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Read Rebirth Of The Heavenly Empress Chapter 684 – Lucky

Rebirth Of The Heavenly Empress is a web novel completed by Road of Flowers.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 684: Lucky

“Missy, Mr. Yang has already left.” After seeing that Old Master Yang didn’t return to the Murong Family, the guard returned to report to Fu Meng with a strange expression. “I heard that the Murong Family saved this Yang Family in the past. I didn’t expect them to really leave at this time.”

Initially, he thought that it was a trap, but no matter how he looked at Old Master Yang, it didn’t seem like it was fake.

Fu Meng put down the book. Upon hearing this, she chuckled. “Old Master Yang is also sensible. If he wants to break through to a high-level potion maker at his age, he can only rely on Old Master Zhuge. Remember, benefits are always above in this world.”

The guard stood behind Fu Meng and experienced it.

“Is Grandpa back?” Fu Meng suddenly recalled this matter.

“He has returned.” The guard nodded. “He’s looking for you.”

Fu Meng immediately stood up and went to look for the King of Medicine.

At this moment, the King of Medicine was talking to his potion maker. He saw that at the dining table today, Old Master Zhuge took the initiative to ask him a few questions about Su Huiqing before asking more people to investigate her.

He didn’t have a high opinion of Su Huiqing, so at the start, he didn’t bother when Fu Meng asked for someone from the miracle doctor’s sect who seemed very casual.

Now that Old Master Zhuge actually took the initiative to ask about Su Huiqing, the King of Medicine couldn’t help but care.

“Do you think her medical skills are really that powerful?” He had a pile of information beside him. Like the others, he could not find information about the International a.s.sociation, but he could find information about Green City. His wise eyes suddenly narrowed. “This Green City even auctioned potions…”

The potion maker beside him was also somewhat doubtful. “Previously, Teacher Fu said that he wanted Su Huiqing to enter the miracle doctor’s sect. I believe there is evidence.”

“Get Teacher Fu to come back.” The King of Medicine’s eyes darkened. “Say that I have a reason to look for him. This Su Huiqing has the bloodline of our miracle doctor sect. We can’t miss her.”

“I understand.” The other party nodded.

Fu Meng walked in. “Grandpa.”

“Meng’er.” Upon seeing Fu Meng, the King of Medicine couldn’t help but laugh. He threw Su Huiqing’s matter to the back of his mind. Looking at Old Master Zhuge today, he was very satisfied with Fu Meng. “How is it? Are you confident about this disciple recruitment?”

“I wrote six potion formulas.” Fu Meng smiled. “I just don’t know if I could have gone for seven.”

“Six?” The King of Medicine’s eyes lit up. “I heard from the examiner that he saw four types of books.”

“Miss Fu Meng has always been talented.” The potion maker beside her glanced at Fu Meng with respect. “Old Master Zhuge’s final disciple will definitely be Miss.”

Fu Meng smiled and didn’t answer. She just lowered her eyes slightly with a hint of smugness.

“Grandpa, the Murong Family has already taken action.” Fu Meng suddenly recalled this matter.

“I know about the Murong Family.” The King of Medicine knocked on the table and sneered. “Their family must be in chaos now. Meng’er, discuss it with the elders. Take the opportunity to take over the Murong Family’s territories.”

“The elders have already gone to do this.” Fu Meng sat on a chair and slowly poured herself a cup of tea.

It was obvious that Fu Meng had something to say to the King of Medicine. The potion maker quickly left.

Only a few trusted aides remained.

“Grandpa, Young Master Gong wants to see you.” After they left, Fu Meng said the news Dugu Shuang brought her today in a deep voice.

“Young Master Gong?” As expected, the King of Medicine stood up solemnly when he heard this name. “There’s no time to lose. I’ll leave immediately.”

Before leaving, the King of Medicine turned his body again. “Study well these few days. You will definitely be the champion of this preliminary test. When you really refine potions, there won’t be anyone who can compare to you. I have investigated Old Master Zhuge’s likes and dislikes. Study it over the next few days. Don’t make Old Master unhappy.”

“Alright.” Fu Meng smiled.

Seeing that the King of Medicine had left, he turned to leave but saw a bunch of doc.u.ments on the table.

She stopped in her tracks and saw three words on the doc.u.ment—Su Huiqing.

Fu Meng’s eyes darkened.

The King of Medicine rushed to the pier. When he was in the car, he received Teacher Fu’s call.

After all, Teacher Fu was from the miracle doctor’s sect. When he heard the King of Medicine’s question, he recalled what Su Huiqing said previously. He didn’t hide the fact that Su Huiqing knew how to refine potions, but he hid the fact that Su Huiqing’s refining purity was above 90%.

In that case, Su Huiqing indeed knew how to refine potions.

When he alighted and was about to board the private jet, the King of Medicine paused. He waved at the person beside him. “Send someone to tell Su Huiqing that if she is willing to come to the miracle doctor’s sect, I will not reject her.”

“This…” Upon hearing the King of Medicine’s words, the person beside him was stunned. “This is not a small matter…”

The selection of the miracle doctor’s sect had always been serious. Why did they let someone into the miracle doctor’s sect without saying anything?

Wasn’t this too careless?

“Just tell her.” The King of Medicine waved his hand. He was in a hurry to leave and didn’t give any further instructions.

Only the two guards, who didn’t know what was going on, looked at each other and said, “This Su Huiqing is really lucky.”

Another person nodded. “Alright, let’s find out where that Su Huiqing is now.”

To be personally recruited into the miracle doctor’s sect by the King of Medicine at this time, wasn’t she extremely lucky?


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