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Read Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 421 – One Against A Hundred!

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Chapter 421: One Against A Hundred!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Once Chen Fan started attacking, he was nearly unstoppable.

As soon as Chen Fan broke the hypersonic barrier, his body turned into a wash of azure light and it traced an azure line across the valley and arrived in front of a tall werewolf. Then he punched at the beast.

Chen Fan’s arm went straight through the werewolf’s midsection and the impact made the soft belly of the monster explode. Everything happened so fast that the beast didn’t even realize what had happened before he was dead.


Then and only then did everyone hear the sonic boom as a plum of white mist dissipated around Chen Fan. The sound swept through the valley as if a fighter jet had just pa.s.sed.

The Werewolves finally realized what had just happened.

They looked to Chen Fan in astonishment, eyes glinting with alertness.

So powerful was Chen Fan that he had killed a Werewolf with one simple punch. The azure fist packed even more energy than the azure palm that Chen Fan had summoned earlier. Despite its large size, the Azure Palm moved very slowly and could be easily dodged. Such as the weakness of the Grand Qin Na Hand. However, Chen Fan’s second attack was so fast that most werewolves couldn’t even see what had happened.

If Chen Fan could kill a werewolf with one punch, he could finish the battle in a hundred thirty-seven punches.

The thought had made Galdan’s face change color. But he quickly gathered himself and rallied his offsprings.

“Let’s attack him at once. His body can’t sustain hypersonic speed too many times.”

Hearing the words, Werewolves howled again and encircled Chen Fan. Except for the dozen or so werewolves who were still dealing with Adam and his peers, the rest of the werewolves all joined the battle against Chen Fan, hoping to get rid of the most powerful foe first.

“Is that so?”

Chen Fan cracked a derisive smile.

He tapped the ground lightly and broke the hypersonic barrier again. This time, he busted the head of a female werewolf.

“Second punch. ”

Chen Fan counted calmly as he delivered the deadly blow. When the werewolf’s dead body fell to the ground, his eyes held nothing but indifference.

The development sent the rest of the Werewolves into a blood rage. They threw back their heads and snarled before they lashed out at Chen Fan in unison. So sharp were their claws that they could go through steel plating with easel, so fast were their movement, that they could catch a cheetah and so perfect were their teamwork, they moved and attacked as one ent.i.ty.

Suddenly, they rained so many deadly attacks on Chen Fan that the entire sky above Chen Fan’s head was shrouded by shadows of deadly claws. These claws reached so close to Chen Fan that the sound of them whizzing through the air could be heard right around Chen Fan’s ear.

The attack was able to tear through the G.o.d Form, but Chen Fan simply smiled and then broke the hypersonic barrier with ease once again. His body disappeared and flashed into view a few dozen meters away from where he was, rammed his shoulder into a stocky werewolf, turning him into a blob of wolf-jam.

Chen Fan didn’t even need to use any attack when his body had reached the hypersonic speed. His body was deadly enough already. No one, not even a Physique Refinement Grandmaster, nor an Extraordinary One with G.o.d Form could have withstood such an impact.

“Third attack.”

Chen Fan paused a second and murmured to himself. Under even more loathing glares of the Werewolves, Chen Fan broke the hypersonic barrier again.


Chen Fan yanked an arm up and hacked down, slicing a werewolf into two halves.


He busted the still-beating heart of another werewolf.


Chen Fan murmured as he bore down his palm onto the top of a werewolf’s head.

A deadly silence fell over the valley.

Chen Fan had killed ten Werewolves in a blink, each werewolf could be as powerful as a Grandmaster. Unlike Grandmasters, these werewolves lacked technique and replied only on their tough bodies and brute force to dish out damage. Therefore, they didn’t have any means of preventing Chen Fan from reaching Hypersonic speed.

In other words, these Werewolves lacked tactics when they fought.

After seeing Chen Fan had laid low ten of their own kind, even their jarringly obnoxious howling had reduced to a deep growling.

These werewolves mighty be savages, but they also knew strength and power when they saw it.

Even Galdan’s hand started shaking in fear and shock. Every time Chen Fan reached Hypersonic speed and killed one of the werewolves, he felt his authority among his offsprings erode a little. He also moaned the brutal death of so many of his children.

Before the fight, Chen Fan had already used hypersonic speed punch more than ten times while fighting the Dark Overlords. The ten extra executions just now would make it twenty. Despite the Azure Thearch Longevity Body he possessed, Chen Fan felt the need to slow down and catch his breath.

“ah-ha! I was right. He is exhausted now! He won’t last long.” The sight filled Galdan’s eyes with glee. He shouted at his offsprings. “My children, attack at once! Rip open his throat and taste his blood and flesh. Make him pay for what he has done to your brothers and sisters. Whoever lands the killing blow would have the right to use the Warg Fruit and become the next Pact Leader!”

“Ahhwooo, ahhwooo, ahhwoooo!”

The maddening howls of the werewolves shot through the sky and reverberated in the valley.

A few larger werewolves lead the pact and charged to Chen Fan. Their eyes were filled with greed and bloodl.u.s.t. Chen Fan was no longer prey, he was a ladder to power.


Chen Fan sneered.

Even without the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, he was far more powerful than these monsters as an Immortal Cultivator at the mid-stage of Ethereal Enlightenment.

Chen Fan waved a hand and summoned a dozen Jade talisman in the air. The jade talisman exploded one after another, giving birth to countless deadly spells such as Wind blades, Fire b.a.l.l.s, Chain Lightning, Ice Chisels and Golden Blades. These spells flew across the valley directly at the Werewolves.

These Jade Talismans were made by Chen Fan during his free time and they were covered with Talisman Inscriptions of offensive spells.

