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Chapter 1167: Attacking Earth

Qin Jian—the old man in linen clothes who was the seventh Prince of Apollo Palace, also known as the “King of Falling Stars”—was smiling brightly; but then his smile froze on his face. He watched Chen Fan stomp his seventy-third generation descendant into meat sauce.

The tall, brawny Grand Elder from the Taichu Divine Realm narrowed his eyes.

The Grand Elders of the other sects also looked at Chen Fan in shock; they had never thought he would be that courageous. In comparison, everyone on Earth was feeling a heavy heart.

A Nascent Soul cultivator from another planet region said, “How can Divine Lord Chen be so unwise? If Qin Feng were alive, he would have a hostage in his hands; he could have used this to slowly negotiate with Apollo Palace and the seven Divine Sects. Why did he stomp him to death? He has completely cut off all his chances.”

“That’s right. The King of Falling Stars was offering him a planet and he was speaking sincerely. He’s not like Qin Jian, someone who’s trying to start a fight and is apparently a reasonable guy. They could have discussed it slowly.” Another Sect Master from Planet Tianhuang also sighed.

“Right, right!”

Many cultivators from other planets, including Heavenly Lord Anpo, shook their heads.

A lot of disciples of the North Qiong Sect and ordinary people on Earth also blamed Chen Fan in their minds. The old man in linen clothes had actually been forthcoming. He seemed to be a kind old man, not aggressive in the slightest. Many people even thought there was hope of negotiating with the large sects in the Star Ocean. It would be for the best if they could prevent a battle.

Qin Dongmu, Xing Hu and Zhang Qihao had never been positive about Chen Fan. They hasd only yielded under his pressure. They were all sneering in their minds at the moment.

“We’re already implacable enemies. Do you really think the imperishable sects would let us go? How is that possible?” Chen Yaoyao refuted.

“That’s possible. These Divine Sects and the North Qiong Sect are indeed at fierce odds, but ordinary people like us have nothing to do with it. Besides, Divine Lord Qin is a kind and magnanimous old man, and he’s willing to forgive the North Qiong Sect, but Divine Lord Chen refused to accept it and even killed his descendant. Isn’t he starting a feud with them?” someone said with a weird tone.

“Who? Who said that?” A’Xiu stared at him as if there was electricity in her eyes.

Many people immediately shut their mouths.

Chen Fan had yet to lose and the North Qiong Sect was still the dominator on Earth. A’Xiu was even able to kill the Nascent Soul cultivators from other planets with a slash, so n.o.body dared to provoke her right then.

After dealing with everyone else, A’Xiu looked up with a grim expression.


Everyone focused their attention on Chen Fan. Not only billions of people on Earth, even the cultivators of the Abandoned Planet Region, others from other planet regions and the individual cultivators in the Star Ocean were also looking at him.

“Kid, aren’t you scared of dying? How dare you kill Qin Feng in front of us! Do you really think old people like us are useless and can be crushed easily like those juniors?” The skinny old man narrowed his eyes.

“Chen Beixuan, you’re too arrogant and you have no idea how vast the world is. There’s always someone better than you.” The tall, brawny old man shook his head.

“Brother Chen, what do you mean?” Qin Jian also stopped smiling and asked expressionlessly.

“What else can he mean? He thinks our old arms and legs aren’t useful anymore. Haha, kid, our power is far beyond your imagination. Don’t think you can look down on us because of your powerful Dharma Power. You’ve just started your journey to reach the Soul Formation level and we’re seniors way ahead of you,” The Grand Elder of the Wuji Sect said.

Those Grand Elders had been living for dozens of thousands of years. Even though they were a bit shocked when they saw Chen Fan defeat the seven Divine Princes, they had seen countless Overlords in their lives; Chen Fan might be strong, but they also had their own support and they weren’t the least afraid.


The Mountain River Universe Map vibrated slightly in the hands of the woman wearing a palace gown from the Fuyao Sect.

Apart from that, each Grand Elder had a different type of energy in them. Those energies were all comparable to that of the Mountain River Universe Map and were apparently from Quasi-Divine Treasures as well.

Together with Yuan Yi’s Blue Sky Divine Blade…

There were at least seven Quasi-Divine Treasures right there! And they were all in the hands of seven Half Grand Cultivators who had touched the Soul Formation Level.


If those elders squinted, their energy could swallow the world.

There hadn’t been any Half Grand Cultivators for many years and a lot of cultivators had forgotten how terrifying they were. Only Lord Dragon and Master Ling Yun, who were already twenty thousand years old, knew how powerful and earth-shattering those immortal Overlords were.

“Yes, I killed him! He offended me, invaded Planet East and interfered with my Divine Lord Coronation Ceremony. So, what’s wrong with killing him? Not only him, I’ll go to your Apollo Palace and the other large sects one day and ask your Sect Masters about the way they educate their subordinates and disciples,” Chen Fan said calmly with hands behind his back.

“How arrogant! Our Sect Masters are all Grand Cultivators. How could their power be something you can even conceive? Do you really think you’re truly a Divine Lord and a Grand Cultivator because a bunch of locals on a barren planet gave you the t.i.tle of ‘Divine Lord’?” The elder of the Wuji Sect laughed in disdain.

