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Read Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1008 – Beast, Let That Girl Go~

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Chapter 1008: Beast, Let That Girl Go~

Wen Xinya finally stopped coughing and tears rolled down her cheeks continuously. She felt that she had made the right decision by inviting Du Ruo along, for her innocence had saved Wen Xinya.

Who would be able to resist her adorable charm?

These corrupted individuals must be reflecting on their chast.i.ties.

At this moment, the door of the room was opened and Han Mofeng strode in, clad in a red s.h.i.+rt. “Hey! Why is it so quiet? Aren’t you guys going to chat with each other?”

Ever since Han Mofeng graduated from military school, his grandfather forced him to go to the military to train. Hence, they would only see him once in a blue moon.

Gu Junling rushed towards him and put an arm around his neck before dragging him to the couch. “Come here, Loony. Let’s explain to our pure and adorable Ruoruo, what the three bases mean.”

Han Mofeng finally noticed Du Ruo, whose hair was tied up into a cute bun, with a curly strand of baby hair draped along the sides of her face. She looked gentle, delicate and soft. Her rosy cheeks resembled a delicious peach. Her large and watery eyes were full of innocence.

She was extremely adorable, especially since she was dressed in a babydoll dress.

Du Ruo blinked while staring at Han Mofeng, waiting to hear his answer.

However, Han Mofeng felt as if he had been struck by lightning as his body went numb…

His friends whom he had grown up with instantly understood his intentions after seeing his reaction. Their eyes lit up at the thought of a possible romance between him and Du Ruo.

At this moment, Han Mofeng snapped out of his trance and sat down beside Du Ruo unashamedly. “Do you know what the bases refer to?”

Du Ruo nodded fervently.

The group of friends glanced at him in disdain, seemingly trying to say, Is it really appropriate of you to be leading such an innocent girl astray?

Han Mofeng quickly explained, “Bases are usually used to describe the different stages of a romantic relations.h.i.+p, and first base means that the exclusivity of the relations.h.i.+p has been confirmed. Second base refers to the romantic stage of hugging and cuddling with each other, while the third base means that couples are allowed to hold hands, hug and kiss each other.”

The rest were instantly bewildered.

His explanation had rendered them speechless!

How impressive!

At this moment, Wen Xinya was busy complimenting Han Mofeng in her head. She also chided him for neglecting his friends as soon as he saw Du Ruo. Du Ruo glanced at Wen Xinya and asked, “Xinya, which base have you and Mr. Si reached?”

All eyes were on Wen Xinya.

Wen Xinya was flabbergasted and embarra.s.sed. She had a hard time drawing her friends’ attention away from her and yet, they were now throwing the ball back to her. What’s going on? What am I supposed to say?

Trying to make a big fuss, Han Mofeng asked, “Is it that rare and precious man who was widely raved about on Lan Feng Inst.i.tute’s student forum three years ago? You guys…”

Oh dear, Xu-er made me keep an eye on Xinya, but it seems she’s really dating that rare gem.


Although he had not been keeping close tabs on Wen Xinya, he had been paying attention to her. Hence, he could not help but wonder when they had begun dating secretly!

How infuriating~

How am I supposed to answer to Xu-er!?!

Xu-er will definitely beat me into a pulp when he’s back.

They immediately glared at Han Mofeng.

Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief and changed the subject by kicking Han Mofeng. “Hey, Loony, it’s been so long since we last met, but you’re still so strange!”

Han Mofeng was just as sissy as Xu Zhenyu. Hence, they were both labeled as China’s strongest gay couple. He actually managed to appear gentlemanly despite being dressed in a feminine color like pink.

They pounded their chests, thinking to themselves that they had let her change the subject so smoothly. One of them chastised Han Mofeng. “You’re a man and yet, you’re dressed in such a bright and feminine color. Don’t you find yourself girly at all?”

“You’ve gone to the military and been through arduous training, but you’re still so ladylike. A leopard never changes its spots!”

“Be refined, please remember to be refined, especially when you’re in front of a pure and innocent girl. It’s a sin to be impolite and brash.”

Han Mofeng thought to himself, Who did I provoke?

I’m finally back for a break and yet, I have to suffer such treatment.

Wen Xinya complimented herself for being able to turn the tables.

Despite being pretty, Du Ruo looked exceptionally soft and gentle. With a pitiful expression, she said out of sympathy, “Brother Han looks good in pink.”

Her soft and tender tone melted Han Mofeng’s heart. He immediately held her smooth and delicate hands which were soft and delicate to touch. “Sis Ruoruo, you’re such a nice person.”

Everyone glared daggers at Han Mofeng. What a beast. He actually went on first base on the first meeting.

Beast, let go of that girl~

Ling Qingxuan and Gu Junling looked on excitedly, thinking to themselves, There’s really a chance!

Due to his pretty looks, Han Mofeng’s mother frequently dressed him up like a girl when he was a child. Lots of people mistook him for a girl and his female cla.s.smates at kindergarten would chase after him and address him as their sister. The strange Mrs. Han had thus caused him to develop an intolerance towards girls!

He had never once touched a girl before!

As a result, his friends actually thought that he was h.o.m.os.e.xual at one point and tried to find a billion ways to make him straight again.

It’s wonderful now that he actually likes pure, vulnerable and adorable girls!

But why does his preference… seem a little extreme?

While lamenting about the harsh criticism from his friends, Han Mofeng thought about the fact that he had failed to keep a close eye on Wen Xinya, as well as the consequences that would entail once Xu Zhenyu was back. Incredibly distraught, he snuggled into Du Ruo’s embrace while she placed an arm around his shoulder to comfort him like his big sister.

This doesn’t seem right!

Why did they get to the second base on the first meeting?

They looked at each other in shock!

Gu Junling was the one who had to suffer while staring at the harmonious scene taking place in front of him. The thought of his pathetic stagnancy made him feel aggrieved.

Han Mofeng then managed to get Du Ruo’s mobile number.

Wen Xinya was rendered speechless by his speed.

She felt that she could not sit back and do nothing while watching the pure and innocent Du Ruo get deceived. “Come here, everyone. I brought gifts for all of you.”


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