It was not something that anyone could just easily achieve.

The scene was totally silent. There were no sounds of her c.o.c.king her gun or any voices chattering. Even the cla.s.s next door was watching the scene.

Su Huiqing’s face remained impa.s.sive.

She just stood there, one hand adjusting the brim of her cap, while the other slowly raised the gun.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

10 smooth, consecutive shots again.

Such powerful recoil energy.

But the hand of the person holding the gun didn’t even tremble.

Under the shining sun, Su Huiqing’s face remained clear and pristine as always.

She drew back her gun and blew on the still-smoking barrel. She glanced at Bertha, her voice remarkably placid. “Come, your turn.”

At the same time, everyone at present could clearly see the addition of a single bullet hole on Bertha’s target. None of them was blind. The position of the bullet hole clearly indicated: Another 10.9!


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