“Let’s suppress him with Dharma Treasures, detain him with Divine Powers and make him kneel before the Grand Cultivators. We’ll see if he can still be so arrogant,” the pretty woman in a palace gown said with a cold voice.

“That’s right. If he has a death wish, we’ll show him the real power of the imperishable sects!” an elder said.


Seven powerful energies surged out of their bodies.

The sun floated in the sky, stars shone bright, Fiend Fire swallowed the sky and worlds appeared…

All kinds of phenomena were manifested behind the seven Grand Elders. The images that emerged were similar to those of the Divine Princes, although a few times more powerful, especially that of the King of Falling Stars, Qin Jian. There were thousands of light rays behind him and he was surrounded by a golden aura, as if there were really a sun rising in s.p.a.ce to compete with the Earth’s sun. Countless people on Earth indeed as if there were two suns in the sky. Some terrifying energy swept the world and shook mountains, hitting the sky like raging waves. The moon a thousand miles away also shook slightly.

“You?” Chen Fan flicked his fingers calmly.

“I don’t need them. I can kill you by myself.” The Grand Elder of the Wuji Sect snickered and stepped forward.


A galaxy painting was spread, splitting the sky; it separated Chen Fan and the seven elders. Everyone looked up and felt as if there were another galaxy in s.p.a.ce.

The Wuji Galaxy Painting!

Wu Kai, the Divine Prince Candidate of the Wuji Sect had once performed that Grand Divine Power with his divine-grade Golden Core. Each planet on the galaxy painting represented the power of a Golden Core cultivator. There were a few hundred planets in Wu Kai’s painting. In comparison, there were more than ten thousand of them in that galaxy painting. They could be counted like a sand river made up of dazzling planets.

“Do you know Wu Kai?” Chen Fan turned his head and looked over.

“He’s a descendant of ours. The Wu family had hopes of having another Grand Elder in ten thousand years, but you dashed them. I must settle the scores with you.” The elder of the Wuji Sect, Wu Hongbo, grunted. He smacked with his hand and the Wuji Galaxy Painting, which seemed to have billions of planets, struck at Chen Fan.


At that moment, the entire sky seemed to be collapsing. A large planet in the universe had fallen, as if it would shatter. An unimaginably dazzling galaxy fell from the sky with an extremely terrifying power, breaking the dimension and forming a giant black hole. Wu Hongbo abandoned all the Divine Powers and used his power in an attempt to crush Chen Fan.

Only that attack—

Wu Hongbo had shown how terrifying a Half Grand Cultivator was. Even ten Divine Princes would have been crushed to pieces by his attack. It was savage. He suppressed people with his energy alone and could break all kinds of Divine Powers. He was indeed a terrifying being, a Grand Cultivator who had touched the Soul Formation level.


Chen Fan grunted and flicked his sleeves.


The sky was torn.

An unimaginable Dharma Power also surged out. Some incredibly powerful Dharma Power of the Deity Infant formed a colorful current in the sky, which rapidly ran down for a thousand miles and clashed against Wu Hongbo. The Wuji Galaxy made up of ten thousand Golden Cores had been cut off and there was a clear boundary in the universe.

There were billions of stars on one side and bright light on the other.

“He’s pretty powerful.”

Wu Hongbo looked over in shock.

He used to be a Divine Prince of the Wuji Sect and had cultivated the Wuji Galaxy Painting for fifty thousand years. He might not have the most powerful Divine Power, but his Dharma Power was the top among the others. Even the King of Falling Stars, Qin Jian, was no match for him. However, a junior cultivator had blocked his attack this day and even Wu Hongbo was unable to resist the vigorous power from the galaxy painting, so how could he not be surprised?

“Let me try.”

The skinny old man sneered as he stepped forward and appeared behind Chen Fan. His extremely skinny hand came out of the air and touched Chen Fan’s back without making a noise.

The Niekong Sect was known for their shadowless, shapeless

Even Half Grand Cultivators wouldn’t have taken that attack forcefully.


But Chen Fan only gave a slap and hit the hand of the skinny old man behind him.

The slap was so gentle that there weren’t any energy waves in the air, but the skinny old man was a bit startled. He fell back a few thousand feet with a trace of surprise in his eyes; he seemed to have never thought that Chen Fan’s Dharma Power would be that strong.

“My turn!”

“I’ll help!”

Then, the pretty woman wearing a palace gown and the brawny old man attacked one after the other and fought with Chen Fan. They had been cultivating for dozens of thousands of years, but they were still in awe of Chen Fan’s incredibly powerful Dharma Power.

Even though Chen Fan had only used the most basic power of the Nascent Soul level, the Grand Elders still became serious.

“You want to kill me with such power?”

Chen Fan sneered.

“Brother Chen, we may not be able to deal with you… But even if you can stop us, can you protect the entire Planet East by yourself?” the old man in linen clothes suddenly said with a smile.

Chen Fan turned around with coldness in his eyes.

He saw the three Divine Princes who had followed the old man in linen clothes; Yuan Yi had already sped towards Earth with their Quasi-Divine Treasures. Their target was obviously the palace of the North Qiong Sect on the top of the Yun Wu Mountain!


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