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Read Rebirth: The New Game Of Life Chapter 164 The Desert Hunters Tribe

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The day was totally sunny because of the three suns that were in the sky. The only thing that was horizon view was an endless sea of golden sand. In the midst of gold, you could see a shadow pa.s.sing through the sands and leaving dust in the air.

The shadow stopped for a moment, you could see that it was a young man of common appearance, his body was all sweaty and breathless. This young man was Liu Yang who was running through the desert.

After two weeks running through the desert at full speed, Liu Yang finally found the first sign of civilization, a few hundred yards ahead of where he was. There were dozens of improvised clay huts.

Liu Yang was extremely happy when he spotted this small village, however, he knew should not hurry, first he had to completely restore his energies before going to the village. If something went wrong, he would have the energy to run.

After resting for some time, Liu Yang completely recovered his energies and the MP. Taking a deep breath, he began to walk toward the village.

When he reached a hundred yards away, some arrows are thrown towards him.

Shuoo !!! Shuoo !!! Shuoo !!! Shuoo !!!

Liu Yang stopped walking the moment he heard the sound of the arrows. Looking toward the archers, he sees a group of men and women wearing animal fur clothes, their skins tanned. The men were large and muscular, while the women were lean and muscular in the right places.

Using the Phantom Vision, Liu Yang saw that they were in the 15-20 levels, he remembered that the more he ran, the lower the levels of the wild beasts, when he was hundreds of meters from the village, the levels of the beasts were only 1-3. This explains the low level of these people.

Realizing how weak they were, Liu Yang was not afraid that there would be anyone extremely powerful inside that village. So he walked slowly toward these people.

“Stop!” One of the group shouted. But Liu Yang did not stop, because of that, the group threw some arrows again.

Shuoo !!! Shuoo !!! Shuoo !!! Shuoo !!! Shuoo !!! Shuoo !!! Shuoo !!!

Liu Yang was not afraid of these arrows, to him, it was like they were in slow motion. He just walked from one side to the other and dodged all the arrows.

Seeing this scene, the group was shocked, they have never seen someone like Liu Yang before. But before they could do anything, Liu Yang came in front of them, one of them tried to react using a dagger to attack Liu Yang, but it was in vain, Liu Yang only used two fingers to stop the attack. This scared the rest of the group.

“I apologize if I frightened all of you, I’m just a traveler and would like some information” Liu Yang spoke in a polite manner.

Hearing the words of Liu Yang, the group calmed down a little, but they were still wary of him. One of the people in the group stepped forward and spoke.

“Nice to meet you, sir, my name is Mark Hunter, we’re from the Desert Hunters Tribe. What kind of information do you want? “The person who spoke was a tall, muscular man with bronze skin.

“Pleasure Mr. Hunter, my name is Van Nexus, I would like to know what is the direction for some city”

“Does not Mr. Van know where he’s going?”

“No, the caravan that I was was attacked by wild beasts, because of this I separated myself from my companions. I’ve been wandering through this desert for a few days and this is the first village I meet “

Mark Hunter looked at his companions before they waved.

“Alright, follow me. Our leader can know of some information that you want “

Finis.h.i.+ng to speak, Mark Hunter and some members of the group begin to return, Liu Yang followed closely.

The houses of the village were made of desert sand with water, it was as if they were mud houses. In the center of the village was a water fountain with a statue of a woman.

By the time Liu Yang appeared in the village, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention at the scene. Everyone was looking at Liu Yang as if he were some kind of rare animal. For his clothes were different from all.

The group reached a large mud house, there were four guards at the entrance. When they got close, the guards signaled for them to stop. Mark Hunter whispered some things to one of the guards, he made a face of surprise at Mark Hunter’s words. The guard entered the house after the words.

Moments later, two people leave the house, the guard and an old man with gray hair. The old man starts walking toward the group when he stopped, the old man looked toward Liu Yang, as if he was trying to see through it.

Liu Yang did the same thing, he used Phantom Vision to see the old man’s information. He was not surprised by what he saw, the old man was a level 70 and had no cla.s.s. Liu Yang knew that for the people of this village, it was extremely difficult to earn levels due to the terrible environment. And the, none of them would dream about it.

“Nice to meet you, young adventurer. My name Alex Hunter, I am the chief of this village, I heard that you are looking for information about some city in this immense desert. “The old man’s voice was rather hoa.r.s.e.

“Yes, I am lost at the moment and I need information about some city that is close by”

“Young adventurer, I can give you the information on. But can this old man ask a small favor? “

“If it is within my reach, I will be happy to do this favor”

“This old man thanks the young adventurer for being courteous, it’s getting late, I’d like to invite the young adventurer to spend the night in the village, we can talk about the cities at dinner time, may we?”

“It’s all right”

Liu Yang was not afraid that these people could harm him, from what he observed, there were at most two hundred people in this village, most of them were at level 10 and no cla.s.s, the strongest person in the village was the old man named Alex Hunter.

The old man asked his grandson, Mark Hunter, to take Liu Yang to a small hut, there was only one small bed inside. Mark Hunter warned that when dinner time came, he would be called, but by then, Liu Yang could walk around town or do whatever he wants as long as he does not break village rules.

Liu Yang lay on the stone bed for a few moments before closing his eyes, seconds later, a person enters the hut, looking toward the entrance. Liu Yang sees a young woman in a bronze skin, her face was thin and elegant, brown hair and long, medium-sized chest and fat bottom, and her legs were thin and long. The young woman was wearing rather revealing clothes, it was just a small piece of animal skin on the chest area and a mini skirt.

Looking at that young woman, Liu Yang understood some things behind Mark Hunter’s words. Perceiving Liu Yang’s gaze, the young woman blushed a little, but clenched her teeth and showed a beautiful smile.

“h.e.l.lo Mr. Van Nexus, nice to meet you, my name is Nika Zennis, I’ll be in your care tonight.” Although the voice was a bit shaky, the voice was soft and sweet.


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