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Chapter 60: Eccentric Genius

Having followed Yu Shijin for so many years, Chu Xuning knew his personality well.

Young Master Yu was never a person who boasted, thus he definitely had a way out when he told them to leave first.

After seeing Yu Shijin take out his weapon, Chu Xuning did not linger around any longer and turned around to face Doctor Luxe and the others. “Let’s go.”

The group of doctors and researchers were defenseless.

They knew that they would only pose trouble; hence, after hesitating for a few seconds, they left with Chu Xuning.

Only Doctor Luxe could not help but glance back at Su Huiqing when he left.

Since the lights in the main hall were switched on, he could clearly see her.

Su Huiqing bent down and poured out the contents of her bag.

She then took up the already useless robot and quickly dismantled it.

Under the shadowless light, her pair of hands was so fair that it looked translucent.

She had her eyes lowered, thus Doctor Luxe and the others could only see her beautiful side view. She looked serious and professional as she dismantled the robot.

It was the first time they could not move their gaze away from someone who worked so diligently, even when her brows are scrunched or her arms raised were so mesmerizing.

When Chu Xuning bought the doctors and the others to leave, the group of mutants that slowly surrounded the center spiked their speed.

They rushed towards Su Huiqing!

Su Huiqing did not move and continued to dismantle the mini robot with calm hands.

She needed no words, nor even a gaze, and it showed how much she trusted Yu Shijin!

Yu Shijin raised his bow and an icy light reflected off of the obsidian-like surface of the bow.

With squinted eyes, he looked at the mutants, which swarmed forward in all directions. He then took out ten short and thin arrows and knocked one with two fingers, pinching the arrow ends.

The swarm of mutants from all directions and their sharp canine teeth were enough to make one tremble in fear!

However, if there was someone who stood by his side, they would quite know he wasn’t unnerved at all!

Donned in his black suit, he raised his eyes and calmly looked at the mutants which swarmed over as he prepared his arrows.

One must nock the arrow once the bow was raised, and only blood could satiate its desire!

That was his usual style.

A few deafening ‘swoosh’ was heard!

No one could see Yu Shijin’s movements as an archer usually possessed quick hand movements. Most would need six seconds to aim and shoot, while Yu Shijin was far quicker.

After the deafening sounds, they could only see…

The front row of mutants falling to the ground with a thud.

The scene that unfolded right in front of their eyes was like that of a domino effect—rows of mutants dropped one by one!

The mutants probably weren’t dead, but such an attack could save them much time!

Su Huiqing threw an a.s.sembled component to the side, and with a hook of her hand, she took another bottle of chemical over.

Her other hand touched her pocket, but she could not find the thing she wanted.

Her black eyes constricted.

She reached out and without lifting her head up, she said, “Chewing gum.”

In the past, when she had missions and had no chewing gum in her pocket, she would reach out and someone from the back would pa.s.s one to her. Sometimes it was Chi Yue, at other times, it was another person…

She said those two words with ease. When one stared at her from above, her eyebrows and eyes had a cool beauty.

Yu Shijin, who was knocking two arrows on the bow, paused his movements and squinted his strikingly cold eyes.

He said nothing, and instead, he placed the arrows down and threw a piece of chewing gum to Su Huiqing’s hand with haunting accuracy.

Su Huiqing unwrapped it and placed it into her mouth. After that, she continued to a.s.semble the parts.

In a hurry, she raised her head and squinted her black, bright eyes. “Thanks!”

Her lips curled up, but it was not a cold smirk. Instead, it was a faint smile that appeared bright under the light.

Yu Shijin retracted his gaze and replied with a hum. He then raised his arrows again.

Bright lights surrounded him, but it made him look lonely and cold as usual.

But no one knew…

Once he knocked the arrows, he never once placed it down. That day was the first time he took an arrow off.

“Why aren’t you guys going?” Chu Xuning asked as he looked at three certain people who continued to stand at the pa.s.sageway entrance.

Gu Li ignored him, and it was only Yu Xiangyang who looked at Chu Xuning with a casual expression on his face. “If I leave now, then what is the point of me being here from the start?”

‘If I leave now…’

‘Then what is the point of me being here from the start?’

Chu Xuning was clearly stumped and for the first time, he looked at these three people in a new light.

They knew they would pose trouble for Su Huiqing had they stayed, hence they walked to the pa.s.sageway to give Su Huiqing peace of mind.

But no one actually left.

For people like Chu Xuning who frequently hovered over the line of life and death, the word comrade was a heavy word for him.

Because this word was not one to be spoken out, but one that was proved through actions.

He could not help but look at that thin figure standing in the center of the chaos. She was calm and nothing shook her.

With such traits, she was worthy of how those three people treated her.

“What is Qingqing doing?” Qu Yan watched Su Huiqing, who moved around the main hall.

No matter where she went, all the mutants within her reach fell to the ground!

Gu Li moved his gaze away and softly replied, “Burying explosives.”

When he saw Su Huiqing taking out those chemicals, some abandoned mini explosives, and a timer, he had an inkling of what Su Huiqing wanted to do.

‘She’s making…’


In actual fact, Gu Li was correct.

There was still one last chemical bottle that was connected to a wire in her hands. She stood in the center of the main hall and looked up. After she had calculated the last location point, she placed the last object there.

She motioned towards Yu Shijin and carried her school bag over her shoulders while she carried a black timer with her other hand.

The two figures walked out.

Hundreds of mutants followed them, and all looked extremely frightening that it might strike one with fear.

Yet, between both of them, one was cool and another was casual. They showed no sense of fear at all.

Anyone between them could shock and dominate the world with just their existence alone. Yet now, both of them teamed up together…

When Su Huiqing saw those who stood at the pa.s.sageway entrance, she nonchalantly spat out two words. “Let’s go.”

“But behind you…” Yu Xiangyang worriedly pointed to the enormous ma.s.s of mutants swarming towards them.

Su Huiqing said nothing and merely pressed a b.u.t.ton on the timer.

In an instant, flames leaped to the sky.

Chu Xuning unknowingly turned back to look.

Blocks of rocks by then blocked the entrance, and the building slowly crumbled to the ground. And yet, it did not affect the safety pa.s.sageway. How accurate must the calculations be?

Moreover, deafening sounds still rang in the air!

Chu Xuning was the group’s expert in explosives and hence, he was clearer than anyone about how terrifying Su Huiqing was.

‘In a short amount of time, not only did she calculate all the statistics…’

‘She even buried it at suitable locations.’

‘Even the top explosive experts in the International a.s.sociation could not do it as easily as her.’

He raised his head and stared at Su Huiqing who walked in front of him. Awestruck by her capability, he could not help but lit up a cigarette and slowly said three words, “An explosive genius.”

Su Huiqing stopped in front of a surveillance camera and raised her head to gaze at it.

She casually threw the black timer behind her.

With that, she curled her lips into her usual cold smirk. “Over.”

The fiery light that shone past the cracks cast onto her face into a cold yet beautiful look.


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