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Read Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 621 – An Earth Level Deity?

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Chapter 621: An Earth Level Deity?


A man rose to the skies.

The elder in a black robe stood in the air with his hands behind his back and his eyes looked fierce. Once he appeared, all warriors, including the Gold Priest and Guru Guja, lowered their heads to express their respect to this Overlord, who had remained in the Divine Roll’s first place for sixty years.

“War G.o.d Ye, it’s been twenty years, right?”

Oleg heaved a sigh.

When they last met, twenty years in the past, Ye Qingcang’s power still had a limit, but it seemed to be endless at the moment.

“It’s like a blink of an eye to me.”

Ye Qingcang burst into laughter and suddenly flew to the top of Mount Yan like a shooting star. He looked around and said arrogantly, “Chen Beixuan, I’m here. Come out and fight!”

He was wearing a black outfit and had long white hair like a demon.

The Old Lord w.a.n.g, the Old Lord Xiao and many descendants of the Yan Jin families were all frightened. The other Dark World Overlords also widened their eyes and were waiting quietly.

The battle like no other in a thousand years was about to begin.

“War G.o.d Ye came knowing that he could die. Since he isn’t so sure that he can win the battle, he had to wait for you to become an Immortal State Warrior before he challenged Chen Beixuan.”

Two people were standing on another mountain.

One of them was Azure Dragon who was wearing an azure robe, while the other was a handsome, murderous man.

Ye Nantian.

The Major General of the Dragon’s Fang, the G.o.d of War in the military of China and the second on the Heaven Roll.

“After entering the Deity Burial Valley in Kunlun, father has become more powerful and is only half step away from becoming an Earth Level Deity. Even the Dark Duke can’t compete with him now, and he can easily escape from the attack of an Earth Level Deity. But Chen Beixuan…”

Talking about Chen Fan, Ye Nantian’s eyes stayed still.

At first, he still wanted to compete with Chen Fan, but when Chen Fan’s level surged rapidly, he gave up on the idea. n.o.body in the world knew Chen Fan better than Ye Nantian did.

“Chen Beixuan either came from the Gate of Heaven or he’s the reincarnation of a Mortal Deity. Otherwise, how would a normal twenty-year-old despise everyone like Chen Beixuan does? Powers can be transferred to others but not the state of mind. Who knows how many cards he has in his hands when facing such an experienced warrior?”

Ye Nantian looked extremely serious.

Standing behind them were the members of the Ye Family and the disciples of Kunlun, including Ye Beichen, Ye Yiren, Red Sparrow and White Tiger. They were all feeling nervous.

Ye Qingcang was the pillar of the Ye Family. If he fell, the Ye Family and Kunlun would suffer a severe blow.

“Grandpa, you’ll win, right?”

Ye Yiren looked up and prayed.

Suddenly, a clamor of voices came from the foot of the mountain.

Chen Beixuan was here!

Chen Fan didn’t fly there like the other Immortal State Warriors.

He showed up at the foot of the mountain in a white casual wear, as if he were only a hiker.


Chen Fan placed his hands behind his back and went up the stairs.

Right at that moment, Ye Qingcang opened his eyes and looked over.

The Dark Overlords, the families of Yan Jin and the Immortal State Warriors all held their breath.

Everybody knew that the battle had already started when Chen Fan showed up. A fight between Immortal State Warriors was not affected by distances.


Chen Fan then looked up and saw Ye Qingcang who was a hundred meters away on the top of the mountain.

At the same time, Ye Qingcang also looked back at him.

An azure light and a crimson aura shot out from their eyes and clashed in the air, creating some crackling sounds. Two powerful Soul Energies then came out from their bodies and crashed against each other.


There came a deafening sound in the air.

An invisible energy was quickly spread to both sides with the mountainside as the boundary. Many maple trees were uprooted and crushed into pieces. Their Soul Energy waves collided in the air and formed a hundred-meter wall between the two warriors.

“He turned his Soul Energy into a concrete substance?”

Everyone’s eyes popped out.

Even though a Divine Master of Spirit could also do that, it wasn’t easy to have such a great Soul Energy like Chen Fan and Ye Qingcang did, allowing them to fight with a mountain in between. How ma.s.sive was their Soul Energy exactly?

“You have quite a strong Soul Energy. Ever since I started cultivating, you’re the only person on Earth that can touch the boundary of my Immortal Will,” Chen Fan said as he kept moving forward.

