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Read Rebirth: The New Game Of Life Chapter 151 What Nonsense Are You Saying?

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Cries of criticism of Liu Yang began to echo at the entrance to the Hall of the Alliance. Everyone was talking about Liu Yang being an idiot and shameless for trying to use a false alliance token to use the VIP entry. These screams began to spread, more and more people were listening and shouting as well.

Those who used the VIP entrance were also looking at this situation in a dazed way, they never imagined that would happen, if the token were false, they still could understand, but the token was authentic, it was a true token that belonged to the alliance.

Some of them started to feel bad about this scene, not because of the Liu Yang, but because of the token, because if the true token of Liu Yang was being called a false, the token that each of them was carrying would be what?

Some hot-blooded young people wanted to go to the guard and tell them that the token is true, but they were stopped by their superiors. This subject does not concern them, but only of Liu Yang.

Other young men were admiring Liu Yang, for he was totally calm as he stared at the guards’ eyes, and heard the shouts of the crowd. Liu Yang did nothing, just stared into the eyes of the guard, who was holding his token.

“Because this token is fake, I’ll be confiscating it. And you can get out of here immediately, you’re upsetting the way of the other guests. “The guard spoke in an arrogant way.

People in the queues agreed with the guard, they were cursing Liu Yang because he was smearing the reputation of the alliance by trying to use a false token, listening to the public’s words, the arrogance of the guard rose.

As Liu Yang was only one meter away from the guard, he gave a cold smile before he released the Oppressive Aura. Suddenly an extremely large pressure arises around Liu Yang, the guards began to show frightened faces as they looked at Liu Yang, it was as if he were an extremely horrible monster.

The younger generation could not feel the aura that was emanating from Liu Yang’s body, but the older generation succeeded. They were all shocked when they felt that pressure and aura, it was as if a prehistoric monster was about to devour them.

The old men who came in through the VIP entrance, had a serious look as they looked at Liu Yang walking slowly toward the guard. They knew they had found someone with a mysterious background this time around.

The guard was shaking, he could not move, the enormous pressure was pressing on his body like a mountain, while the aura was like a beast about to attack him.

“Can you give me back this?” Liu Yang spoke in a cold voice as he looked into the guard’s eyes and pointed to the token in his hands.

The guard did not know what to do, he was ordered to try to make Liu Yang publicly embarra.s.sed, but he never imagined that this situation would reach that point. He just gritted his teeth and refused to hand over the token.

Realizing that the guard was refusing to deliver the token, a cold light appeared in Liu Yang’s eyes, he increased the power of the aura and the pressure on the guard’s body. The guard could not stand it and fell to his knees against Liu Yang before fainting due to mental collapse.

The token dropped and rolled to Liu Yang’s feet, he deactivated his aura and grabbed the token. He began to walk slowly towards the entrance of the VIP queue, the other guards did not have the guts to prevent him from crossing the VIP entrance.

The crowd was shocked by Liu Yang’s daring, they never imagined that he would enter the Hall of the Alliance building using a fake token. It was a lot of courage and it was also a slap in the face of the Mercantile Alliance.

But before Liu Yang could enter the building, a squadron with ten guards in armored armor and swords around it. They were the security guards designed especially to treat those who want to tarnish the reputation of the alliance.

“Stop, you can not go any further. If you do, we’ll have to take action! “Shouted the leader of the guards.

Liu Yang did not stop, he just threw the token towards the leader and kept walking. The leader of the guards scanned the token before getting into shock, he just waved his hands and tossed the token back to Liu Yang.

The armored guards were stunned by the actions of their leader, but they kept the order, they cleared the way for Liu Yang to pa.s.s.

The crowd was shocked by this scene, no one ever imagined that this would happen, they all fell silent at the moment when the toasted guards’ leader had returned the token to Liu Yang and let him pa.s.s. This action had proved that the token he carried was indeed authentic.

Many were extremely embarra.s.sed by the cries of criticism from a few moments ago. They finally realized why Liu Yang was so calm about this situation, it was because he knew that his token was true. Everyone wanted to go to the guard and hit him until he had a pig face.

But there were also some who were sweating cold, if later Liu Yang went to their respective clans and sects because of these insults, they would have many problems. Many began to think about how to solve this, but it was very unlucky of them because Liu Yang did not even care about these insults.

The leader was looking at the guards who stopped Liu Yang earlier with a fierce look. That scared them.

“Who was the person who claimed that this token was fake? !!” The leader seemed to be extremely annoyed because someone from the alliance himself tried to tarnish the name of the Mercantile Alliance.

“It was him !!” The other guards spoke at the same time and pointed at the fainted guard on the ground. One of the guards recounted the events before the squadron of the toasted guards appeared.

The leader managed to understand many things from the report, he knew there was someone inside the alliance who was trying to humiliate Liu Yang, but it was a shame that the person behind it did not know that Liu Yang had received a special token from Fang Luoyang after who finished his business with her.

The previous token was only to access some services that normal groups could not, but it was not even at the level of being a VIP, as Xiao Xi and Fang Luoyang did not want Liu Yang to draw too much attention, they gave that token to him.

However, as Fang Luoyang did not know it was Liu Yang disguised when she did the business, she still found it a little cheap the price the alliance paid for the juice bottles.

Because of this, she gave him a special token for Mercantile Alliance VIP customers, but one of the things that helped her make that decision was Liu Yang, she thought the two would be friends because the Office Boy had called him an idiot.

The leader of the guards was looking with a fierce glance at the guard who was lying on the ground unconscious.

“Wake up him.” He ordered one of the armored guards. This guard lifted his hand and a green glow appeared, the body of the fainting guard began to s.h.i.+ne before it began to shake, he had awakened.

The guard stood up, he was holding his head with both hands as he grimaced, he was having a big headache. Looking sideways, he did not find the figure of Liu Yang, only the guards who were with him, and the armored squad and the leader looking at him with a fierce look.

“Leader, we need to find a thief, he tried to enter the Hall of the Alliance with a fake token!” The guard yelled in surprise. These words surprised the leader, he never imagined that this guy would speak this the moment he woke up. This made the leader extremely angry.

“What nonsense are you talking about ?? !!” The leader of the guards gave a sudden scream kicked the guard’s stomach, he flew a few feet before falling to the ground, he fainted again. This scene shocked everyone on the spot, but they knew that this guard deserved it, he smeared the name Mercantile Alliance by saying that Liu Yang’s token was fake.


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