Although Chen Fan didn’t put in much effort and attention to details during the creation of these talismans, the spells were extremely deadly to the werewolves who were nearly impervious to physical attacks but lacked any defense against spells.

After one bout of spells, Chen Fan had killed five werewolves and injured twice that many.

However, the werewolves had incredible self-healing abilities. As long as parts of their bodies were not permanently detached from the rest, they could heal any wounds in matters of seconds.


Already, the shadow of the four leading werewolves were upon Chen Fan. They attacked in unison, las.h.i.+ng out their long sharp claws at once. Sunlight ran down from their claws and formed a streak of sunlight in the air that looked similar to the Fist Qi when Grandmasters attacked. Even when the claws were still a few meters away from him, Chen Fan could hear the creation of a vacuum near the edge of the claws.

These four giant werewolves were at least a head taller than their normal counterparts. Chen Fan wagered that their powers were on par with those Overlords on the Dark Roll.

Chen Fan countered their attack with a beautiful Azure Blade Aura that glided through the air with graceful finality.

“Azure Wood Qi Blade!”

The Azure Wood Qi Blade traced a graceful arc in the air. Chen Fan had become the masterful butcher who could carve up a cow with elegance and style. The Azure Wood Qi Blade was no longer a brutal weapon, instead, it was a needle in the fingers of a master embroiderer and his target a blank piece of silk that awaited for his art.


Chen Fan blocked four paws lined with sharp claws with the Qi Blade.

The Qi Blade carved a deep gash on the furry paws so deep that they revealed the whiteness inside. The injury didn’t deter the four Pack Leader Wannabes. They continued their attacks.

Chen Fan and the four werewolves moved so fast that all the others could see were an Azure shadow surrounded by four fast-moving black ones.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Chen Fan picked up some speed and the glowing azure blade auras also increased its length and became thinner. It left a deep wound on the werewolves after each lash.

In less than ten seconds, the four werewolves were covered with wounds and their fur was matted by dry blood. Although they could heal their wounds very quickly, the loss of blood had taken a toll on their endurance. They were not only losing blood, but also the True Essence within the blood. Already, their attack came with less and less vigor and frequency.


Chen Fan finally caught an opening and jabbed the azure blade forward, pa.s.sing three werewolves. The Blade Aura suddenly intensified as Chen Fan brought the Qi Balde around and hacked down at the fourth werewolf.

The Qi Blade had become so bright that it nearly blinded everyone. Reducing the viewer’s vision to a thin line of azure glow.


The werewolf panicked as he reached out both arms to cus.h.i.+on the blow. However, the blade went through both of his arms and landed on his head, separating it from the shoulder.


Blood squirted out from the werewolf’s neck like a fountain and didn’t fall down until it reached a few meters high in the air.

The rest of the Werewolves looked troubled and Galdan’s hand started trembling. He pressed his hand down onto his walking cane, trying to steady it, but to no avail. Those four werewolves were the elite warriors among his offspring. Losing one of them was equivalent to losing ten ordinary werewolves.

“Attack! Kill him! Kill him!”

Galdan snarled at the werewolves. The werewolves’ eyes were bloodshot and started charging at Chen Fan while barking like mad animals.

“Humph, do you think I have no helpers?”

Chen Fan snorted and then let go of the Blade Auras. He produced a yellow-skinned gourd from his pocket and took out a Bone flute from it. Suddenly, a primordial note that seemed as ancient as time drifted into everyone’s ears.

Summoning Flute of Demon G.o.d!

This would be the first time Chen Fan use the Dharma Treasure that cost him dearly.

“Donn Donn Donn”

With the beatings of an ancient war drum, a Golden Armor Immortal Guardian appeared on the battlefield. He used to be Lord Susano, now he was a new name: Susano, the Immortal Guardian. He rode his handsome stallion across the valley and killed a werewolf with one decisive attack. His unwavering belligerence shook everyone, including Galdan.

Semi-Immortal State?

Adam studied the Immortal Guardian carefully.

To his surprise, there was another Immortal Guardian with a set of golden wings that swooped down from the sky.

“Immortal Guardian Karasutengu!”

Two Semi-Immortal State Warriors?

Adam rounded his eyes in disbelief.

However, that was not the end. Under everyone’s shocked eyes, three more Immortal Guardians emerged. The Six-Armed Immortal Guardian had six arms, each holding a Dharma Artifact. The Kurome Immortal Guardian had a pair of burning eyes that could penetrate one’s soul. And the last one was Immortal Guardian Yamamizuki who looked like a walking tree made out of gold.

There were five Immortal guardians in total.

Adam was rendered speechless and his shock was shared by everyone around him, including his enemies.

The energy generated from the five Immortal Guardians swept across the valley and attracted the attention of those who were still fighting.


Chen Fan commanded.

The five Immortal Guardians brandished their weapons and charged it to the thick of werewolves.

Even when they were Semi-Immortal State Demon G.o.ds, they could have done away with a werewolf with ease. Now they had absorbed the energy inside the flute and became much more powerful than they had ever been. These werewolves were only as powerful as Mixed Martial Arts Masters, so their defense quickly crumbled.

In a heartbeat, the five Immortal Guardians had slain half of the werewolves.

“They… they are insanely powerful!”

White Haired Reaper and Yang Qinhu looked at each other in trepidation. It was as if they had seen the staff of legends.

Adam was seized by fear after seeing the power under Chen Fan’s command. If Chen Fan unleashed the five Immortal Guardians upon the Dark World, he could have killed all Dark Overlords.


Galdan could no longer stand by and watch. He snarled as his eyes lit up with red flames. He ripped his clothes open as his body increased in size. In a blink, he transformed from a shriveled old man to a three-meter tall werewolf with a tenacious body covered by wiry fur.

“China man! How dare you kill my children!”

“You will DIE!”


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