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Read Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1363 – There Has to Be a Limit When It Comes to Playing Cute, You Know?

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Read WebNovel Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1363 – There Has to Be a Limit When It Comes to Playing Cute, You Know?

Chapter 1363: There Has to Be a Limit When It Comes to Playing Cute, You Know?

The moist and humid environment in the car made her heart pound rapidly while love and l.u.s.t lingered in the air even after they pulled away from each other.

All Rolls Royce cars had one thing in common: the ample interior s.p.a.ce that provided its pa.s.sengers with comfort. However, Wen Xinya suddenly felt claustrophobic while being pinned down by Si Yiyan who held her in his arms. She was only allowed some s.p.a.ce between herself and his chest. It was as if Si Yiyan was in control of her world and all she could see was him and his dark, gloomy eyes. The dark gaze in his eyes seemed to be able to consume the light of the world, leaving behind only his pure outstanding glow.

The part.i.tion gla.s.s managed to block out the sunlight, leaving only pitch darkness in the car. The dim lighting in the small and enclosed s.p.a.ce made it easy for him to become nervous, vulnerable and weak.

Wen Xinya was no exception. Her breathing quickened and she panted and moaned in pleasure as well while her heart palpitated. She felt as if her soul was about to be sucked into his eyes.

Si Yiyan pressed his lips against hers and sucked on them.

“Am I better than Jill de Castei?” he repeated.

“Of course you’re better!” Wen Xinya exclaimed, her lips feeling sore from his nibbling. The mild pain seemed to have penetrated deep into her soul.

She began to regret spiting Si Yiyan to make him jealous, for he would react childishly and make her rack her brains to coax him. She would be at the losing end, anyway.

She finally knew that she ought not to court her own death.

“Is that so?” he asked apprehensively in a smug manner.

Wen Xinya’s veins began bulging from her forehead as she thought to herself, Men are so hard to deal with when they’re jealous.

“You kept praising Jill de Castei for being a charming gentleman!” barked Si Yiyan, who could not stand the fact that they got to spend 3 hours alone with each other.

Most importantly, she continued to spite him and upset him further.

He then began to get jealous.

“I was just praising him from the perspective of a friend and a student. I wanted to show him my admiration and respect,” said Wen Xinya, who did not harbor any romantic interest in Jill de Castei. After all, he was old enough to be her father and she was not interested in men who were much older than her.

Si Yiyan is getting jealous for nothing. He clearly knows that he’s the only one in my heart.

Given how vicious Si Yiyan was, Wen Xinya thought that he was just pretending to be jealous so that she would coax him.

Wen Xinya was convinced that that was the truth.

“You’ve never praised me like that before!” Si Yiyan exclaimed unhappily after finding out that Wen Xinya had really never praised him properly before.

Wen Xinya asked, “Kid, how old are you?”

Dear, did you know?

There’s a limit to playing cute!

He’s a mature man who’s in his twenties and yet, he’s asking to be praised like a three-year-old…

What? Why does it look so absurd!

Hence, Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan were right about Si Yiyan being a vicious wolf who was hiding beneath an adorable facade.

However, Wen Xinya began to think about it seriously. She had known Si Yiyan for six years and it seemed she had never praised Si Yiyan before!

“Age doesn’t matter when it comes to praises. Neither does gender. It’s proven that mutual compliments are important in relations.h.i.+ps, and the right amount of praises will boost harmony and give a man confidence.”

He sounded self-righteous and all proper. He was rather convincing too.

She was speechless!

That was all Wen Xinya felt at this moment.

How could someone like Si Yiyan lack confidence?

I wish I could scold him.

However, she somehow felt like a sinner.

However, she could not quite understand what he meant.

Wen Xinya cleared her throat and asked, “So?”

“So you must make it up to me!” Si Yiyan exclaimed indignantly.

“How do you want me to make it up to you?” Wen Xinya asked while gritting her teeth angrily. She finally understood why a lofty person like Si Yiyan would commit such silly acts of jealousy.

Deep inside, he was just a vicious and deceiving big bad wolf who was out to take advantage of innocent girls like her.

No, no, no! I’m not an innocent and naive girl!

Si Yiyan kissed her lecherously and said, “Xinya, we haven’t done it in a while.”

Ever since she sprained her ankle, she moved to the Mo Family home for half a month and hence, Si Yiyan dared not act brazenly in front of Old Mr. Mo.

Hence, Si Yiyan began exercising self-control and discipline again, like he used to before he took her virginity. He would only kiss, hug and touch her. It was a kind of agony that most people could not understand.

Wen Xinya began to discover that she could no longer keep up with Si Yiyan. She glowered at him and barked. “What are you doing!?!”

She would be a fool if she still did not know Si Yiyan’s intentions at this point. He was just a l.u.s.tful lecher who only thought with his member, not his brain.

Actually, he just wanted her to comfort him with her body!

“Let’s go to Lishan Mansion…” Si Yiyan got off from her and slipped into the driver’s seat before starting the engine. He looked at her and continued, “I’ll do… you!”

He actually managed to sound so calm while saying such a lewd sentence. It was as if he were just talking about the weather or what to have for lunch.

Wen Xinya blushed and wished she could bite him. “Si Yiyan, could you have some shame?”

She wished she could ask him that question.

Dear, where have your self-control gone?

Si Yiyan is the most shameless, lewd and limitless man I’ve ever met!

Si Yiyan answered calmly, “You’ll find out soon.”

Wen Xinya was speechless, feeling as if she was about to vomit blood. Indeed, he was utterly shameless.


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