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Read Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 383 – A Living Legend

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Chapter 383: A Living Legend

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

What did it take to be a legend?

Prior to WW2, there were Immortal Level Overlords all over the globe in both the eastern and the western world, leaving many colorful tales about their legendary lives. They could easily bring a nation to heel, playing the kings and monarchs with ease. They were behind many turning points of history and played a significant role in all the significant events.

However, ever since American dropped two atomic bombs on j.a.pan, ushering in the nuclear age, even the strongest overlord had to keep his tail between his legs. The power dynamic s.h.i.+fted and gave the nations of the world more advantage against powerful individuals.

However powerful an immortal level overlord was, their might would pale in comparison with that of the superpower of the world. Many overlords decided to live in seclusion and never again delve into the worldly matters. Even when they tried to keep a low profile, they were still lurking behind the scenes during many momentous developments in history. It wasn’t until twenty years ago that the Immortal Level Overlords had gone completely silent.

For the members of the Dark World, the Immortal Level Overlords were the definition of a legend.

Many new Overlords and Martial Artists even openly questioned the existence of Immortal Level Overlords. They were convinced that the top three fighters on the Dark Roll represented the most powerful individuals in the dark world and no one could have surpa.s.sed their strength.

However, Chen Fan’s display of power has defied people’s perception of power in the world.

Chen Fan’s ill.u.s.trious achievements suddenly came into people’s minds. That he had killed four Grandmasters with a flick of a finger, that he had killed the mighty Takemiya Hiro who was only half-step away from reaching Immortal Kingdom, that he had annihilated the fourteenth brigade of four thousand strong, that he had struck down seventeen aircrafts, that this and that.

Finally, the members of the Dark World finally realized that even an individual could possess unimaginable abilities that could subjugate even an army fully decked out with modern equipment.

Although Chen Fan had only defeated one single brigade from the j.a.pan Self-Defense Forces—even their F-15 was a weaker version of the one US created for the export market, the outcome of the battle had shocked everyone in the underground world.

“He is the new definition of a legend. A bad-a.s.s even as the legend goes”

“In the past ten years, we have slowly forgotten the potent power of an Immortal Level Overlord and forgot that they used to battle entire armies with ease. Chen Beixuan had reminded them that such an individual still existed today. ”

“He was not only an Immortal Level Overlord but also a living legend.”

Observer’s comments about Chen Fan were quoted throughout all sections of the forum and quickly spread into the ears of leaders in the Dark World.

After the Hong Sect leader heard the news, he sat in his chair for three long hours without saying a word. In the end, he gritted his teeth and plodded toward the secret compound tucked deep inside the facility. This compound was closed off to everyone except for the sect leader. Not even underbosses were allowed to enter. It was the hosting place of the Hong Sect’s greatest secret and the foundation upon which the organization was laid.

The Lee Family of the Samsung Group called for an emergency meeting as soon as they heard the news. In the meeting, leaders of the Samsung group suggested sacrificing Lee Hyeok-Gyu as an apology to Chen Beixuan. However, that motion was turned down by the family lord of the Lee Family. The leader who proposed that motion left the meeting room, complaining about the short-sightedness of the Lee Family. He was convinced that the Lee Family would pay for their arrogance and lack of commitment to mend ties with Chen Beixuan. His words didn’t sit well with the family Lord, but neither could the family lord refute back.

The Dragon Hall, Square Tower, and Crimson Wings all gathered their leaders and after much deliberation, they decided to upgrade Chen Beixuan’s threat level to the highest level: SSS. It translated to pretty much three words: Do-Not-Touch.

Other than a few nations that had nuclear capabilities, Chen Beixuan’s presence was a grave concern for all the rest of the nations. Aid International’s boss scrambled and flew to China from Europe to meet with Chen Beixuan in person.

Meanwhile, the development also had a huge effect on j.a.panese politics.

Meanwhile, in a luxurious manor just outside of Tokyo.

None of the servants of the Mitsui family clan dared to speak a word. They lowered their heads and looked at each other knowingly. Those who had to bustle in and out of the rooms walked extremely quietly. Ever since the family lord got the news about what had happened at the battle, he nearly smashed everything in his room. Then he had a heart attack so the family had to hire the best cardiovascular doctor to stand by him while he recovered.

Meanwhile, the family members of the Mitsui family clan stood quietly, scarcely daring to say a word.

Mitsui Kazuo was no longer furious. He laid on the bed calmly and concealed his emotions with a stoic face. The current boss of the Mitsui Group was standing right next to the bed. He mustered as much courage as possible and said: “My Lord, I doubt that Chen Beixuan knew we are behind all of this. He would only go after the Prime Minister.”

Mitsui Yuto said as he tried to mask his trepidation.

The shock he had experienced when he knew Chen Fan had defeated the Fourteenth Brigade still lingered inside of him. He had never been more scared in his life, not even when he learned that he was chosen to run the family business.

That was the Fourteenth Brigade with the air support of F-15.

How could anyone be so powerful? Not even Lord Susano or Yamamizuki possessed such terrifying power. Erika and Takemiya Hiro were mighty Sword Sages, but even they wouldn’t stand a chance against the military.

