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Chapter 653: All Annihilated


A purple flying sword flew straight at Chen Fan; the impact produced a sound similar to metals colliding. The azure light on his body was like a piece of indestructible gold.

Chen Fan stood there.

He didn’t move a bit and wasn’t hurt at all, even when the Spirit Artifacts clashed against him. All those Spirit Artifacts—able to make a building collapse and as powerful as Immortal State Overlords—were useless against him.


Chen Fan stretched out his hand and grabbed a golden hammer as large as a watermelon. This golden hammer was made with steel; a great deal of s.h.i.+ny runes were carved on its surface. It weighed thousands of catties and was made by a Transcendent State Cultivator; it was powerful enough to crush a giant rock.

But Chen Fan destroyed it with a gentle press.

“Pfft! My Thunder Hammer.”

One of the disciples from the Gate of Heaven spurted out blood. He didn’t have a Divine Soul and relied only on blood sacrifices to control the Dharma Artifact; once the Dharma Artifact was broken, his soul and spirit would be seriously damaged.

It was only the first one.

Every time Chen Fan raised his hand, a Dharma Artifact would break.

Many disciples from the Gate of Heaven spurted out blood and fell back one after another, looking completely frightened.

“His body is definitely more powerful than an Earth Level Deity Body. It’s comparable to that of the ‘Elephant G.o.d Master,’ reaching the Grand King Kong State,” a disciple of the Beimang Sect exclaimed.

The Beimang Sect was famous for controlling ghosts and corpses. His Golden Armor Corpse was covered in gold and was able to withstand a missile, but Chen Fan had smashed it just like that.


Chen Fan blocked Qian Yexue’s two Ice Spirit Blades with his hands. When the blades slashed his arms, a s.h.i.+ny Divine Light came out, and not even the Yin Qi that could freeze bones affected him.

An initial-success Divine Body was very close to immortal and was indestructible.

“His body is indeed close to that of a peak-stage Earth Level Deity or even a Sky Immortal,” Qian Yexue said with a terrified look.

Although she didn’t exhibit her full power, it was unbelievable that Chen Fan could withstand the attack with his body without getting injured. She had only seen such a strong body in top Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu, and in some other Body-tempering Overlords or Spirit Beasts.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

Chen Fan shook his arms and some horrific Blood Qi rose. The bright azure light then formed a giant light palm which smacked hard, crus.h.i.+ng four disciples from the Gate of Heaven to death.

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Everyone tried to escape with their Dharma Treasures.

But Chen Fan was faster than them.

He instantly broke the sonic barrier, creating a long white mark like smoke coming out from a train. Every move he made crushed several disciples from the Gate of Heaven, along with their Protection Dharma Artifacts.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Chen Fan killed dozens of them in a blink.

The others were terrified. They quickly used their secret arts to turn into beams of light and escape. The six Divine Sea Cultivators ran even faster than rabbits.

“You can’t get away,”

Chen Fan was like a flash of light.

He instantly approached the back of a man in a white outfit. He was apparently a Divine Sea Cultivator who was stronger than Lei Potian, close to Tian Mingzi and Xuan Luo.

Lian Yunsheng.

The Divine Child of the Mixed-Essence Sect.

Even though Lian Yunsheng wasn’t a Dao Body Baby, he was one of the top ten cultivators among the younger generation in the Realm of Kunxu. His Mixed-Essence Techniques had reached the maximum level; he could move mountains with his True Qi alone.


Lian Yunsheng blew out a cloud of white smoke and filled the sky with Righteousness Qi. It could smash metals into pieces, even a bomber.

This Mixed-Essence True Qi was the reason why the Mixed-Essence Sect could become the major sect of the Realm of Kunxu and be on equal footing with the Azure Mystic Sect and the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

“Pretty good True Qi, but it’s not dense enough,” Chen Fan said as he blew away Lian Yunsheng’s Mixed-Essence True Qi. He then stretched out his hand and bashed Lian Yunsheng’s head.

“It’s not finished…”

Lian Yunsheng’s body shattered into little bits, and an invisible Divine Soul came out from his head, trying to escape. And yet, Chen Fan’s Divine Light immediately smashed it.

This was only the beginning.

Many Martial Artists of the human world witnessed Chen Fan chasing after the arrogant cultivators and crus.h.i.+ng them together with their Divine Souls no matter how they begged, threatened, cursed or scolded him.

“He… he’s really trying to kill them all!” someone murmured.

“Our planet will be screwed if he doesn’t kill these people,” Ye Nantian said seriously.

n.o.body knew how many Earth Level Deities there were in the Realm of Kunxu and whether they could come out or not. They had to kill all these people to be safe; those in the Realm of Kunxu would never find out in the short term.

