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Read Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1307 – How Tyrannical!

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Chapter 1307: How Tyrannical!

The Wen Corporation’s jewelry exhibition was just around the corner and there was only a little bit of time left for Wen Xinya to take part in the jewelry design compet.i.tion. Fortunately, Wen Xinya already had some inspiration in mind, so it was easier for her to design it.

Usually, jewelry design compet.i.tions would take at least half a year, from the preparation to the publicity and other miscellaneous arrangements. Usually, the results would be out soon, however.

When Wen Xinya received the invitation to join the compet.i.tion, she only had a month left to prepare. The rundown of the Milan Expo International Jewelry Design Compet.i.tion had already been released on the official website and the preliminary judgment required a month, while the second round of judgment would take another month, and so would the third. Hence, it would require a total of three months.

The time period was not exactly lax nor tight for everyone. Although it was enough for them to make preparations, it was not enough for them to perfect it. Hence, it was a test of everyone’s talent and abilities.

After sketching several designs, she said with a slight frown, “There are no limits for the design submission. Do you think… I should submit a couples’ design?”

Wen Xinya actually had a few couple rings’ designs in mind, which were inspired by Si Yiyan. She actually gravitated towards designing a set of couple’s rings.

Si Yiyan put his newspapers down and stared at Wen Xinya. “No!”

He said those two words without hesitation and he sounded rather uncompromising.

He then picked up the newspaper in front of him sternly, seemingly refusing to accept any explanation.

Feeling a little confused, Wen Xinya wondered to herself, I’m the one who’s joining the compet.i.tion, so I should have the right to decide. I was just asking Si Yiyan for his opinion.

Why is Si Yiyan acting like he has the right to decide? She pouted and said, “I think it’s great. I’ve long wanted to design a set of rings for couples. Why… do you think it isn’t good?”

Si Yiyan glanced at Wen Xinya and said self-righteously, “You can only design male jewelry and apparel for me.”

He was extremely stringent and possessive when it came to relations.h.i.+ps and he could not tolerate the male apparel and accessories designed by Wen Xinya being displayed for sale in the jewelry stores. He could not tolerate the idea of other men wearing her designs and he had to be special to Wen Xinya.

For example, he made Wen Xinya promise to only design clothes for him for the rest of his life.

Si Yiyan’s words were undoubtedly like a huge bomb which made Wen Xinya feel dumbfounded. She subconsciously rubbed her ears and asked, “What… what did you say? Repeat yourself, I didn’t hear you clearly.”

She felt that she must have heard wrongly.

Si Yiyan smiled and said, “Stop feigning ignorance!”

Wen Xinya could not help but fly into a rage. “You’re the one feigning ignorance. I may have promised to only design clothes for, you but I didn’t promise that I’d only design male’s accessories for you.”

Si Yiyan was utterly despicable!

Si Yiyan smiled and asked, “Did you forget what you promised me that night?”

Staring at Si Yiyan, Wen Xinya gritted her teeth angrily and said, “I remember. You don’t have to remind me. I’ve been keeping my promise, too. I haven’t designed clothes for any other men apart from you.”

The thought of what happened that night made Wen Xinya’s face grow sullen. If it weren’t because of Si Yiyan’s thick-skinned behavior, she wouldn’t have given in easily. He was just a tyrant.

Si Yiyan stared at her with a smirk before saying ambiguously, “Think carefully about what happened that night!”

Clearly, this la.s.s is still confused about what is going on. So… I must remind her.

Still a little dumbfounded, Wen Xinya murmured, “That night, that night… no, that night, you…”

Wen Xinya began to recall the events of that night where Si Yiyan hugged her and got intimate with her vigorously. At last, she could no longer take it. Si Yiyan asked, “Would you like to sleep?”

Wen Xinya answered, “Yes!”

Next, Si Yiyan continued to switch up their positions and said, “From now on… I’ll be the only person you design men’s products for, alright?”

Wen Xinya immediately got reminded of what happened that night as the “painful” memory made her stare at Si Yiyan in disbelief. Back then, he said “men’s products” not “men’s apparel” like she had thought. Hence, the meanings were worlds apart.

Si Yiyan thought her expression was extremely adorable. “Have you finally recalled?”

Wen Xinya snapped out of her trance and pointed her shaky fingers at Si Yiyan. “You… you… you were too conniving.”

Wen Xinya could not help but feel like she had been struck by lightning when she thought about how she gave him the copyrights to her future men’s product designs while she was in a daze.

Wen Xinya once again realized how conniving and vicious he was. He was unrivaled!

Si Yiyan pulled her into his arms and placed his long and bony fingers onto her lips. “Since you’ve promised, you have to stick to it!”

Si Yiyan grazed his fingers against her lips affectionately with l.u.s.t, making Wen Xinya blush. “Tyrannical, overbearing, sly and vicious!”

Wen Xinya did not care about whether or not she could design men’s products. As long as she was capable enough, others would just think that she had a peculiar habit.

Si Yiyan’s happiness mattered more to her!

Placing a hand on the back of Wen Xinya’s head, he grabbed it and planted a deep, pa.s.sionate kiss on her lips.

Wen Xinya was greatly taken aback by his forceful kiss and she subconsciously shunned, only to realize that his hand was on the back of her head and hence, she had no choice but to accept the kiss.

Si Yiyan finally let go of her after a long time and he stared at her rosy lips before saying softly, “We’ll save the couple rings that you design for ourselves!”

Wen Xinya’s head began to feel a little stiff and numb after Si Yiyan let go of it. Feeling rather uncomfortable, she exclaimed, “You can wear it yourself!”


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