When Mitsui Kazuo told him that the j.a.panese government was going to mobilize military against Chen Fan, he even felt bad for Chen Fan, thinking that the Chinese Teenager’s fate was sealed, that If Chen Fan had listened to his advice and left j.a.pan, he wouldn’t have to face his doom.

However, to his surprise, Chen Fan utterly annihilated the j.a.panese military.

Chen Fan’s victory was like a slap on the j.a.panese Government’s face. He had knocked a few teeth out of the j.a.panese Government’s mouth. The fear of losing face forced the j.a.panese government to swallow the broken teeth and let it fester into anger and fury inside of its belly.

However, the question now facing the j.a.panese government was what kind of options do they still have? Fourteenth Brigade was gone, should they send in the first and the second Brigade? Not only mobilizing so many forces was expensive, But also very ineffective against one person. Chen Beixuan could simply hide in a city to avoid direct confrontation with the military.

It was the j.a.panese government, instead of Chen Beixuan, who should be worried about retribution.

Chen Beixuan was a vengeful person, and he wouldn’t let the j.a.panese government get off the hook for attacking him in broad daylight.

Even Mitsui had thought of this, much less the leaders of j.a.pan. The prime minister’s residence located at 2-3-1 Nagatachō Chiyoda-ku had significantly increased its store of defenses. The Prime Minister of j.a.pan was extremely nervous and fearful ever since the battle ended. Rumor had it that the elite j.a.panese Special Forces had entered the Prime Minister’s residence to guard the facility. The Prime Minister had also met with the American military stationed in j.a.pan many times.

However, Mitsui Yuto had remained quiet, trying to distance themselves from the j.a.panese Government’s actions.

“I am concerned about our involvement in the military actions against Chen Beixuan. Prime Minister had thought of letting Chen Beixuan off the hook, but I and a few of my colleagues had insisted military option against him. We believed that it was necessary to exert forces to quell the audacious Overlords.”

Mitsui Kazuo let out a wry smile.


Mitsui Yuto and the other leaders of the Mitsui family were shocked.

They had never thought that the Mitsui family was one of the main instigators of the military action.

Large corporations such as the Mitsui group dominated politics in j.a.pan. Most high-level officials were related to one, if not more mega-corporations. Without the support of these mega-companies, no one could have remained in the prime minister’s office for their entire term.

“All we could do now is to pray that Chen Beixuan didn’t know about our involvement, that he would go after the Prime Minister and escalate the situation to the point that the Americans have to get involved. However, that wasn’t a perfect solution either. The American’s direct involvement would set back any progress our nation had made in seeking military independence.”

Mitsui Kazuo let out a sigh.

The family lord of the most powerful family clan in j.a.pan seemed to have aged significantly. His mistake had taken a toll on his authority in the family. Already, Mitsui Kazuo registered the ambition burning inside of Mitsui Yuto.

However, he didn’t mind the potential challenge to his authority. His mind was on another person who had played a key role in the latest development: Violet.

If Chen Beixuan were able to find Violet and force her to snitch on the Mitsui family. The Mitsui family would be in a dire situation.

“Was I really wrong about him?”

Mitsui Kazuo looked up, eyes filled with indignation. “I believed that this planet would be forever in the firm grasp of powerful corporations and our representatives in the government. In the last decade, we had even brought the Immortal State cultivators to heel.”

“But Chen Beixuan had come in and completely shattered my world view…” Mitsui Kazuo still couldn’t believe what Chen Beixuan had done.

Chen Fan’s appearance had not only pulled the rug from under him, but also from under all the leaders around the world. For the first time, they felt threatened, and that they were no longer in charge of their own fate.

Many people saw that Chen Fan was the thorn in their sides and wished to get rid of him.

Meanwhile, Chen Fan had already made his way to Kyushu island.

Inside the residence of the Yukis.h.i.+ro family at Kyushu, a woman stood right before Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa. Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa paid no attention to the woman’s hot body; she gave the woman an icy glare and hissed at her.

“Violet, how dare you betray our master?”

Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa was flanked by a group of men in black ninja suits. One of Ninjas held the girl with one hand and pointed a blade at the neck of Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa with another. These were the ninjas from the Fuji ninja clan. Violet attacked Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa by surprise and held the girl hostage.

When Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa realized what had happened, shock and disbelief were written all over her face.

She couldn’t believe that Violet would betray Chen Fan, especially after Chen Fan had proven his strength by defeating Takemiya Hiro.

“Humph! Chen Beixuan’s days are numbered. He had picked the wrong fight and now the mega-corporations and the politicians had reached a consensus to do away with him.” Violet let out a smirk as she flung back at the girl.

“Master is the most powerful man in East Asia, no one can harm him.” Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa refuted.

“Haha. Of course, no ordinary Martial Artist could handle Chen Beixuan. Even the alliance of the four Demon G.o.ds was defeated by him. But what if I tell you it was the military that he had to deal with this time?” Violet said with a half-smile on her face.

Under Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa’s shocked eyes, her lips curled slightly and then she said: “Before I came here, he was surrounded by the Fourteenth Brigade. Do you really think that he would escape the wrath of the military?”

Violet’s words had taken the wind out of Yukis.h.i.+ro Sa’s sails. Life and color quickly ebbed away from her face as despair surfaced in her wide and innocent eyes.


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