With every step he made, the boundary of the Soul Energy retreated a meter towards the peak.

Chen Fan walked ten steps forward and the boundary moved back ten meters. A large gap appeared on the mountain as if part of the forest were being removed.

“I read from an ancient book that the ancient cultivators had their own cultivation arts to nurture their Soul Energy, and they could turn it into a concrete object like a metal knife. I guess it’s true.”

Ye Qingcang’s long hair was fluttering and the crimson aura in his eyes surged.

His Soul Energy clashed with Chen Fan’s Immortal Will, but it wasn’t strong enough and he was forced to fall back. Yet, Ye Qingcang didn’t panic at all and was still very confident.


Ye Qingcang stepped forward and raised his left hand as if he were holding the world.


The Essence Qi within miles was stirred up; it swirled and moved towards Ye Qingcang. He soon created a long whirlwind on his palm as if he were Thor.

“A Mortal Deity!”

Everyone was startled.

n.o.body had thought that Ye Qingcang had become a Mortal Deity and could exhibit his strongest power with a single move.

“The old man isn’t an Earth Level Deity yet. If he uses the power of a Mortal Deity at his age, he’s risking his life and can only live at most three hours longer,” Red Sparrow said anxiously.

The members of the Ye Family also looked worried.

A Mortal Deity was indeed powerful, but after Lin Shuming and Li Changsheng, everyone knew that their lives would be at risk once they reached that level. Ye Qingcang had already been forced to use the power of a Mortal Deity at the early stage of the battle, but Chen Fan had never once used it since they began battling.

Ye Nantian said, “Father has changed. He’s not the same as he used to be. Just keep watching.”


Ye Qingcang threw out a few hundred-meter whirlwind from his hand and it went towards Chen Fan with an earth-shattering energy.

He created a whirlwind and attacked with the power of the entire world!

Ye Qingcang’s attack was even more powerful than Lin Shuming’s strike, back when he had split the ocean. He apparently had a more stable control of the Essence Qi than Lin Shuming did.


The whirlwind struck like a black dragon.

Many members of the major families were trembling. They had never seen such a horrifying attack. The two warriors could easily gather the power of the world and throw out cyclones. They weren’t humans, but celestial beings!

Zhang Yu stared at Chen Fan and murmured, “Die, die!”

Many others also looked forward to seeing Chen Fan lose.

But then, Chen Fan smiled and said, “Ye Qingcang, you can’t defeat me with such a weak attack. Bring out your full power!”

Chen Fan flicked his sleeves.


An unbelievably strong True Essence came out of Chen Fan’s hand and a surging azure wave suddenly appeared in the air. The wave swept across the sky for a hundred meters like a tsunami and struck the fierce whirlwind.


The azure True Essence clashed with the black whirlwind.

The two powerful energies created a thunderous sound. The trees on the two sides were immediately smashed into pieces and rocks were cracked. Just the aftereffect of the clash had leveled an area of a hundred square meters at the foot of the mountain.

How powerful!

Everyone watching the battle was frightened by their powers.

The eyes of the Immortal State Overlords had widened and they stared at Chen Fan.

Only they knew what Chen Fan’s attack implied.

“Ye Qingcang had to gather the power of the Earth to create a whirlwind and Chen Beixuan blocked it with his own energy. To fight with the world with mortal power! Is this really something an Immortal State Warrior can do?” an old eagle rider said with shock.

“A month ago, Chen Beixuan battled with Lin Shuming above the East Sea. When facing the power of Mortal Deity, Chen Beixuan only relied on his Earth Level Deity body and armor. Speaking of strength, even the Kindred’s body and countless secret arts of the Dark Duke and the Blood Knight are weaker when facing a Mortal Deity, but Chen Beixuan is able to fight the energy of the world with his own power, showing how strong he is!”

Oleg looked serious.

Everyone else was also terrified.

A Mortal Deity could control the Earth but Chen Fan could destroy the world with his power. Did this mean that his True Essence was comparable to the power of an Earth Level Deity?

“Ye Qingcang has no chance of winning this battle! With the body and power of an Earth Level Deity, aside from not being able to control the Essence Qi of the Earth, Chen Beixuan is actually a real Earth Level Deity!”

Guru Guja shook his head and gave up on his idea of taking revenge.

“Not necessarily,” Oleg said with glistening eyes.

The others also looked at Ye Qingcang and saw that he attacked again.


This time, it was way more powerful than the last strike.


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