“Please don’t…” a cute, pretty girl said with teary eyes, but Chen Fan directly let out golden flames from his eyes and burnt her into ashes.

After the death of this girl, almost all the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven had been killed. Qian Yexue and Xuan Luo, who had just flown out of the mountain, were the only two left.

“How dare you kill them…” Xuan Luo yelled emotionally, with blood on his lips as he stared at Chen Fan, “Chen Beixuan, you’re dead! No one can save you now. Just wait till we take our revenge.”

“Is that so?”

Chen Fan didn’t seem to care at all.

He then sped towards Xuan Luo, trying to kill this young Overlord of the Realm of Kunxu.


Xuan Luo turned pale.

He had never thought that Chen Fan would be so vicious.

“When I get back to the Realm of Kunxu, I’ll tell my father about this, and I’ll ask the seniors of the Azure Mystic Sect to come to the human world together to kill Chen Beixuan and all the members of the North Qiong Sect,” Xuan Luo shouted.


Xuan Luo then turned into a crimson shadow and ran away using the Art of Blood Escape. The blood in his body carried a vast amount of Spirit Qi; he could travel several times faster than a normal Immortal State Warrior.

The others could only see a flash of crimson light shooting far away like a supersonic missile.

“Did he escape?”

Those from the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun were anxious.

If Xuan Luo ran away, every effort they had made would have been wasted. By then, not only the North Qiong Sect, the entire Chinese Martial Arts community might also be eliminated by the Earth Level Deities of the Realm of Kunxu.


Chen Fan didn’t even go after Xuan Luo. He took out a black dagger from the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

The black dagger immediately turned into a beam of black light and shot out at a high speed. It had gone beyond the speed of sound and people couldn’t even see it.

It was the “G.o.d-killing Spear” Chen Fan got from the Americans.

That was the most powerful weapon Chen Fan had, which was even stronger than a superior-grade Spirit Artifact. Its speed could reach up to twenty times the speed of sound.

“I had to burn my blood to use the Art of Blood Escape… My time to become an Earth Level Deity will be postponed for at least ten years because of this, but my life is more important right now. Why is there such a powerful being in this world? How did he cultivate?”

Xuan Luo had no idea at all.

He was certain that Chen Fan had yet to become an Earth Level Deity. It was unbelievable that an Immortal State Warrior could be so powerful.

There wasn’t anyone like Chen Fan, even during the golden era of the Realm of Cultivation in ancient times.


A black shadow suddenly appeared within the area covered by his Immortal Will.

“What is that?”

Before Xuan Luo knew it, the G.o.d-killing Spear had already pierced through s.p.a.ce and was coming from behind.


Xuan Luo shouted and the moon appeared again behind him. The moonlight gathered and formed a thin light blade to stop the G.o.d-killing Spear.

But the G.o.d-killing Spear was terrifying!

Before Xuan Luo could strike, it had already pierced through his body and shot out from his chest, creating a large b.l.o.o.d.y hole.

A Dao Body Baby, who was born with an Earth Level Deity Body, was as vulnerable as a piece of paper before the G.o.d-killing Spear.

This was the power of the G.o.d-killing Spear! The Americans had only used it with the electromagnetic cannons, but it had then become a terrifying Divine Weapon since Chen Fan got it.

“This isn’t the end!”

An azure Divine Soul hopped out of Xuan Luo’s head covered in moonlight and was trying to run away. Once his Divine Soul escaped, it would be hard for it to find another Dao Body Baby, which meant that Xuan Luo had no hope of becoming a Connate Cultivator anymore.

But such a small sacrifice was necessary for him to survive.

At the same time, a bolt of golden lightning was shot from the G.o.d-killing Spear towards Xuan Luo. It was apparently the Immortal Will Chen Fan hid in the spear.

“Chen Beixuan, my father is the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect and the most superior person of the Realm of Kunxu. If you kill me, he’ll certainly tear you apart…”

The azure Divine Soul yelled crazily and was totally frightened.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

Chen Fan’s Immortal Will didn’t hold back at all. The golden lightning was infused into Xuan Luo’s azure Divine Soul; it blew it into pieces, even though it had been protected by Divine Powers.

Everyone went silent.

They were all dumbfounded.

The cultivators from the Gate of Heaven waltzed in fiercely and despised everyone on earth. Who would have thought that Chen Fan would kill them all in an instant? After Xuan Luo died, Qian Yexue was the only one left.

Then, those from the Black Water Sect arrived; they were stunned by what they saw.

Yan Jingchao mumbled, “Something big is going to happen!”


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