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Read Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing Chapter 107 – Miss Lu, Can I Kiss You Now?

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Chapter 107: Miss Lu, Can I Kiss You Now?

Lu Manman turned to look at Mo Yuanxiu, her eyes turning red.

She did not have the chance to be afraid the last time she faced death, and that had been the end.

But this time, she had felt so close to death…

She was still in shock.

Her entire body went cold.

“Thankfully, you’re not dead yet,” Mo Yuanxiu said coldly.

She turned to look at how calm and composed he was.

She bit her lip and kept quiet.

“You look so pitiful that I can’t help but want to kiss you.” Mo Yuanxiu grinned, and his devilish lips curled up in a charming manner.

She turned her head away.

She really could not have any expectations of him.

Even though she was a little touched that he would come to her rescue so soon.

“Ah Xiu, where are we going now?” Ye Heng asked.

“Let’s go to the hospital.”


The car drove straight to the private hospital in the city center.

This was the VIP pa.s.sageway for the four families.

Hence, they gave Lu Manman special treatment.

The specialist performed a physical examination on her and then bandaged some of her superficial wounds.

Mo Yuanxiu stayed by her side, whereas Ye Heng followed Qin Ao to another ward.

After the doctor was done bandaging her wound, he gave a simple summary of the things to take note of. Just as he was about to leave, Mo Yuanxiu suddenly said, “Help me take a look at my arm.”

Lu Manman turned to look at him.

Mo Yuanxiu’s expression was calm as he rolled up his sleeves. His arms were almost completely blue, and there was a huge bruise on them. There were even some scratches in the middle area, and it looked extremely hideous.

“How did you get hurt so badly?” The doctor was shocked as well. He placed more force on his arm as if checking if his bones were damaged.

Mo Yuanxiu pursed his lips and pulled a long face. It was evident that he was enduring the pain.

“It shouldn’t have hurt your bone,” the doctor said and began to apply medicine on him.

Mo Yuanxiu was silent.

Sweat trickled down his face profusely.

After a while, the doctor was done with the dressing, and the wound was bandaged. “Don’t come into contact with water for the next two days. Otherwise, you might get infected.”

“Okay.” Mo Yuanxiu nodded.

“Rest well.” The doctor left.

The room fell silent.

Lu Manman watched as Mo Yuanxiu struggled to remove his sleeve as if he did not want anyone to see the marks on his arm. His expression remained cold.

“How did you get hurt?” she asked suddenly.

“Would you believe me if I said I got hurt because of you?” Mo Yuanxiu looked up at her and even smiled.

“Because of me?”

“I drove that truck,” Mo Yuanxiu said.

Lu Manman narrowed her eyes.

She actually did not quite believe it.

After all, she did not think Mo Yuanxiu would do something so dangerous himself.

She was getting frustrated for some reason!

She somehow felt that the closer she got to this man, the more she could not understand him.

“Do you know who wants to kill you?” Mo Yuanxiu changed the topic as if he had never thought about discussing it before.

“Wen Yun.” Lu Manman was very sure.

“Not bad.”

“Can we find evidence of Wen Yun’s crimes?” Lu Manman asked.

He was heartless toward her.

From now on, she would not tolerate him anymore!

“Wen Yun was very merciless.” Mo Yuanxiu adjusted his sleeves, showing no signs of his injury. “After that car was stopped, my men couldn’t even get close to it before the police appeared and took the driver away. We just received word that he died from an injury halfway through.”

Wen Yun was really something.

“He should have made plans beforehand. It didn’t matter if he succeeded or not because the driver wouldn’t have survived.” Mo Yuanxiu got up from the couch and walked to the balcony of the VIP ward. He looked at the blue sky and white clouds in Wen City.

Lu Manman looked at his slender figure.

Sometimes, she felt that Mo Yuanxiu wasn’t who he seemed to be.

On the contrary, there was a sense of maturity about him that did not match his age. She could not understand him at all. What was he thinking?

Silence ensued.

Actually, she could be discharged.

Neither of them needed to be hospitalized.

But for some reason, n.o.body said they were leaving.

“Oh, right.” Mo Yuanxiu suddenly turned around, and sunlight shone on his face. At that moment, Lu Manman felt like he was very far away.

He was so far away that she could barely touch him.

Why did this man always give others an out-of-reach wrong impression of him?

“I’ve decided on the date,” Mo Yuanxiu said directly.

“What date?” Lu Manman was shocked.

“Our wedding date.”


“The sixth of next month,” Mo Yuanxiu said. “Ye Banxian decided on it.”


“Ye Heng’s dad.”

“Isn’t his dad part of the triads? He knows how to pick an auspicious day?” Lu Manman was shocked.

Mo Yuanxiu smiled. “His dad is a quack.”

“…” This world was full of wonders.

Mo Yuanxiu entered from the balcony and stood before her.

While sitting on the hospital bed, she looked up at him as he towered over her, appearing stern.

The next moment, he sat by her bed and took out a ring with his uninjured left hand.

It was huge and extravagant.

She looked at him with her eyes wide open.

Mo Yuanxiu did not say a word. He simply grabbed her hand and placed the ring on her ring finger domineeringly.

After putting it on, he looked up at her. “Since you’ve agreed to get married, you should wear this on your finger. Don’t drop it. It’s expensive.”

Lu Manman rolled her eyes. “I didn’t ask you to buy it either.”

Mo Yuanxiu smiled nonchalantly and then lifted her chin with his left hand. He slowly said, “Can I kiss you now, Miss Lu?”


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