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Read Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1330 – The Incident of the Fallen Chandelier

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Chapter 1330: The Incident of the Fallen Chandelier

Due to the fact that the chandelier was meant to complement the showcase of Puerile Phoenix, it was an independent fixture which was switched on when all the other lights at the venue were off. It was the only light source during the showcase of Puerile Phoenix and hence, the entire runway sunk into pitch darkness now that the chandelier was out too.

No one could notice the figure in black that was zooming around agilely with finesse like a black panther and a bolt of lightning.

Panthers were the symbols of power and energy, and their furs were meant to be a protective feature. Hence, black panthers were extremely rare and usually abandoned by their clans and packs. However, black panthers were the strongest and most ruthless ones amongst their breed.

The ear-piercing sound of the chandelier seemed to have pierced through everyone’s eardrums and they could also feel the tremor in the ground.

Pangs of panic and fear engulfed everyone, who began screaming and breaking into chaos.

The loud echoes and deafening sounds of gla.s.s shattering sounded in the darkness, extremely crispy and dangerous.

Wen Xinya’s sudden yelling caught everyone off guard, but they now understood the reason for it.

The people on the runway screamed at the top of their lungs and picked up their feet to embark on their escape. They were all frantically trying to squeeze through the crowd and fortunately, there was not much of a crisis, all thanks to Wen Xinya’s timely reminder.

“Everyone, hurry and flee…”

“Don’t push me…”

“Who’s stepping on my feet…”

“Help, this is terrifying…”

“Xinya, Xinya…” The voices of panic seemed rather powerless during the chaotic situation.

Standing in a dim corner, Ning Shuqian watched as the people squeezed and pushed each other in a bid to flee. A look of resentment and evilness formed in her eyes when she stared at the condescending socialites who often put themselves on a pedestal and looked down on others, ruining their images while trying to escape. She suddenly felt exhilarated.

She did not forget the way that they jeered and mocked her in the small banquet hall just now.

“Wen Xinya, you’re getting your deserts now,” Ning Shuqiam said while staring coldly at the darkness of the runway with an insidious and resentful viciousness in her eyes.

Old Mr. Wen initially planned to use the jewelry design exhibition to promote Wen Xinya and persuade the shareholders to let Wen Xinya have her own brand. Since Ning Shuqian could not stop the exhibition from proceeding, she decided to ruin it for good.

Wen Xinya was now in the limelight in the Wen Corporation, and because of her talent in jewelry design and after some time and growth, Wen Xinya would definitely become a threat to Ning Shuqian, Wen Haowen, as well as the person behind Ning Shuqian. Hence, she decided to go all out and devise this scheme in a bid to get rid of Wen Xinya so that she would not be able to cause trouble for her.

Even if Wen Xinya managed to survive and not get killed by the chandelier, she would execute another plan. She was bent on getting Wen Xinya killed today.

“Wen Xinya, on this exact date next year, it will be your death anniversary,” Ning Shuqian said while gently swirling the gla.s.s of red wine in her hand. She looked extremely bizarre and insidious beneath the dim lights, which made her red wine look like blood.

The entire plan was seamless. Even if Old Mr. Wen were to suspect anything and end up calling the police, they would not be able to find anything, for everyone would simply think of it as an accident.

No one would know that the person who had devised the scheme turned out to her biological father, Wen Haowen.

Ning Shuqian had merely instigated Wen Haowen into doing what he did.

Her instigator had also just helped Wen Haowen make arrangements. It was seamless.

Ning Shuqian suddenly tipped her gla.s.s over to the side, causing the ground to be covered in red wine. “Hehe, what a pithy. She’s young, beautiful and at the peak of her beauty and glory. Yet, she’s going to die at such a young age. She can’t blame anyone but herself.”

Once she got rid of Wen Xinya, the Wen Family would no longer be related to the Mo Family and no one would be able to pose as a threat to them anymore. Besides, they would have evidence of Wen Haowen plotting against his daughter to kill her. Hence, they could use it against him and threaten him into listening to them and doing their bidding.

She managed to kill three birds with one stone.

Ning Shuqian tucked her baby hairs away and sneered. “You’ve inherited your mother’s lack of longevity. I’m sending you to meet your mother in the netherworld. You don’t have to thank me.”

Wen Xinya is going to h.e.l.l before I do.

Ning Shuqian constantly muttered to herself, though no one noticed what she was saying at all due to the chaos.

Everyone was busy shouting and telling each other to flee!

Ning Shuqian found the scene before her to be rather ironic. Weren’t they all just supporting Wen Xinya like crazy? Now that danger is near, they only care about themselves. That’s humanity!

The employees of Soaring Public Relations company and the hotel were the first to recover from the shock. They quickly comforted everyone. “Guys, don’t get too worked up. Stay calm…”

Since the large chandelier had fallen, the organizer of the exhibition, as well as the authorities of the hotel all, had to be held responsible. Fortunately, Wen Xinya discovered it in time and gave everyone a reminder. Hence, there were no casualties and that was a huge blessing despite the ordeal.

However, the situation was too chaotic and the relevant personnel was all actively facilitating the evacuation and placating the emotions of everyone. Hence, there was a delay in the aid provided to Wen Xinya.

“Xin… Xinya…” Old Mr. Wen muttered in a shaky voice.

He had been astonished by Wen Xinya’s sudden hollering and instinctively left the runway together with the crowd, after which he heard the sounds of the chandelier shattering. However, the situation was too chaotic and there was no way he could return to the runway until the crowd dissipated. He finally got the chance to look out for his granddaughter.

Everyone seemed to have snapped out of their trances after hearing her name.

Someone yelled, “Wen Xinya! Miss Wen is still on the runway…”

Chaos broke out again.

“Miss Wen was the one who reminded us…” By the time the chandelier fell from the ceiling, they had already left the vicinity of the runway and hence, were out of danger. Wen Xinya was the first person who came to their minds after they got a grip on themselves.

She was standing right below the chandelier just now.

Had she not reminded them in time, the consequences would have been dire.


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