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Read Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 1406 – Leaving 2

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Chapter 1406 Leaving 2

Thousands of years of fear rushed into his heart.

This was exactly what had happened thousands of years ago. Ah Yao had left, never to return…

“Ah Yao, don’t go!” Ming Gu suddenly rushed forward and clung to Ye Qingtang’s leg. His expression was pitiful, aggrieved, and wistful. If not for the fact that the Undead did not cry, he would probably be weeping.

When Ming w.a.n.g saw this, he could not help but frown. His lips moved as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he just looked on silently. However, his dark black eyes looked like bottomless pits.

Ye Qingtang looked at Ming Gu, who was clinging on to her, and could not help but laugh and pinch his little cheeks.

“Ming Gu, be good. I have some things I need to attend to. I’ll be back in a while.”

The Illusory Void in the Temple of Shadows was so good. How could she bear to leave it behind? Also… she had yet to use the Temple of Shadows.

“You’re bluffing! That’s what you said last time, but you were gone for thousands of years before you returned… I don’t believe you… I don’t want you to go… Ah Yao… please, don’t go…” Ming Gu was whining and clinging for dear life to Ye Qingtang’s leg. He wished he could stick himself to her.

He was really afraid.

Afraid that Ah Yao would leave for thousands of years again, just like last time.

“…” Ye Qingtang fell silent. Although her heart ached for little Ming Gu, there were things she needed to accomplish. If she continued to stay in the Temple of Shadows, she would be unable to concentrate on cultivation. Although the Illusory Void allowed her to swiftly raise her cultivation base, if she wanted to stabilize her base after reaching a certain level, she needed to cultivate properly. Otherwise… she would have achieved the cultivation base in vain as she would be unable to control that kind of power.

Ye Qingtang’s heart ached, but she had no choice. Just as she was hesitating and thinking about how best to detach Ming Gu, Ming w.a.n.g, who was standing nearby, suddenly reached out and forcibly pried Ming Gu away from Ye Qingtang’s leg.

“Elder Brother…” Ming w.a.n.g looked piteously at Ming w.a.n.g.

“Shut up, you stupid creature.” Ming w.a.n.g was completely expressionless. After he shouted coldly at Ming Gu, he raised his eyes and gazed deeply at Ye Qingtang. He did not say anything else, but dragged Ming Gu, crying and screaming back to the temple.

As long as she returned, so what if they waited thousands or even ten thousand years…

Ye Qingtang looked at Ming w.a.n.g’s disappearing figure. For some reason, she felt rather bitter.

Ming w.a.n.g…

Was even more reluctant than Ming Gu to see the Holy Lord of Shadows leave?

At first, Ye Qingtang was unable to leave the Temple of Shadows because of Ming w.a.n.g’s suspicions. But now, she could leave because of Ming w.a.n.g’s trust.

Ye Qingtang suppressed her feelings and patted the little white tiger who was in her arms. She took a deep breath as she looked at the clear blue sky.

“Where do you want to go now?” The little white tiger knew that Ye Qingtang wanted to find a good spot to cultivate.

Ye Qingtang said, “Central Dynasty.”

She wanted to take a look at the Forgotten River Cliff. The tablet that her mother had left on the First Mainland had mentioned the Forgotten River Cliff. Perhaps she might be able to find some clues there. Of course… cultivation was the most important.

Ye Qingtang took the little white tiger and left the Temple of Shadows.

Within the Temple of Shadows, Ming w.a.n.g was standing at the window, watching Ye Qingtang’s slowly disappearing figure. His eyes were dark. In the room behind him, Ming Gu continued to beat on the doors and shout.

“Elder Brother! Elder Brother! Let me out. Why can’t I follow Ah Yao? Please, I beg you…”

Ming w.a.n.g seemed to not be able to hear him. He only continued to look at the empty road.

You will come back, won’t you?


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